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    Subway - Narumi Saki - Riyk, NL

    As soon as Mitsuko's trion body made it into the subway, the signal aiming for the train sped up considerably and got on. Saki wasn't sure if it was on the outside or in the actual carriage, but she knew she needed to investigate. As she was closing in on the vehicle, she noticed that her captain got on the roof and was being engaged by a small, unknown neighbour. Numerous friends of this creature were already almost at the train as well. Unfortunately, she didn't have anything subtle enough to dispatch them while in the middle of the crowd, so she hoped Micchi could divert their attention from her if she took out the one upon her quickly enough.

    For that reason, she made do with just a whispered warning to the rest of the team: "Saki can see many of the small ones almost on the train. Micchi, hurry up! I'm looking for the quick one on the train, if you need Saki, give a shout!" With that, she boarded the train, trying to locate the neighbour that got on the train before anyone else. As she did,she spoke again, this time to Alice: "A-chan! Saki will send you pictures of the small ones. They look a bit cute... Saki never saw one like that before. You have to show them to the others, too!"

    With the unknown neighbour now out for the whole Border to see, Saki noted that Kyoko was on the way to the front of the train. That meant she would take care of the conductor and everything. Still, it was good to keep everyone posted: "Kyo-tan, if you need to shoot, just say so. Saki will cover you ~" With all the communications out of the way, Saki could focus fully on her search for the quick neighbour.

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    Shopping District: Minamori Unit

    Upon hearing the scream, Niro quickly transformed even before the enemy appeared behind his captain. "You underestimate the great me." he mumbled to himself. He fired two shots right by the heads of the two kidnappers to scare them off. That is assuming they were normal anyway, as the timing meant they could have been some kind of set up for the surprise attack to come. Then a strange robot looking trion soldier appeared behind his captain. Niro fell backwards as the thing suddenly appeared in his line of sight and he couldn't tell exactly how far away it was. Minamori however blocked his attack without much difficulty, and told him to watch over the arcade area. As long as the two kidnappers seemed to respond normally and not be a part of the attack, he would comply with the request.

    Niro began scanning the crowd in the arcade to see if anyone looked suspicious. He was originally going to bypass the threat as it looked like some kind of plushie being held, but it seemed to move. He continued to follow his sight on it and noticed that it was keeping an eye on kanami for whatever reason. "Hey Kanami, I don't want to interrupt your play cuz you'll probably kill me b-but your being watched by..." he paused for a moment to think about how strange it sounded. "A digimon? A Yuramon to be exact. I wonder if it can digivolve." he continued, keeping an eye on it from above.

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    Saturday 10:45 AM City Shopping District: Minamori Unit

    As the Minamori Captain would reveal his two short staff weapons, the mechanized neighbor would start to lower its arms as its eye would carefully look as the two staffs would separate in the. middle, revealing chains. UNKNOWN WEAPON. TEST. The robot neighbor would lash its arms out at the Minomori Captain towards either side of him, at the same time, the chained weapons started firing off strong bullets towards the robot neighbor's body and head area. This forced the neighbor's body back as its shell was tough, but the impacts were strong enough to cause his arms to slow their strike at the captain. RANGED COMBAT ANALYZED. INCREASE STRIKING SPEED. As the bullets continued to blast the neighbor backwards, it would contract its arms close to its body and begin to rapidly spin around. Its arms would then extend farther than earlier, swiping a huge circular area around him, knocking through walls and glass. The attack was meant to deflect the bullets that were coming towards the neighbor. If the the Border agent didn't move, one of the hands would eventually open up to grab him while they were spinning and try to hurl his body towards the other end of the shopping district. If he avoided, the neighbor would stop spinning and try to relocate the captain's position. REINFORCEMENTS HAVE ARRIVED From wherever the captain moved to avoid the strike would be two floating neighbors with the same appearance as the one that Niro noticed. They would simply float near the captain and not attack as the robotic neighbor would charge towards him.

