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    World Trigger: Neighbor Expedition


    When the first portal from another world opened up on our planet and the first one showed up, humanity was hilariously unprepared. The weapons created by humans were ineffective to these monsters and life was full of danger and chaos. This was until the agency known as Border suddenly appeared out of nowhere, trained to battle these monsters which are now known as neighbors and protect the city. As more and more of these portals started to appear around the world, Border gained more and more support which eventually caused them to be the target of numerous attacks from a Neighbor World. Through careful investigations, Border discovered that this Neighbor World now known as Gerlas was planning a large scale invasion of our world. To prepare for this, Border has sought out allies from everywhere, including other Neighbors to help fight against Gerlas and their immediate and incredible power. Selected Border agents have been trained highly in fighting against neighbors with some even going up against those with the powerful black triggers. You are one of these select agents and will soon be briefed on your first expedition. Good luck we're counting on you!

    Saturday 10:00 AM - Border Headquarters -> City

    Border Headquarters is where the majority of agents spent their free time when they were not in school, doing extracurricular activities, or on patrol. Most noticeable today is that the new A rank agents would soon be assigned their regular activities. Becoming a A rank agent at Border meant an addition of responsibilities to these agents. Most would be given patrol duties as the area where gates have been opening has been getting larger since last week. A few, namely the Walt Unit, led my Avory Walt, would be sent straight to the head office for a private assignment.

    Inside the head office, would be only the General Manager and his assistant.
    Thank you for arriving so quickly. We've been receiving several odd signals coming from the city in random places. The signals don't have the same readings as the ones made by neighbor gates, but they could still be involved in this. You're all aware of the incoming invasion we soon face. Perhaps this is our enemies scouting us for the moment. We want to make sure though. The units that have already been sent out will soon be alerted to locate the source of these signals in the designated areas. B class agents are on standby for backup in case of any sudden neighbor attacks. What I want your unit to do however is....

    The new A rank agents were now on their way towards their designated locations in the city. While traveling, they would receive a message from Border about locating the sources of signals in their new areas. Whatever was causing the signal was most likely made from neighbors so be on the lookout for any neighbor technology. All operators for teams have been informed of their locations and that information is quickly being sent to each team.

    Spoiler: Saturday 10:15 AM City Shopping District: Minamori Unit
    On arrival, Minamori Unit would get several glances, but then everyone would go back to their shopping and talking. They were completely unaware as to why Border was here as this location was way out of the area where gates would normally appear. This would give Minamori Unit uninterrupted searching for the moment unless they attract attention. Most of the signals were moving around slightly in the area. Possibly attached to a person or animal. A few were moving, but suddenly stopped once the agents arrived. They might have to be careful with handling this situation.

    Spoiler: Saturday 10:20 AM City Subway Area: Other A Rank Agents
    The rest of the new A rank agents would find multiple signals down in the subways. The area is crowded and there is barely any free room to move around. Looking for the source of the signal will be tougher than expected. One signal would constantly be moving while another seemed to be inching closer and closer towards a subway train. Other signals would be stationary for now.
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    Minamori unit was assigned to patrol the shopping district. At the moment, their operator wasn't available, so they needed to keep their eyes open in the field. Haruto hated patrol missions. Too much looking, not enough action, but he hoped things would pick up. Without their operator, it was imperative the team got a better view of the shopping district.

    Haruto glanced around, looking at his teammates as well. There was Niro and Kanami. He knew his team wellm. Kanami, much like himself, wasn't a fan of this kind of work. Niro, however, would be extremely important for this mission. It was time to get started. The people had already noticed the appearance of the border agents, and if so, any enemies may have noticed as well. His odd cat-mask donned, Haruto would speak to his comrades.

    "Alright, as sucky as this is, we've got a job to do here, so let's get it done right. Niro, find high ground, a good vantage point where you can see both ends of the district. You're our eyes, but don't hesitate to the action if need be. Kanami and I will scour opposite ends of the area. Remember, don't act unless you're absolutely sure it's necessary. Main focus is protecting the citizens. Now let's do it to it!"

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    Shopping district - Minamori Unit ~ Niro

    When the three of them entered the mall, Niro would be delayed. The security guard on duty was big dude with a scar that he didn't want to go near. Due to his suspicious retreat, the man tried to question Niro who would then run off immediately as the other two entered the mall. Running around the building he found a safer entry and would catch up with the two inside. "Secured the perimeter, nothing out of the ordinary." he would declare casually to play it off as if nothing had happened. He started getting weird vibes of danger however as he looked around and most of the people in the mall had been staring at them when Haruto started to give his command.

