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    Lol it'll probably take me a couple months before I have all my parts together

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    Don't forget to wear an anti-static wrist strap

    sweet case!

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    Oh I forgot to get my strap in the picture but I did get one!
    Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurotoki View Post
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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong lol but what ive taken from the articles I've read is that the 3.5GB used problem is to put bluntly, false advertising from Nvidia, the gtx 970 is meant to have 4Gb vram which it has got however when more than 3.5gb is used, it slows down considerably causing stuttering and whatnot.

    btw your build is looking awesome now (:
    Necropost, sure. but I wanted to actually answer this, and well..."more activity in the tech section can't hurt". Infract me if you want, but please leave the reply intact, just in case someone else wants to know.

    The thing about the 3.5 vram on the GTX 970(I currently use one) is that it's 3.5 gb of really fast memory(I don't remember the speed) and then a separate 500mb of rather slow memory. I have no idea why Nvidia did this but despite that, the 970 wound up a really good card and it's only gotten cheaper for budget builders since the introduction of Pascal series GPU's.

    But the end result was something that's really fast when it's using less than 3.5 gb of vram and really slow when using more. it was at the time unlikely you would use all of that Vram gaming at 1080p unless you did something like throw Shadow of Mordor at the thing on max settings with a particularly taxing HD textures pack. and even then, it might not even use all 3.5gb of the thing, the test I saw a year ago might have been done at 1440p.

    Either way, I'll fish up the Jayz2Cents video real quick.

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    The real question, is where the hell are our pics of PSP with his sexy new build?

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