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    Monkey King - Enough is Enough

    The Monkey King waited within the card room, but he was uneasy. He feared sending his brother to escort the smoking male out may have been a bad idea. He had hoped his promise to buy his brother food would be Enough of an incentive not to act like a dick head. However, with a blaring roar, Haruto's hopes were crushed. The roar shook the building, which was quickly matched by a second roar. This one rang familiar, as the Monkey King had heard it before. For Reiji to release his true form meant he had wanted to fight so badly he couldn't control himself.

    Haruto knew he couldn't let the two run loose. The world had differing opinions on our kind, and an open battle wasn't the publicity we needed, especially during this mission. The Monkey King ran toward the nearest window. He leaped through the reinforced glass with ease, falling toward the ground below. With force he'd spit a small needle from his mouth, shooting for the two massive beasts. He'd soon shake his head as he landed with a thud upon his feet. The needle would have slipped between the beasts as the Ox's horns made contact with the dragons tough scales.


    The Monkey King muttered to himself. This was a command, a command toward his weapon of choice. The needle between the two floated in air, turning to point it's ends toward each beast. Upon command, the rod would grow exponentially. With no speed lost, the needle would turn into a massive pillar, each end extending toward the beasts. The massive pillar would work to separate the two beasts, pushing them both a great distance away. Struggling against the rod would be a futile effort, as the weight alone was so much so that only one man could lift it.

    Haruto would make his way toward the staff, touching it's center. The beasts having been separated, the Monkey King commanded the staff once again shrink down to it's needle form. "You two are ****ingn idiots aren't you??" The Monkey King yelled, scolding both delinquents. Though he was considered a delinquent too, Haruto was more of a jester/trickster. He liked fun, often times provoking trouble in the process. But a public squabble wasn't in his agenda, at least at this particular time.

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    As the two monsters clashed in the public, none of them whom honestly speaking cared about the consequences. Such thing is something that when angered enough, Fatalis wouldn't have care about humans or anyone. Just as the Ox-Demon moved away from the claws from Fatalis and successfully slam his own horns against Fatalis' scales. Although the Ox-Demon did made a dent on the scale, while it did not injure Fatalis in any way and scales can be replaced with time naturally on its own, such feats of strength and power cannot be looked down upon, even by the Dragon himself. When the Ox attempted to utilize his unfathomable strength - his strength recognized by Fatalis led him to flap his wings to move away from the Ox-Demon, unfortunately this was quickly done by an external party where a small rod is placed in-between the two monsters and expanded both in size and length that forcefully separates the fight and thus gaining a small distance away from each other. Unfortunately for Haruto whom attempted to quell the fight, Fatalis isn't bother trying to reason it out, there was nothing stopping him from trying to kill the Ox at all.

    In response to the 'mediating', Fatalis instead opened his mouth and let out a fire breath so strong and intense that the fire melts concrete, a testament to the Dragon's power. While with deities its monstrous ability may not truly work on such beings, its strength wasn't to be underestimated. As the fire breath is let loose, nearby cars and even the building started to melt rather easily.

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    Out On Town - Part 2

    Both Satsuki and Usui were silent on their sightseeing, Usui seemingly troubled by his own problems and Satsuki trying to figure out what had been troubling Usui since he was summoned. Being a bad thinker and not able to figure out what was wrong with Usui and what he was troubling about, Satsuki gave up on thinking and opted to ask Usui instead. "So, what's really bothering you, Usui?"

    Usui didn't glance at Satsuki. "What do you mean, Satsuki-sama? Nothing's bothering me."

    Satsuki narrowed her eyes in response. "I know you better than that, Usui. Therefore, I know something is bothering you. Whether you are willing to tell me or not, that's the question."

    Usui was silent for a few seconds before heaving a sigh, causing Satsuki to glance at Usui. Looks like he's telling her after all. "You know I'm not supportive of you being admitted into Saint Academy, right?"