    "Roger!" Niro would say responding in a salute like pose the two wouldn't even be able to see as he had already found himself a high vantage point. However it wasn't for the sake of a vantage point, but rather everyone staring at them creeped him out. He was on top of one of the large lights hanging from the ceiling of the mall, and had a pretty good view, although it was impossible to see deep inside any of the stores. The signals would definitely show that they were coming from the mall, and has stopped moving. However there was nothing out of the ordinary that he could see, definitely not any big ugly creatures. "Hey, don't you guys think that we could be dealing with humanoid nei-neighbours?" he'd ask with a slight studder, backing up a bit so he wasn't so noticeable should they be looking for him.

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    Shopping district - Minamori Unit ~ Kanami

    Kanami kept letting out groans of displeasure every so often as they headed towards the shopping district, towards their mission. It was for patrol, something Kanami absolutely abhorred and dreaded, mostly because it was completely boring. She could be spending this precious time playing her video games or reading manga, but no, she had to go search for random signals when their team was currently lacking an operator, making the whole mission even more pointless and annoying.

    Soon enough, they arrived at the shopping district, everybody giving them weird glances. Kanami glared back at them fiercely, mostly because she knew some of them would be staring at her for her height, not the fact that she was Border. "I'll punch your lights out," was the message that came across as she tightened her right fist. Haruto, the team's captain began to speak, giving out commands. He wanted the group to separate so they could cover more area, most likely, with Niro, the sniper, getting a nice view so he could see more distance and help either Haruto or Kanami if the need arose. Haruto gave Kanami permission to act if it's necessary, focusing on protecting the citizens.

    "Aye-aye, captain Numb Nuts," Kanami jadedly stated while giving the sloppiest salute ever. With a lackadaisical turn on her heel, she slowly dredged towards her side of the shopping district. The only thing that could be heard over the voice com was a never ending sigh. But, as if the heavens were smiling upon her, Kanami walked past an arcade. Her eyes brightened with joy as she saw that magical place, and she turned off her voice com and ran inside to destroy some people in fighting games, completely forgetting about the mission for now.

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    Subway- Yukimura Squad- Mitsuko
    The Yukimura squad was assigned to investigate some strange readings that appeared throughout the city. Mitsuko elected for her team to handle the one that was inching towards the subway. Once her team was prepared to head out, Mitsuko would lead the charge. She was eager to get this over with and to resume her usual activities. She elected to take on the one that was slowly going towards the subway because she felt that her abilities were better suited against slower targets. As they headed out of Border HQ, Mitsuko would direct her team. She wasn't especially tactical, but she had been through many battles up to this point.

    "Ito, I'm sure you don't need me telling you how to do your thing. Just try not to shoot too much. Relocating after each shot sounds like a pain, even if I'm not the one doing it. Narumi, you're free to do whichever you feel is best. Whether that is providing backup for me, or handling your own target is up to you. This is of course, assuming we even run into any targets. Those readings seemed abnormal, right, Alice?"

    "Yes. They are quite unusual. I would advise caution when confronting the source. I wouldn't recommend attacking first. Speaking of, you're not far from the designated subway train now. I suggestion you all activate your Triggers now, just to be safe."

    Mitsuko would take her advice, and decided to activate her trigger.

    "Trigger... on!"

    Mitsuko said that with a strangely high amount of enthusiasm. Probably because it made her feel like she was in a Manga or something. By now, the three members of the Yukimura Squad would reach the subway train that was the intended destination of one of the strange readings. With nothing abnormal yet, they would have no choice but to wait for something to change. Mitsuko stood atop the moving train, waiting for something to happen.
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    Subway - Narumi Saki - Riyk, NL

    The Yukimura Squad had been snet out on patrol. Saki was happily skipping along towards their allotted destination, seemingly with no worries whatsoever. When it was specified what exactly they were looking for (more like they were given a few details about what was mostly a general unknown), Mitsuko gave them a speech. Their operator, Alice, also recommended equipping the trigger right away.

    Saki, who seemed on edge during the whole thing, obviously itching to interrupt, was practically jumping up and down on the spot when she finally seized the right to speak: "But! Micchi, look! The people, they are not running away, right? No mess, no panic in the subway! Doesn't that mean the bad guys are all sneaky? I think we should be, too. Right, Kyo-tan? Or they'll know we're there before we find them! Sorry A-chan, Saki's going as a regular person ~" Before any of them could object, she ran off, acting as a kid first time in the subway, looking around curiously and skipping from foot to foot, effortlessly weaving through the crowds. Thanks to most people being actually stunned by seeing her.

