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Thread: [Vote] SOTW #87

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    [Vote] SOTW #87

    Point of View (POV)

    • I encourage a quick post, even if it is just to say who you voted for, and if you feel so inclined, why.
    • Use the form: +1 ENTRY # - and add your reason
    • Voting should be done both based on appeal and how it relates to the theme
    • Explain what attracted you to choose this particular sig
    • If your reason is not valid your vote doesn't count (this includes voting for yourself, voting just because it's of your favourite character or because you like the person that made it)
    • There may only be one vote per IP Address
    • Encouraging others to vote for you will not be tolerated



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    +1 Xeltox
    Voted for xeltox, the overall sharpness and clarity in their work is nice
    It also provides a unique take on the theme Point of View

    xbone ign: theRedBeast44
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    +1 xeltox~ Very nice~
    Set by xeltox

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    +1 beeduq i like the atmosphere and the use of textures..
    " Do you know me..? No.. You're quite certain that we've never met before..? Yes of course.. "

    SOTW 21, 57, 60, & 6(sic)6, 76, 85, 86(co win) winner..
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