    Over by the arcade, Kanami continued to play her game while the cute looking neighbor would watch along with the crowd. Up on the ceiling light, Niro had turned his attention away from his Captain's position to focus on the neighbor inside of the arcade. If he wasn't aware or simply not watching his radar, he wouldn't notice that one signal was pretty much right on top of him. But he was above most of the area, so either it was just below him or somewhere very close to him. Possibly behind? If he turned his attention away from the arcade neighbor, he would see a thick thread with a creepy looking insect moving up on it.
    Spoiler: gun. Mind if I borrow it?

    The neighbor would fire a thread from its back area towards Niro's sniper rifle in an attempt to pull the weapon away from him. C'mon. Gimme.

    Saturday 10:45 AM City Subway: Yukimura Unit

    The Yukimura squad captain would engage the tiny neighbor in combat by firing several small needles at the little ones body. The little neighbor would start quickly moving around to avoid the needles, but one was caught in one of its legs, pinning it to the train and causing it to shriek out as though it was in pain. The train's speed was steady, but not fast thanks to Kyoko's intervention which allowed Mitsuko to stay on top to fight off anymore neighbors that showed up. This however, meant that the rest of the tiny clawed neighbors would be able to easily make their way out of the crowd of people and latch onto the train to help out the other clawed neighbor. From all sides, the Yukimura captain would be greeted by these tiny neighbors. Two would move over towards the one that was pinned down earlier and strike it with their claws, killing it. They would then all turn their attention towards Mitsuko.

    On the train, people started to realize something was going on when two border agents suddenly were on board and speaking. Saki's search for the fast neighbor could possibly make her look weird and out of place on the train, but suddenly, a pinkish blur would fly past her face and move all around the train at high speeds. Where is it? It would be difficult to make out this speedy neighbor's form, but for a brief second, it would slow down to regain its thoughts before grinning letting Saki see its face.

    It would then slow down its flying and walk up the closest person. Where are the monkeys with weapons? The older man the neighbor spoke to, acted like he didn't know anything about Border and would dart his eyes away towards someone else on the train. Ok then... The flying neighbor would then move towards the next person on the train and ask them the same question.
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    Shopping District: Minamori Unit

    Kanami would be attracting a lot of attention while she was destroying people one by one, nobody ever standing a chance to her skills at video games. A large crowd began to form around her, which would make it a lot easier to find the signal or signals, as they would close in on to one location. Sadly, that was not her plan at all. Kanami was only interested in playing games until the mission was over. Her latest opponent was quite a disappointment, so much that Kanami could literally play against them with one hand and not even pay attention.

    Using this time, Kanami scoured the crowd, already looking around for her next opponent, but this time of her choosing. Within a fraction of a second, Kanami's gaze was instantly drawn to the little girl holding something that resembled a Digimon. No longer caring about her game, she instantly got up and dashed over to the girl, holding her by the shoulders and staring expectantly into their eyes. "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Where did you get that plushie?! It's so realistic, almost as if it were alive! I totally want one... no, ALL OF THEM!" She'd take a moment for the girl to respond, and then add, "... may I hold it?" If the girl allowed Kanami to do so, she would pick it up to her face and nuzzle it.

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    Subway- Yukimura Squad- Mitsuko, @Rin, NL
    As expected, the Trion Soliders began to converge on Mitsuko's location. Well, if she didn't want this to happen, she would have refrained from activating her Trigger until absolutely necessary. Rather, she wanted to get all of their attention. Take them out quick, and resume business as usual. Her teammates would take care of the actual strategy and smarts portion of the mission. She was simply going to eliminate all of the tiny Trion Soliders that were now being drawn towards her. She let out a heavy sigh, and prepared to fire many of her needle-like Trion projectiles. Despite being a ranged attack, it relied on her physical ability for accuracy and power. So she was still quite adept at using them. After preparing a rather large number of them, Mitsuko began to feel light headed. It seemed her side effect was activating. Likely because she was annoyed at how many small fry she had to deal with. Regardless, it would give her the chance to dispatch of the little ones rather efficiently. In her current state, she would precisely throw needles at each of the small Trion Soliders. However, to any onlookers, she would appear to be spinning as needles launched from her person. Once she was done, her Side Effect wore off, and she took a deep breath.

