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  • Xian Ni - 28

    1 25.00%
  • Dear Boy - 20

    0 0%
  • Berserk - 342

    3 75.00%
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    #94 Chapter of the Week #94

    Welcome to the 94th chapter of the week event!
    Like every week AnimeFlame members are asked to vote for their favorite chapter that was chosen together with 2 others earlier. If you want to be one of the members that get to nominate these chapters subscribe here: Chapter of the Week: Nomination and Discussion
    The nomination periode is from saturdays 15 o'clock CET till sundays 15 o'clock CET.

    The chapters for this week are:

    Xian Ni - 28
    Dear Boy - 20
    Berserk - 342

    Remember each vote counts so vote wisely.
    You have three days to vote!


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    hmm votes xian ni. dear boy was good too i guess

    i have beserk oh hold(about few years now) so i can't vote for it

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    where my information leads i'll follow
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    i dont read the others
    work damnit

    It is umpinortnat in wchih odrer the lteters are in wrod. Tehy are slitl rdeabale as lnog as the fsrit and lsat ltteers are in the rghit pacle

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    and this week's winner is:

    Berserk - 342


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