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Thread: EssaX Artwork

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    EssaX Artwork

    Welcome to my world!!! You'll find many strange but amazing things! Some of them are better than others, some are real but some are not!
    Just pass by and leave a reply. Maybe I'm not very good but I love even my worst piece of work because was made with joy and pleasure

    Let's Start:

    Spoiler: Large Art

    Spoiler: Manipulation

    Spoiler: Illustrator works

    <==Made after tutorial

    Spoiler: Portrets (illustrator)



    Spoiler: Logo

    <==My logo :d


    Spoiler: Small Art

    Spoiler: Avatars

    Spoiler: Signature


    Spoiler: No category

    Those where made for an forum RPG.

    Hope you like my work and if you like it and you want something done by me, just ask

    Don't know how to resize them here is the link for portofolio:

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    Nice, I really liked your large art.

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    My hayati.

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    you have nice works :O

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    Wow you're pretty good
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    Thank you Aclaw
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    Thank you all, I am better at manipulation and large arts in general I also love illustrator more than PS

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    New image after watching a tutorial.

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