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    [Discussion] Bromance


    Title: 愛上哥們 / Ai Shang Ge Men
    English title: Bromance
    Genre: Romance
    Episodes: 18 + ep 19(special)
    Broadcast network: TTV
    Broadcast period: 2015-Oct-18 - 2016-Feb-28
    Air time: Sunday 22:00 - 23:30
    Opening theme song: Xin Shi Dai (心時代) by Andrew Tan, Bii 畢書盡, Ian Chen 陳彥允, Dino Li 李玉璽
    Ending theme song: Di Xian (底線) by Landy Wen


    One day, Pi Ya Nuo rescued mob boss Du Zi Feng and his sister from danger, not knowing her action would cause her secret life to be exposed. She never had any close friend because no one must discover that she is a woman living as a man until her 26th birthday or bad things would happen. However, one thing leads to another, she and Du Zi Feng become sworn brothers. With him bend on knowing everything about her, can she make it until her 26th birthday? How would he react when he discovers her big secret?


    Baron Chen as Du Zi Feng 杜子楓
    Megan Lai as Pi Ya Nuo 琵亞諾
    Bii (畢書盡) as Wei Qing Yang 衛青陽
    Lee Shiau Shiang as Chu Ze Rui 楚哲瑞
    Katie Chen as Yang Na Na 楊娜娜
    Mandy Tao as Du Zi Han 杜子涵
    Amanda Chou as Fan Xiao Jing 范小菁
    Yang Ming Wei as Liao Guang Chao 廖廣超
    Linda Liu as Feng Jie 鳳姐
    Tang Zhi Wei as Pi's father
    Wang Juan as Pi's mother
    Hsia Ching Ting as Nan Xing Tian 南刑天
    Tuo Zong Hua as Du Guo Zhu 杜光柱
    Chen Wei Min as Wu Wan Hao 吳萬豪
    Samuel Tai (邰正宵) as Pi's master
    Wu Xin Ti (吳心緹) as Mei Fang 美芳
    Li Xiang Lin (李相林) as Amy Guo 郭Amy
    Huang Tai An as Gangster
    Wang De Sheng (王德生) as Du's subordinate
    Wang Jia Liang (王家梁) as Wu Han Sheng 吳翰昇

    Opening Song:

    I love gender bender dramas, some of them are my favourites.
    The first episode was really funny, the female lead is really convincing as a guy. Curious how this story develops on...
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    I've just started. It was stronger than me

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    After ep. 1-3
    It's good drama with funny plot and good songs.

    The reason why she live as a boy it's a new idea.

    I don't like when episodes are so long in Taiwanese drama, but those 3 episodes were to short for me.
    I can't wait for next episode and it will be long week

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    I agree Joabar.

    Hopefully this drama stays consistent all the way.

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    Ep. 5 was so funny!

    But don't do this at night in mountains. It' dangerous.

    Why Zifeng's tent was open?

    It's not perfect drama but still makes me laugh.

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    I can't stop listening to Bromance OST.
    Four beautiful songs

    I can't wait for episode 8.

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    Ep. 8
    She is so beautiful


    Did he recognize her? She looked so beautiful with her natural hair without wig.
    I think that she is wearing short hair wig.
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    Yes, the short hair is actually a wig. Episode 8 ending scene was really good, it seems from the preview Du Zi Feng isn't going to recognize her. . .
    So far this drama is quite entertaining, nothing dramatic. I like it!

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    Episode 14 preview

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