    Nevertheless, despite her occasional tripping and careless attitude, Saki was actually paying close attention to her surroundings, looking for any suspicious change in the behaviour of the stationary signals or the one that was moving randomly, while approaching the one heading for the train from a different side than Mitsuko, trying to not be associated with the obvious Border agent and to be ready to reveal the enemy should they attempt to take a shot at her captain or discover any unusual moves from the ground level, which would allow her to either board the train along with the suspicious signal, or cover Micchi if necessary.

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    Saturday 10:30 AM City Shopping District: Minamori Unit

    As the three agents would begin to watch for any odd activity in the shopping areas, a small commotion would be heard in the arcade. Kanami's path of destruction at this fighting game was already drawing a big crowd of people to the arcade. Her opponents would go down in seconds and slump towards the back of the arcade in shame; beaten by a little girl. The crowd was becoming so big, that several of the signals in the shopping district began to move towards that area. It would be difficult to notice something odd in the crowd of moving people, but a careful eye from above would be able to see at least one of these being held by a little girl tightly in her arms.

    The signals would enter the arcade and unknown to Kanami, the small neighbor creature would be observing her game play with great interests.

    Meanwhile, on the other end of the mall near Minamori's captain himself, in an almost empty section of the shopping district would be two men approaching a woman distracted by her phone so she wouldn't even notice them moving towards her. Once they bumped into her, they would quickly turn and grab her and shove her into the corner. Her screams would be loud, but no one seemed to mind. As this happened, one of the signals would suddenly start moving and approaching the captain slowly from behind. If the captain turned, he would see this odd looking neighbor suddenly appearing as though it was using some type of camouflage. It stood a bit taller than the captain himself.


    Without an operator, he would be unable to realize whether or not this neighbor came alone against him. He could make the decision to pull his squad together, or handle it alone. The mechanized neighbor would then raise its arms and slam them down towards the captain's body, forming a small crater in the ground whether or not the captain would block or avoid the strike.

    Saturday 10:30 AM City Subway: Yukimura Unit

    The Yukimura Unit making their way into the subway station would not have much an effect on the signal's movement. The signal moving towards the subway train would suddenly move extremely fast and now that signal was either on the train somehow, or attached to it. As the captain would make her way to the top of the now moving train, a clawing sound might be heard from behind her. If she turned to look, she would find an unknown neighbor type staring at her.

    The neighbor was only around a foot tall, but it seemed like it could move really fast at any given time. She'd have to be quick to react to this thing. Other signals in the subway area would start to converge on the signal being given off by this neighbor. They might soon be surrounded.

    Saki's idea to walk around like normal made the signals completely ignore her. She might be able to see them moving through the crowds as people started to turn their heads to look at the odd creatures moving towards the moving train at high speeds. This would give her a chance to alert her team or other agents about the new type of neighbor she saw. Once the neighbors got close enough to the train, they jumped and latched onto the sides of it and started climbing up towards the top where the Yukimura captain was. Once they were all together, they started leaping and striking towards Mitsuko's legs, trying to bring her down to their level for a better fight.
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    Subway- Yukimura Squad- Mitsuko
    Mitsuko felt something staring at her, a trait she developed to deal with stalker types. She turned her head to find a strange little Trion Soldier staring at her. She readied her Arashi trigger, and prepared to strike at it with her needle like projectiles. She was greeted with the voice of her operator, Alice.

    "It seems like it is attracting the other signals, best to eliminate it now."

    With that bit of information, Mitsuko wanted nothing more than to simply not attack it and deal with all of its friends at once, since it was being kind enough to gather them up in one spot. However she didn't want to hear any nagging or complaining from Alice, and so she reluctantly threw several of her needles at the tiny Trion Soldier. If the thing should fail to get out of the way of the speedy projectiles, they would skewer it, given its small size. With her attack done, she spoke to her team once more. Only this time, it seemed like she was a bit annoyed. At what, would be a mystery to them. Since they would not know of her desire to simply take care of them all at once, and what stopped her from doing just that. But they would definitely tell she was annoyed by the way she spoke.

    "It seemed like the little one that I just attacked was attracting the other signals that were not moving. Prepare yourselves for battle."

    With that, Mitsuko would wait around for the signals to converge on them or for Alice to confirm that the signals were no longer heading towards them as a result.

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    Shopping District - Minamori Unit: Haruto

    After separating from the group, Haruto's eyes became focused on his surroundings. Though Niro had the best view of the district, Haruto still opted to rely on his own observational skill. He had yet to enter combat mode, but his apparel made it obvious that he was a border agent, due to the logo on the arm of his cloak. It seemed something had gotten the attention of the shoppers, causing an amassing crowd near the arcade. No doubt it was Kanami. Either way, it made it much easier for Haruto to continue his patrol as the amount of people had lessened.