    Right, how could she forget? When Satsuki raised the idea that she had wanted to be in the Saint Academy, everybody were agreeable to the idea, approving of the fact that being in Saint Academy can give Satsuki some experience... Everybody, except for Usui. Claiming that it's dangerous for Satsuki to learn to manifest her magic at such a young age, Usui was very opposed to the idea. Allowing Usui to sit on her shoulders, Satsuki continued to walk around the town. "You.know why I have to do this, Usui."

    "There must be some other way...!"

    "You know there isn't." Satsuki cut Usui off. "And, Saint Academy might be my only hope in this case."

    There was silence for a moment. "I know, doesn't mean I have to be happy about this." Satsuki, knowing she had won the battle for now, ruffled Usui's hair. "By the way, that was a low blow, Satsuki-sama."

    Satsuki smiled. "Can't help, I have a stubborn servant after all."

    Usui folded his arms. "Hmph."

    As if on cue, all of a sudden, there was a shout. "Thief! Thief!" Satsuki halted her steps and Usui was confused, looking all around the town, not knowing what was going on. "Please, somebody help me! My wallet is stolen!"

    It was until then did Usui see people falling to the ground as if somebody had bumped into them. Satsuki remained oblivious as she had not noticed the thief yet and was still looking all around for the thief. The thief was coming in high speed, not caring who it bumped into. "Usui, did you see who they--"

    "Satsuki-sama, in front of you!"

    Jerking her head towards the direction that Usui had said, she was more than surprised when said thief was charging towards her. Too late to move aside, Satsuki could only close her eyes tightly and brace for impact. Well, she certainly heard bumping noises but she didn't feel anything at all. Opening her eyes, she saw that there was some kind of a barrier between hervand the thief, causing the thief to be bounced far back. Satsuki glanced at Usui, knowing the barrier was what he had created to protect her from harm. "Thank you, Usui."

    "No worries, Satsuki-sama." Usui wanted to say something more but heaved a sigh instead. "There's nothing I can do to change your mind, isn't it?"

    Satsuki glanced at Usui and folded her arms. "You expect me to stand by and do nothing when a thief's running wild?"

    Usui shook his head and sighed, muttering. "Satsuki-sama, you are just too kind for your own good. And, you know that will lead you to trouble. And also, you will be the death of me someday." If Satsuki heard Usui's muttering, she chose not to respond. "Well, Satsuki-sama, if you are going to attempt to catch the thief, you better be fast. Because, it seems to me that he's running away."

    Satsuki looked at the thief, who, indeed seemed to be running away and instantly gave chase. "Right!"

    The thief had an advantage since it was bounced far way back by the barrier. And, despite the woman earlier shouting for help, it did seem that nobody cared and they were still foing on with their business. People were still walking around the town, ignoring of the fact that there's a thief running wild. Knowing that there was no way that she could catch up with the thief, she decided to call for backup.


    Another person appeared. With a tiger on top of her head, she looked almost intimidating. Almost. "Satsuki-sama."

    "Taiga, do you know of the situation we have on our hands?"

    Taiga rolled her eyes. "I tols you several times before, Satsuki-sama. Whatever happens on the outside world, we can see it through Satsuki-sama's eyes as clear as day."

    Satsuki huffed in response. "No time to be smart with me, little tiger." Hearing the nickname, Taiga glared at Satsuki which wasn't much of glare considering her size although Satsuki still flinched. Man, if looks could kill... "Then, can you help us, Taiga?"

    Taiga shrugged. "Sure."

    One moment, Taiga was conversing with Satsuki about the situation on their hands. The next moment, Taiga went after the thief in high speed, gone like the wind. She really.looked intimidating right then... If she wasn't a Chibi. "Man, am I glad all of you are tiny."

    "Why, Satsuki-sama?"

    Satsuki glanced at he had grown 2 heads. "Seriously? Are you asking me that question?" Usui nodded in all seriousness and Satsuki sweatdropped. "Please imagine Taiga or anyone of you being the size of me." Instantly, Usui shivered. "Scary thought, isn't it? That's why."

    "I don't ever want to imagine Taiga being your size again, Satsuki-sama."

