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    [GFX Battle] Phixen vs. Psp

    Theme: Splatter



    Once both entries have been submitted, the voting can start.

    Voting will end in 1 week.

    Voting Rules:
    Use the form: +1 NAME - Reason to submit your vote or the name of the person and gmv after the name
    You can't just put a reason such as: ooo I love Naruto!! or awhh yeah that looks cool!!
    Voting should be done both based on appeal and how it relates to the theme.
    Explain what attracted you to choose this particular sig.
    If your reason is not valid your vote doesn't count (this includes voting for yourself).
    This is NOT a C&C-topic (don't go saying what could've been better).
    There may only be one vote per IP Address.
    If there is a suspicion of friend votes they will be DQ'ed and the runner up will get the win.
    Don't vote for yourself.

    GFX Terminology
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    Dang! Psp's tag is good, but Phx's tag is dope! the clipping mask gives it an abstract look that is pleasing to the eye. +1 Phix

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    I love them both but since I have to pick one.
    +1 Phixen. It's very eye catching and I love the colors~
    Set by xeltox

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    +1 Psp
    There's just something about this tag that i really like and I just cant put my finger on it lol, Phixens is dope too so it was a hard decision.

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    +1 PSP
    The blend of colors with the character is great.

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    +1 Phixen

    The blend of colours on Psp's piece is epic, but the use of the clipping mask on Phixen's is just too good for me not to vote for. Gj both

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    +1 Psp Love the blending and the splatter effect

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    +1 Phixen

    i like the flow of her render with the splatter, nice depth and colors. PSP looks good to just a bit cluttered and the splatter just looks like it was thrown on last second.

    {Thanks safko <3}

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    Annnd the winner is Psp!! Congrats!

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