    "Small fry taken care of. Deactivating my Trion Body for now."

    With that, she reverted to her normal body and using a bit of acrobatics, she leaped through one of the windows on the side of the subway train and landed inside. Ready to assist Saki in the mission-y part of this misison.

    "Need any assistance inside the train Saki-san?"

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    Shopping District - Minamori Unit

    "Interesting..." Haruto spoke softly to himself. It seemed the neighbor couldn't comprehend the nature of Haruto's trigger. A combat specialist, Haruto would use that to his advantage. Separating himself from the neighbor with his swift, bullet-like attack, Haruto watched as the neighbor began to change tactics, rotating to deflect the projectile attacks. The neighbor's arms extended, aiming to grab and hurl the young agent.

    "Connector - Staff Form" Was the command uttered from Haruto's mouth. He placed the ends of the nunchaku together, turning then into a singular solid staff. He used the staff as a pedestal, planting the tip into the ground and lifting himself off of the ground. The extended arm wouldstrike the staff, causing Haruto to perform a full flip. Using the momentum, Haruto would aim a powerful strike atop the neighbor's head.

    Haruto noticed as he flipped, the floating neighbors appearing in the air around him. He couldn't ignore then at this point, and would need to pay close attention to all three neighbors.

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    Subway Train - Saki - Riyk, NL

    Once in the train, it didn't take long to locate the speedy neighbour - it was round, pink, winged and carrying a spear. It could also talk. Saki's eyes lit up and sparkled at the view - it looked quite cute. What was even better, it could talk and didn't notice her yet. "A-chan, Kyo-tan, another new neighbour. This one is very fast, pink, and can fly. Also it can use weapons and talk. Saki's going to try catch it. Micchi, can you make the people go into the back carts so they aren't in danger? Kyo-tan could then disconnect the rear carts and leave them behind, safe from the neighbour," the happy-go-lucky girl transmitted to the rest of the team via the internal comm, meaning there was no sound on the outside.

    Hopefully, the others agreed (Mitsuki would only be addressed if she in fact managed to deal with all the neighbours on top of the train and got inside). Saki would follow after the pink blur as it moved around, addressing the people in its wake in a whisper, sending them back. They were bound to realize the pink creature was a neighbour, so they should be willing to listen to a Border agent's instructions, even if the agent in question was incognito at the time. The girl hoped to get as many civilians out of the equation before the pink neighbour noticed something was wrong.

    She would move the moment there were no more civilians beside the conductor, or whenever the neighbour looked back and noticed the disappearing people. "Trigger on! Shield!" she exclaimed, jumping towards the furball and activating her shield... around the enemy. Her aim was to trap the speedy little blighter in a box before it could capitalize on its speed advantage. Should she be successful, she would then talk to the creature: "Saki is here! Tell us why you are looking for us and we might let you go ... if it's nothing bad~" Should it not get captured, she followed up by sumonning her Sogetsu blades and slashing at its wings. Finally, if it got captured but seemed unwilling to talk or immediately tried to break out (and the shield would start cracking), she followed up by pushing it out of the window in the shield box, firing a Meteora inside as she did, trying to have it explode off the train. The explosion would be contained and at the same time focused by the shield box.

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    Saturday 10:52 AM City Shopping District: Minamori Unit

    The clever flip into the air made made Haruto gave him a good opening to strike the top of the mechanized neighbor's head, causing the neighbor to slow down and its arms to drop the the floor with a loud thud. However, the metal neighbor would let out one last attack and fired a straight beam of trion energy towards Haruto in an attempt to strike his trion core and eliminate the treat. If Haruto was able to avoid this, then the metal neighbor would shut off completely. The other two floating neighbors would look down at their fallen comrade, and then at the man who took him down. !!!! The two would start to fly towards Haruto, and start to glow as they did so. Once they were both close enough, they would detonate violently near him, taking out some nearby stores. When the smoke would clear, Haruto would see himself surrounded by several regular people, but they were all wearing Border uniforms. One older man would speak up towards Haruto who himself might have been injured in the blast. If this is the best Border can do, then I think it's time for a change. The group of people would then pull out various weapons such as scorpions and handguns. Take him out guys! The group of people would charge at Haruto with a strong intent to kill. He may not want to try and fight them all as he might be injured and they were all regular people with no training in using triggers. Backup would be coming if he could hold out long enough.

