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    Balling's Drawllings.

    Spoiler: ...

    So I was without internet for the last couple days, so the free time that would normally be allotted for imgur and other junk was spent doodling in photoshop. It took me like 3 hours to download the program - leaching off a neighbors wifi - then I spent a few hours doing this before bed. I've played around with photoshop a bit attempting to make sigs in the past, but this is my first digital painting I guess. Any feedback would be much appreciated, including recommended tutorials and brush packs and whatnot. This is all just the default brushes, and I don't know how to use a pen tool or anything, so that type of stuff would be helpful.

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    i really like it.. and it's your first try.. someone would need a few tries to get to this..
    i can't help with critique as i'm not good in this field..

    but i do recommend checking out brusheezy for getting your brush packs and even something more if you need it..
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    I drew a super buff Hitler

    It'll be part of something larger, he's directing to something in the background.

    Spoiler: ...

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