    Satsuki seemed to be pondering about something and faced Usui. "Talking about that, why does Taiga have super-speed and I don't?"

    Usui patted Satsuki's head. "Trust me, your legs aren't meant for super-speed."

    Satsuki pouted in response. "You are being so mean today, Usui-chan."

    "You asked and I answered." A beeping echoed and Usui checked on the coordinates Taiga had just sent.

    "Well, looks like someone was dumb enough to turn to an alleyway."

    A grin formed on Satsuki's lips. "Well, what are we waiting for then? Let's go!"

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    Meetings never go well, and this kind of meeting was far beyond "well". Vikki only was a part of her family meetings, and those had food and drinks to be spared for the people. Here, it was business, business, roars? Not long into their conversation a loud noise had come from apparently outside tge building. It was impressive since the walls were sound proof. Vikki pondered and runs a hand through her bangs, while curiosity sunk in. What the hell do you suppose that was? A question came. But before long the other man in the room came to the conclusion of simply eliminating it along with another noise. But the target didn't think it possible. He couldn't grasp how a mere human could~ And he's dead. A shot was fired from the other man, prompting Vikki to react accordingly.

    By the gods! The hell was that for?! She questioned as the man had come walking over to them. He prompted to put his arms around them but Vikki was not going to have any of that. He'd slap his arm away and pull off her hammer like necklace, having it grow in proportion to be a hand held hammer. Twirling it once in her right hand, she made a swing at the man, not to hit him but to keep him at bay from her and Ayame. You best keep yourself away from my friend and me fella! Vikki acted as a guard right from this moment. She pulls Ayame along and keeps her wits about the man by them. Leaving the room, security was all around escorting people to safety. It was easy to get mixed up in the crowd for them, and drifted into said crowds unknown to the security. They eventually found there way outside with the people, but slipped away to an alley way. The group had split up a bit and exited their own ways. Ayame and Vikki went this way and found a van waiting at the end of the alleyway. Opening it, the vampire and Rumpel were sitting inside with one of the mission instructors. Come along children, we have to go now. Rumpel would say rather sarcastic. The mission is a bust thanks to the Ox and Dragon. Rumpel couldn't believe there to be so many people on this assassination mission. The human girl Ayame was right. As the pair got into the van and it had taken off, Vikki forms her hammer back to a necklace. Least we got to see his head blown off. Do ya think this be a joke, human? We failed our task because someone had the thought, "Oh yo know what would make this better? A bigger group!" Now now. One should listen when an old dog barks. ...Right, back to intelligence. Rumpel turns to talk with the instructor on whats happening while Vikki puts her arm around the back of the seat and look out the window. Seems the dragon smoker and Ox guy are brawling. She wanted to be out there, but Odin had other plans.
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    Out On Town - Last Part

    Reaching the said alleyway and upon seeing the said thief, Satsuki was more confused than ever. The thief, deeming it safe as no one would, without any reason, run into an alleyway, was eyeing the wallet with gratefulness. Taking the money out, the thief counted the money. But, what he didn't expect was somebody speaking behind him. "You don't seem like a bad person. Why would you steal the woman's wallet? Is there a reason behind your actions?"

    Jerking his head towards the direction of someone who spoke, he was more than relieved to see that it was only a mere girl. Instantly, surprise faded from his face and tears welled up in his eyes. "Please forgive me, I had no choice!" Seeing the thief pleading, Satsuki narrowed her eyes and waited for the man to explain. "I have been starving for days and I have my family to take care of... That was why I resorted to stealing. Please forgive me..."

    Not moving even one step away from her spot, Satsuki narrowed her eyes even further. She knows that she should do the right thing but a family's life is at stake. Could she really risk all of it? After a few moments of hesitation with Usui and Taiga looking at Satsuki with uneasy eyes which Satsuki was oblivious to, Satsuki backed away, causing Usui to sigh and Taiga to narrow her eyes. "Do you promise not to steal ever again?"

    "I promise!"