    In the arcade, Kanami had turned her attention away from the game completely and was now fixated on a strange looking creature being held by a little girl. She asked the girl if she could hold it. The girl responded by raising her arms holding the creature towards Kanami who would quickly take it and hold it close to her face. The creature didn't seem to mind being very close to the Border agent. The girl would then start to move towards the back of the room with a smile on her face. So dumb. The crowd of people around Kanami would start to pull Border triggers from their pockets and activate them, pulling out hand guns and pointing them at the Border girl. That was easy. Kill her. The crowd would begin firing towards the girl holding the neighbor, but their aim wasn't that good giving her the chance to evade and run if she decided to.

    Saturday 10:52 AM City Subway: Yukimura Unit

    Mitsuko's barrage of needles would skewer the multiple clawed neighbors that began to move on to the train with extreme force and accuracy. This prevented anymore from showing up on the radar. The only signal left now was inside of the train. Once Mitsuko entered the train, she got several odd looks from the passengers who at this moment, were plentiful in the rear carts of the train. Mitsuko would get the message from Saki that Kyoko would detach the rear trains leaving only the border agents and the neighbor along with the conductor aboard. Most likely, Mitsuko would move towards the front of the train before the carts were removed by her teammate.

    Now what about....YOU! At this point, the neighbor had almost questioned everyone inside of the cart where Saki was. It seemed determined to find the people it was looking for. It wouldn't actually notice that the ones it already spoke to had left the cart and were moving to the back. It didn't care about the useless ones. He wanted the ones with lots of trion. He was now staring at Saki who seemed to be the least worried about the creature inside the train. Hmm...why aren't you spooked? Saki would remain strong which caused a light bulb to light up in the neighbor's head. Ah! You're one of them aren't you! Flapping its wings, the pink neighbor would charge at the Border agent who quickly activated her trigger. I knew it! Suddenly, the pink neighbor would find itself trapped inside a trion made shield from all corners. Are you serious? Did I really just get caught like that... Descending towards the ground, the pink neighbor would walk towards the front side of the box shield where Saki was and press its face against the side. Hello...Saki. Why am I looking for you? That should be pretty obvious right? You fight neighbors. That means you're a potential treat. I was sent to see what you guys could do. I'm a scout class neighbor you see. The pink neighbor would begin to lick the trion shield with its big wet tongue to try and gross out Saki. Now let me go. I need to report this.

    At the front of the train, the conductor was with Kyoko who had kept the train at a steady pace. He spoke up towards the Border agent after he had disconnected the other carts. So everyone's safe right? Safe and away from here. Good. With that confirmation, the conductor suddenly accelerated the train to an incredible speed so quickly, that the remaining Border agents might lose their footing for a moment and the sudden change of speed. The conductor would then turn around and give Kyoko an awful look. You Border dogs think you can just get on my train and do whatever you want huh? No way. From inside his pocket, the conductor would pull out a familiar object. A trigger. One made by Border. Time to teach you all a lesson! Trigger on! The conductor's uniform would change into one similar to the one Border agents wore and he would quickly form a meteora in front of him. Die! The meteora would go off at the front of the train, causing a hole to form in the side where the conductor would leap out and leave the Border agents to handle the dangerous situation they were in.

