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    Batman of Maryland dead in accident

    Route 29 Batman is killed after his Batmobile breaks down in Maryland

    Leonard Robinson, age 51, was fatally struck by a car Sunday night on I-70 after his batmobile broke down and pulled over, still partially in the fast lane. He dressed up as batman, taking nearly an hour to put on the suit and makeup, and would drive his custom Lamborghini to visit sick children, handing out Batman memorabilia to them. He attained national fame after a video surfaced of him being pulled over in 2012 for problems with his license plate.

    This man brought smiles and warmed the hearts of thousands, and now he's gone. This week has been off to a terrible start.

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    That's such a shame, he was doing a really good thing :/ I hope whoever inherits his fortune continues his good work.


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    may he rest in peace..
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    yea this was unfortunate thing. hopefully somebody close to him decides to doing this if they can.

    IIRC there's another one that does this around toronto right? it would be interesting if more ppl that can afford to do this.

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