    "Niro, keep an eye on the arcade. The more people that gather, the more likelihood of figuring out where that signal is coming from."

    His eyes had focused on a further corner of the district, where it seemed two men had aimed to take advantage of a women. The masked agent would quickly approach the situation, attempting to break up the chaos. "Hey..." He shouted, only to be interrupted by a sound behind him. A neighbor had appeared, immediately attacking the captain. The masked male leapt backward, narrowly escaping the powerful blow.

    "****!! I've been engaged by an unknown neighbor type. There's likely more. Keep your eyes open and hold your ground." It was better for Haruto to handle this situation alone for now. The large group of people could be a target, or even a distraction in an attempt to get to Kanami. "This neighbor was able to gauge my trion level. It's aiming for capture. You guys may be targeted too." Haruto issued a warning toward his comrades. At least the noise from the neighbor had gotten the attention of the rapists.

    Reaching behind his back, underneath his cloak, Haruto gripped two red and hold handles, pulling then to the front. They were his custom triggers, Nyoi Bo, a pair of short staves he'd use for combat. Spinning the weapons in his hands, Haruto would smirk, things had finally picked up. The staves would separate in the center, now each one had turned to a pair of nunchaku. So far, Haruto could tell the neighbor had power, but how would it handle ranged attacks.

    He continued swinging the nunchaku in his hands. With each flip, the weapons let out a bang. The all rounder was good with close range weaponry, and midrange weaponry in the form of guns. These nunchaku would be the epitome of such skill. Each bang would release trion in the form of compressed bullets like asteroid. The bullets would aim toward the top and center of the neighbor, trying to slow it down.

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    Subway Station - Yukimura Squad

    As Kyoko entered the subway station along with Mitsuko and Saki she wondered to herself why she had even come along. What did they expect a sniper like her to do underground? She wouldn't be able to position herself properly, nor gain the necessary distance not to mention how crowded the station was right now making spotting their target difficult. Once they started to get close to the signal Mitsuko started talking. When she mentioned her relocating after every shot Kyoko wondered where she thought she could move to. However before Kyoko could interject to say something Alice told them to be cautious and advised them to activate their triggers. Something Mitsuko would immdeiately do with an unnerving amount of enthusiasm.

    At this point Saki would quickly speak up while jumping up and down while doing so causing Kyoko to wonder just where she got all this energy from. Saki would then explain why she believed not activating their triggers was the better move. Despite agreeing with her Kyoko couldn't help feeling slightly due to being called "Kyo-tan" though she had long given up on trying to stop Saki from calling her that. "Though not the way I would've put it she does have point." Kyoko replied after being asked her opinion by Saki stopping herself from adding "for once" at the end. Though by the time she had finished talking Saki had already left and was moving through the crowd with apparent ease. Mitsuko also left and went to stand on the train abandoning any pretence at subtlety focusing only on finishing this as quickly as possible.

    Sighing Kyoko remained on the stairs which went down towards the platform trying to spot anything unusual in the crowd with little succes due to the source of the signals being too small. She'd then make her way towards the train before it left. Just before she was able to get on the slow moving signal suddenly accelerated moving towards the train. She caught sight of the small thing just as it latched on to side of the train and moved to the top. Kyoko quickly drew the conclusion that it hadn't gone after the train but after Mitsuko. Likewise the other signals were rapidly converging on Mitsuko.

    The doors started closing and Kyoko quickly slipped in and started to make her way to the front of the train. Meanwhile Alice suggested that one that latched onto the train first was attracting the other signals. "Aren't they just being attracted to Mitsuko?" Kyoko replied as she approached the conductor's office. If the train started picking up speed Mitsuko would have a hard time simply standing let alone fighting them while those things would just dig their claws in the train. For now she'd instruct him to keep going but to limit his speed to not affect Mitsuko. This was to lead these things away from the people at the station. Though this left the passengers there wasn't much she could do about that for now.

    She'd hold off on entering the fight herself for now, mainly because there wasn't much she could do. Even if she did get on top of the train and fired once or twice most likely she'd quickly get swarmed by those things and due to having limited close combat skills especially against multiple targets there'd be little she could do except be forced to bail out rather quickly. On top of that she wasn't sure what actions Saki had taken at the moment. As such for now she'd focus on trying to control the situation and prevent as many people as possible from being dragged into this mess.

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