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    Vampire: The Masquerade (RP Info and Signup)

    Vampire: The Masquerade

    Your post count is your Vampiric Age. The older you are, the stronger you are. Each ''year" of experience you have is a point for a kindred to spend in his talent trees and disciplines.

    Post count 0 - 900: No starting deduction
    Post Count 900 - 1900: age is halved
    Post Count 1900+ : age is divided by 3.

    In ancient lore, the Book of Nod states that all clans are descendants from thirteen antideluvians who were borne of Caine, the human cursed by God for killing his brother Abel, and first vampire. From the thirteen Antideluvians derived the thirteen Vampire Clans. There are only a handful of vampires amongst the thousands throughout history who have ever been able to master the abilities of another clan outside of their own, and all of them are known to have met the Final Death long since.

    Each Clan has a representative, called a Primogen, who is usually the eldest and most powerful of the clan and attends advisory council meetings. Certain clans are lawless and unstructured, and other clans are very cloistored, structured and intricate. The inner designs and workings of a Clan are left solely to the discretion of the Primogen.

    -----------------------------------------RULES AND INFORMATION---------------------------------------------------------

    1. Do not portray yourself as a legendary vampire. (i.e Dracula, Count Orlok, etc)
    2. Follow the judgement of your Primogen or risk being ostracized from your Clan. Be warned; Independents make fairer game than those who have the backing of a Clan. In this community, power is everything, and the weak are food for the strong.
    3. Breaching the Masquerade brings the wrath of Vampire Hunters and the Camarilla. Do so at your own risk. (Nosferatu and Tscimize are so phyiscally twisted by their Embrace that simply being seen in plain sight by Kine is a Masquerade breach)
    4. Fear your elders. The weak are meat, the strong shall eat. Anger those who are stronger than you and you might enjoy the sunrise.
    5. In the Masquerade World, Kindred (Vampires) are not susceptible to garlic, water or crosses. Silver is known to burn and weaken Kindred, Fire is extremely dangerous, and Sunlight will cause a Kindred to burst into flames and ash on instrant. A wooden stake will paralyse a Kindred. More practical devices, such as shotguns and high-caliber firearms, are also effective.
    6. All wounds are regenerated, provided they are not lethal and that a kindred feeds.
    7. Respect the decision of the Magisters (GM's). They're here to make the Bloodlines enjoyable for everyone.

    -----------------------------------------KINDRED AND SECTS---------------------------------------------------------



    Unlisted -

    "There is no greater evil in this world or any other than for the strong to stand by idly and let injustice to unanswered."

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    Spoiler: Click to Reveal
    The Camarilla is a loose organization which ostensibly represents and protects all Kindred by enforcing and promulgating The Masquerade. The Camarilla was officially founded in 1493 in the hamlet of Thorns; however, the origins of the organization can be traced back to the Inquisition.

    Perhaps the most iconic member of the Camarilla is the Prince. The Prince is typically an elder, and one who has mastered the ways of controlling the mortal agencies of his city such as the police deparment, the local and regional press, and local politicians. They are most often seen as harsh taskmasters who seek to preserve their own lives and power at any cost. Each Prince is supported by the larger organization of the Camarilla unless it becomes obvious that they are completely unsuited for the job (or another, more influential elder wants their position). They also usually have a council of primogen, which may or may not be allies of their Prince.

    Camarilla policy is that vampires should try to fit in with and hide from the rest of humanity, as to easily feed on them. For this reason, they created a web of lies and misinformation, called the Masquerade, to make the public believe that supernatural beings like vampires could not possibly exist.

    The Camarilla also believes that the only way the vampire species can survive in these modern nights is if it unites - any breach of the Masquerade by any vampire risks exposing the entire race. Both viewpoints are fundamentally opposed by the Sabbat.