    Empty promises, that was what both Usui and Taiga was thinking. But, apparently, Satsuki chose to believe it and closed her eyes for a moment before opening them again. "I will pretend that I never saw you. But, heed my words, you won't be so lucky next time if somebody else catches you other than me."


    "Seriously, Satsuki-sama? After I went through the effort of catching up to him and cornering him, you are going to let him off just like that?" Taiga folded her arms and scoffed.

    Satsuki gave Taiga a look and Taiga returned to glaring at Satsuki. "As I said before, you are too kind for your own good, Satsuki-sama..."

    Satsuki closed her eyes and sighed. "I know..."

    The thief started leaving upon hearing that Satsuki had spared him. But, although that was the case, Satsuki still kept a close eye on him, her guilty conscience acting up and a bad feeling crept within her. And, in that.mere second when the thief was walking past Satsuki, her eyes hardened, as if she knew that she had to do something. Her hands raised in a gesture poised to strike, she waited for a mere second before turning towards the thief and striking, causing the thief to fall on the ground. Knowing what had happened to the thief, Satsuki wasn't worried. But, she still had something else to do. "Satsuki-sama, you summoned me?"

    "Misa-chaaaaaaan, I misssssss yoooou~~" Usui sqealed upon seeing Misaki.

    Misaki ignored Usui and concentrated on Satsuki, wondering with genuine interest what her Master's orders would be. "Can you create a pleasant dream for him, allowing him to forget whatever that happened today?"

    Misaki, upon hearing her Master's orders, stood there, unmoving, as if not believing what she was hearing at all. Was Satsuki serious? "Are you sure, Satsuki?"

    Misaki was the only one that could get away with calling her Satsuki and living. Yet, Satsuki failed to question Misaki's obedience towards her orders. Misaki, on the other hand, upon seeing Satsuki nodding her head, indicating that she was sure about this, glanced over at Usui to notice him being silent for the first time, heaved a sigh and went over to the thief's side. Seeing Misaki leaving, she glanced at Usui who was on her shoulders. "Usui..." Said person was silent. "I am sorry..."

    "You don't have to apologize to me, Satsuki-sama. You have nothing to apologize for and you don't even know what you did wrong, do you?"


    Taiga, sensing the tension, opted not to speak. But, it was somebody else who had spoken that had scared the crap out of Satsuki. "They are the descendants of Snow White!"

    Satsuki jerked her head back to see the woman who was shouting about a thief stealing her wallet earlier. Misaki and Taiga, who was frightened as well, gazed at Satsuki and lowered their heads, knowing what was the woman and their Master thinking. And, it was those thoughts that had saddened them. Satsuki gazed at the woman, eyes not wavering, hoping that she would understand she was trying to help her. Looks like her family had also terrorized this place before. But, the woman looked very fearful of Satsuki and Satsuki walked towards the fallen thief. "Satsuki-sama, no matter what you do, she won't understand, you know that, right?"

    Approaching the fallen thief, she picked up the wallet and walked towards the woman who was staring at her out of fear and was backing away. Staying a safe distance, Satsuki stretched out her hands, smiling towards the woman, however that fake the smile was. "You were searching for your wallet, right? I got it back for you."

    The woman stared at the wallet before staring at Satsuki. Instead of taking the wallet that Satsuki had expected the woman to do, she had screamed and ran away, as if she had seen a ghost. The wallet still in her hands, a tear fell out of her eyes as she stared at the woman running. "Satsuki-sama..."

    Wiping away the tears, Satsuki smiled. "I know that nothing I did at that time could turn the situation around. But, precisely because I knew that..." There was a pause and Usui glanced at Satsuki. "Precisely because I knew that there was nothing I could do to change to change the situation around, I had to try at least once..."

    Usui knew that it wasn't the first time that Satsuki was met with such a situation. In fact, before they came to Saint Academy, there were several other incidents like this. Usui had wanted to speak up but only nudged Satsuki as a kid stood in front of them. "Nee-san?"

    Satsuki halted her tears and knelt down in front of the kid. "Is something the matter?"

