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    Pathfinder: Campaign - The Gurgle of Fey

    Welcome to the Pathfinder Role Play of Anime Flame! I will be your DM for this campaign, named the Gurgle of the Fey.

    Into the lands of Ge'Soon we find a kingdom of expansion. The civilized world has found a boom after a (decades ago) recent campaign to slay a tyrannical dragon, and has begun to expand rapidly across the continent. Areas before left to the unknown in fear of the evils that lurked and the punishments that could befall any caught are now being searched, discovered, and excavated.

    This kingdom goes by the name of Fel'Rine, once a land of fell tidings and grim tides. The civilized races, or the common caste, rule these lands with a dwarf as its feudal king. Lords across the land rule justly and with good in their hearts (well, mostly,) with races having their own settlements

    Cities, Town, and Hamlets
    The Wayward Hollows - Built upon several battlefields and possibly haunted, but managed by the local Swords of Selamy Paladin sect, the Wayward Hollows is where our first adventurers shall meet. A simple town whose main resource is wheat from the corpse rich surroundings, they rely upon traders for near everything else. The city itself is guarded with wooden walls of thick logs and straw and is often moist due to the fogs that appear and disappear. The city has a chief, an old elf who has survived many, many tyrants in his times, and who runs the city peacefully.

    Fortress Archstone -The premiere castle of the vale and the home of the king himself, Fortress Archstone is the central city of the lands. All trade seemingly goes to and fro this once mountain castle, now just castle, and the castle itself houses many of the citizens of the land. The castle itself is immense; carved from a mountain, with the size of the mountain as its reference. So large is this city that one may even consider it to house cities inside of it, with sections and counties forming as people gather and develop. At the head of this city is King Ulric and his council of lords, each lord running their own section of the city.

    Given time to build, train, and populate since the slaying of Jijo, the castle is well armed and defended. Humans are the primary defense line, followed by half-orcs, halflings, and gnomes. The ages of dwarves and elves lead them to either be too young for conscription, or as generals and advanced military positions due to their age. Magic is abundant, yet technology is seemingly lacking. News of a new substance that explodes is traveling, and some wish to harness this new found item.

    Trees of Menimris - The city of Menimris was built at the center of a dense and deep forest, where its populace is mostly elves and halflings. The two had banded under the tyranny of the dragon Jijo in order to survive, and the forest was their salvation. Too dense, the dragon never thought to trouble the area and instead focused on its bogs or open lands. Advances in technology are non existent, but advances in magic are great in Menimris.

    Azolg - Located near more caves than it would ever desire to, Azolg is a city of vineyards, grapes, and miners. The caves of the city are rich with ores, though with any cave comes troubles. The city has had to deal with a plethora of monsters that frequent and live in caves. This has led to a robust village of workers strong hearted, strong armed, and even stronger willed.

    Ports of Gaford - A coastal town fitted with many dockyards and trading posts. Crime and law are blend together, with criminals and guards being nearly identical. Here, the Den of the Raja are located and here is where much of their trade in foreign rarities flows. The town itself is wood, stone, and old with much of it in constant repair. Yet, it bustles with life.

    Thieves Guild - A name only given for people to reference, the Guild is a nameless organization that pilfers, robs, and performs espionage. It is unknown how to join such a guild, though it is clear the admittance process works. It is sad to say much else of this organization is enigmatic at best, and officials are always trying to find some lead or clue to unravel even a hint of the going-on.

    To be a part of the Thieves Guild is to have a brother at your back without ever knowing it. The protection is uncanny, and the spoils lucrative.

    Den of the Raja - Traders in the exotic and workers for the nobility of the land, the Den provides many services for those interested. Often, their trade extends well beyond the lands of Ge'Soon as of their practices. City officials will often question the dealings of the Den, but it is clear they will do no more; too many nobles and their coffers fund the Den of the Raja, and so the Den does what it can in the gray areas of the law.

    To be a part of the Den is to have a hand in the affairs of all trade and expansion. The greatest and most ludicrous of fairs may go your way, with information tipping into your ear of near anything sublime.

    Swords of Selamy - The Swords of Selamy is an organization that acts as a contracted body guard service. The swords align to guard the ever growing lands of the kingdom of Fel'Rine from the increasing dangers that rise. Paladins enlist to fight the dead, fighters to keep the warring orcs from forming a threat, rouges to sneak and see the plots of drow or worse unfold, and the wizards and sorcerers act as scrying eyes to the new lands that need development.

    Being of the Swords of Selamy is to always have a home in the cities, with like minded adventurers gaining all the bounty and glory. Dependable is the name they write, and honorable the field they sow.

    Bows for Bruastone - Rangers unite with their bow string taught, as the wilds are dark and ever full of dangers. So comes the Bows for Bruastone, an organization that scans and unveils the flat lands of the continent. Pathfinders in their own right, much of the maps and locals of the kingdom are from their doing, and the Bows are always somehow on the front line, or at the least waiting in the trees and plains that abound.

    A Bows is never far from safety, as the wild is their calling. Rare it may be to find a Bows, but the knowledge they possess of things yet to become common knowledge is uncanny and useful, at its worst.

    Miner's Union - The Union is a simple outfit of excavators who expand deep into the mountains and dirt of the lands. Mining for ore, jewels, and riches left untouched, they are the Indiana Jones of the kingdom. Much like that fabled whip wielding man, the Union people often face great challenges, for they often travel into places of great darkness and sleeping evils.

    To be a part of the union is to be a part of the grandest of adventures into the darkest depths of the unknown. There may be no safety net, but with great risk comes the greatest of rewards.

    Important Names
    Jijojujacka - The name of the black dragon who was felled many decades ago by a retinue of brave, fearless adventurers. Jijo was this dragon's short name

    King Ulric Chromebottom - Aptly name for his replaced buttocks after the slaying of Jijo, King Ulric leads the kingdom into new frontiers with ever growing borders and expansion. With every foot gained, a new threat may emerge, and the King is full aware of these facets. Thus, he hires many of the guilds and adventurers wandering the land, employing them to wipe out hazards as to continue with his conquest. He is a stout dwarf with hair thick, braided, and shimmering like gold. His brows are thick, his beard thicker, and both obscuring much of the scars that lace his face. He does not often wear armor, but he is a grand fighter and wears regal dwarven forged gear. His weapon of choice is a pole hammer. It is said that if you listen to him sit, you can hear the clink of his metal rear meeting any seat.

    The Staring One - Known only as the current leader of the Thieves Guild, this masked vigilante leads many thieves under their belt. Nothing can be said of them, other than they wear a mask that has many eyes painted upon it. Eyes are painted and overlapped over the mask, repeatidly, until it seems to be naught but a mess of them, yet know one knows why the mask is as such. Some officials say it is to rise fear in pursuers. Others say it is a gag. Regardless, they who where the mask is the supposed leader.

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