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    Some moments in ep. 17 were more sweet that honey

    Now I'm sure that he knows.
    I think he has known since he met "Yanuo's sister".

    Now Yanuo is more girly than before. She doesn't have to be strong when she sees a big spider

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    ep 18


    I knew it! Zi Feng already knew about Yanuo pretending to be a boy, but he didn't tell her. I really liked the chemistry between Megan and Baron, they have a lot of screen presence. The ending of this drama wasn't rushed, everyone got their own happy ending. Yanuo looked so beautiful in that wedding dress too bad we didn't see more scenes of her as a female! And the ending scene of Megan and Baron...
    Bromance was a nice watch, no big dramas or unexpected scenario's. Hopefully Megan and Baron can do another drama together.

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    Ep. 18


    I'm sad, but it's time to say goodbye to Yanuo and Zifeng.

    It's good that every couple have their happy ending.

    It was real bromance because Yanuo was a girl only at the end of last episode.
    Yanuo's parents were surprised that Zifeng wanted be forever with male Yanuo.
    She looked so beautiful in wedding dress.

    Scene at the hotel
    I'm glad they didn't make a bed scene, because my laptop could burn to ashes.

    Now I like Taiwanese drama more, and I'm looking forward to watch other Megan's or Baron's dramas.

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    It's interesting to watch again episode 11 after episode 18.

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    Episode 19 is worth to watch too.
    The best moments from drama in one episode.
    You don't have to rewatch all 18 episodes.
    They add some scenes too and BTS

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    Yanuo and Zifeng's morning in bed.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JoaBar View Post
    Yanuo and Zifeng's morning in bed.

    That was cute. Thanks.

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    I really loved this drama, also watched it a couple of times. the beginning is soo much fun.
    finally found the special and that was even greater because that was only Yanou and Zifangs moments
    made by dany-chan

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