    Saturday 10:50 AM-10:55 AM City ->Shopping District and Subway: Shinsengumi & Ramsley Units

    The shinsengumi unit had now left Border Headquarters and were preparing to backup the units that were sent out earlier. Earlier, the shinsengumi unit were given information about stolen Border triggers. High grade ones too, not the ones given to the C class. The amount stolen was significant and only Border members had the proper identification to be able to get these triggers. Their job was to find as many as they could and figure out who removed them from Border. An alert would be given at Border Headquarters that civilians around the city seemed to be in possession of Border triggers with the majority of them being at the shopping district and the subway. A few were simply causing havoc in the city which the B class teams would be quickly assigned to handle. Ramsley Unit would go towards the subway and backup Yukimura Unit while the Shinsengumi Unit would be making their way to the shopping district.

    Hey, Sasaki.

    Y-Yes! Okita Sir!

    Minamori doesn't have an operator right? When I get to the shopping district connect to them so we can better coordinate what to do. The signals are all gone from both areas, but that just means they were just the distraction. The Shinsengumi Unit would quickly make their way into the shopping district where panicked people were already fleeing. Now, now everyone calm down. He was heavily ignored by everyone that passed him. Umm...Hijikata I think we should go that way.

    The Ramsley Unit would be a little late in getting there, but would be alerted about a speeding subway train. They would be in the same vicinity as the Yukimura Unit, but closer towards where the moving train was going to be crashing towards. Vino would connect his team;s internal audio to the Yukimura's and demand an explanation. Mitsuko. An update. Why is a train about to crash into another down here? Weren't you guys after neighbors?
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    Minamori Unit - Kanami

    The girl let Kanami nuzzle the little Digimon plush, but to her surprise, it was actually alive. It was obviously a Neighbor, but Kanami didn't care. It lead to the possibilities of Digimon being real, and the anime was possibly peering into another world. Kanami wanted to keep it, but stealing was wrong. It belonged to the little girl, which begged the question, "What is she doing with a Neighbor?" All this went through her mind in an instant.

    Not a moment too soon, Kanami activated her trigger, Shadow Sneak, allowing her to turn invisible as bullets came flying towards her. "Eeeh...? Seems like I triggered a trap card," she thought to herself, while she maneuvered into the crowd while invisible and at increased speed due to her trigger. As soon as Shadow Sneak's invisibility wore off, Kanami turned it off, turning on Kaiser Glove while activating Air Cutter. Utilizing the small blades, Kanami tore up at the ground, causing a bunch of debris to come flying through the air with the aid of Air Cutter's rotational speed. This way, Kanami could cut out some trion usage by having to rely on Shadow Sneak by creating a smokescreen. Turning off Air Cutter, Kanami was now relying solely on her Kaiser Gloves. She would dart around behind people, punching them in areas that would allow her to knock them out in one swift punch, or at least that's what she aimed for. Kanami would keep maneuvering about, snaking around, laying as close to the ground as she already was, striking from random places as to not give away her position.

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    Subway Train - Saki - Riyk, NL

    Luckily, the pink neigbour was not very attentive and it only noticed Saki after the civilians were gone. What was even better, she managed to catch it without trouble, and it seemed willing to talk. Saki squatted down near the shield box holding the creature in order to be able to look it in the eye more easily, and replied (while transmitting the conversation to the rest of her squad): "Nice to meet you~ Have you got a name, too? Since Saki told you hers. Anyway, it's not nice of you to say we attack the neighbours," she made a pouting face, but immediately continued. "We only fight the neighbours that come here to bother us. They brought it to themselves~And why do you want to go already? Don't you want to meet Saki's friends, too. There are sooo many of us, you know? Wouldn't it be better if you found out more before going back?" she spoke in a sing-song voice, acting in a friendly manner.

    When the train suddenly accelerated, she made a roll backwards due to her squatting position, but quickly regained her balance. "Kyo -tan, what's go-" she transmitted to the sniper, but got interrupted by the explosion from the front of the train shook the walls. "Let's go see Kyo-tan right now, shall we?" she said in a slightly more serious tone of voice, making the shield box with the neighbour hover in front of her as she hurried towards the front.

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