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Thread: Dark's Sigs

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    Contest sig

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDarkside View Post
    Contest sig

    Good work on this one. It's a definite improvement. Much better colors and blending.
    The text is still a bit distracting, but you're getting there.

    I'd suggest that you check out this thread for a good read about some basic GFX concepts like blending, focals, and color that would help you a lot

    Also, shameless plugging which I already did in the general section but I'm not sure if you saw it. Check out my youtube channel (click my sig) for some tutorials that have a good explanation of these concepts :-D

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    May look at those this weekend.

    Made another sig, experimented with perspective and motion blur. Brush at the top is meant to make the rest of the sig look like it's behind some sort of filter.

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    Went for simplicity again, felt it matched the original art style best.

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    The render is a bit too much out of focus (rule of thirds) and the text takes up too much space. It's also missing depth. : o
    But i like it n.n

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    good work, but wheres a darkseid sig man, im disappointed

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