    The kid eyed the wallet and gazed back up to Satsuki. "Nee-san was the one who helped Mama, wasn't she?"

    Handing over the wallet to the kid, Satsuki noddrd her head. "Yeah."

    Said kid broke into a big smile. "Thank you, Nee-san! I dunno why Mama ran off like that but I will make sure to tell her about it~!"

    A genuine smile broke out of Satsuki's lips and she ruffled the kid's hair. "It's better not to."

    Said kid tilted her head, confused. "Would you rather Mama misunderstand you, Nee-san?"

    Usui gazed at Satsuki as Satsuki became silent for a moment, not knowing how to answer that question. Looking at the kid's innocence, Satsuki opted not to answer. Luckily, she was saved by the same woman. "Yuzu, where are you?! It's time to go back!"

    Satsuki stood up. "Your Mom must be looking for you. You should run along now."

    Yuzu nodded her head and turned around to run to her Mom when Satsuki called out to her. "Yuzu!" Said kid turned around and wondered what her newly-met Nee-san was going to say to her. "Thank You."

    Yuzu giggled. "Nee-san, you are funny! Why would you thank me when you were the one who retrieved Mama's wallet back?"

    Looking at Yuzu's retreating form, Satsuki smiled. "It was because the kid helped you in more ways than you helped the kid, isn't it, Satsuki-sama?"

    Deciding not to answer and in a much better mood by now, Satsuki walked out of the alleyway and into the town.

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    Operation Nightshade

    Zephry stood with a smirk on his face as one of the women quickly removed his arm from around her, pulling Amaya away and warning Zephry to stay away from them. He only chuckled as they quickly ran out of the door. Zephry turned around and paced to the window, which faced the opposite direction of the battle. Witnessing many outside also questioning the sound.

    Oh look...they've come to watch the show!

    Inside the SUV

    The briefing officer put his palm to his head before looking over at Rumpel. Releasing a sigh as he slowly removed his hand. At this point both knew the mission was over. The briefing officer noting the roar of both. Little did anyone might know, he was a professional on fabled cultures and has fought side by side with several fable and even fought even more. Yet the two roars were two he did not want to hear again. Suddenly Vikki and Amaya quickly entered the vehicle and it began to drive away slowly from the back entrance. Before the briefing officer could speak, a hologram screen appeared in the center of the vehicle, the screen showing the communication both ways. Present on screen was a business woman who seemed quite angry already, with an older butler standing right at her side

    Why Miss Integra. It is nice to see you.
    Of course, I have a few questions for your students in regards to the mission. I would like to-

    Suddenly, a nearby communicator patched in the securities communications began to make noise. Thus silencing Integra so that she would be capable of listening in. The report came from the buildings hidden elite security squads, reporting that several men had been slaughtered in the main office. Giving a description of the male who stood next to the CEO bloodied corpse upon arrival. Integra became furious, obvious by her expression as she angrily picked up the phone next to her and made a hasty call. Paying no attention to the screen, she pressed the speaker button to allow herself to communicate so she could focus more on delivering her anger to the recipient. In which the conversation could be heard by all in the SUV

    Integra rubbed her forehead in pain from the headache he gave her with that conversation. On the responder to the security, word of several armed units were making their way to the office, crowds gathered outside yet at a safe distance along with several news reporters.

    Ooo. That...doesn't sound good does it? Don't think it will be easy getting out of here. Soooo many people it would be hard to not kill that many.

    *Sigh* Just get out...
    Rememberyourdecisionnotmine! *Click*

    Zephry said with such haste. Integra could only hang her head low from the damages that would have to be paid for.

    With bodies flying through the glass and several guard becoming impaled on the posts outside. Zephry made his presentation outside with a huge smile on his face. Looking out towards the three fighting fabled.

    Oh look! I finally get to play with the big boys! Of course since Im soooo nice, you guys can stop...OR! or! Oooooor! I can kill all of you! Please pick the second one. I've never killed a dragon...or whatever the hell you other two are. More fun for me.
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