    Spoiler: Click to Reveal

    The Anarchs are a sect of vampires that exists both within and on the fringes of Camarilla society. Its members are interested in tearing down the social order upheld by the Camarilla, believing it to unfairly defend the interest and status of a select number of older Cainites at the expense of the greater majority. What it should be replaced with is a subject of heated debate, but in the end the Anarchs are united by their faith in a more equal system where power is distributed throughout the population and status dictated by merit, not social customs centuries old that have no place in modern thinking. In their eyes, the Camarilla is corrupt and out-dated while the Sabbat is monstrous and hypocritical. Yet the Anarchs' power remains comparitively small, and so the sect operates under the shadow of the Camarilla, hoping to transform it from within. While its members are often seen as naive, radical, or even dangerous, they exhibit a passion and vision for changing the world of the undead few groups can match.

    Anarch organization is laughable. The "Movement" really has no in-sect control over itself than a group of wild animals. That said, this is precisely the reason why the Movement is so attractive to many vampires - while there are no vampires making sure that things get done, there are also no vampires pushing you to get those things done.

    Anarchs tend to be gathered into gangs, following the leadership of a particular demogogue, respected soldier, or other person they believe is worthy of respect. Most of these leaders aren't very old; ironically, the oldest Anarchs refuse to take on a leadership role, holding that such practices makes them no better than a Camarilla Prince or Sabbat Archbishop. Anarchs prefer to lead by example than they do because of who their sire was, which Clan they're in, or any other silly posturing found among the Ventrue or Tremere. As such, these de facto leaders acquire followings of like-minded vampires, which means that each individual gang tends to be very loyal to the same ideals (if not to any given vampire).

    Gang leaders or other vampires who have an impressive degree of power in the city take on the title of "baron", which was first used with the intent to mock the title of "Prince". There are many barons in the Anarch Free State, and their territories range up and down the west coast. The size of these territories is directly related to the amount of vampires who serve that region's baron. The surface reason for this is because more vampires need a larger herd of mortals to feed from, but really it's an excuse to cover the fact that the Anarchs only hold onto the territory that they can fight for. Spreading themselves too thinly means encroachment by rival gangs, so the borders of each barony are really fairly static. Only rarely will one baron fall and their territory be carved up by the most powerful surrounding gangs.


    Spoiler: Click to Reveal
    The Sabbat is a loose sect of vampires that believes Cainites should accept their vampiric nature and subjugate humanity as the inferior species. Also known as the Sword of Caine, the sect has the stated goal of destroying the Antediluvians, who they believe are the masterminds behind the Camarilla and the Jyhad.

    The Sabbat is at best ironic, at worst dangerously hypocritical. It is composed of both the oldest and the youngest vampires in the world, who rejoice in their damnation while fearing for their souls, and fight against the Antediluvians, the elders, and their own pack members.

    The Sabbat as a whole is not a very structured sect. Though their leadership lacks the iron-handed authority that can be found in the Camarilla, the Sabbat does not regard generation (potency of vampire blood) as a guideline for promotion. Instead, simply the most capable of vampires fill the positions they are most suitable for. It is purest coincedence that those of lower generation happen to be the most qualified.

    The cornerstone of Sabbat organization is the pack; Sabbat packs are organizations of 3-10 vampires mutually bound through the standard blood-sharing rites of the cult. Packs have a ductus, who is the pack's warleader, and a pack priest who reminds the pack of its responsibilities to Caine. The members of the pack are bound together by blood-sharing ceremonies known as the "vinculum" or the "Vaulderie". Each pack has its own prescribed ritual to undertake the Vaulderie, and it is an important part of each individual pack's culture. Packs generally occupy communal havens; given the Sabbat's rejection of human mores and its use of artificial loyalties enforced by the vinculum, there is less need for privacy.

    Above the pack is a set of hierarchical titles specifically mocking the titles of the Catholic Church, traditionally. Bishops oversee multiple packs and may also have a specific portfolio; overseeing the Bishops are Archbishops, generally holding a position analagous to Prince for a city. Above the Archbishops are the Cardinals, who oversee large geographic regions (such as Canada, or the Eastern Seaboard). Above this level are the Prisci, a circle of advisors to the Sabbat's nominal leader, the Regent. The higher ranks of the Sabbat enforce their will through agents commonly called Templars.

    These titles are formally recognized, but also generally involve a certain degree of self-selection. The Sabbat has a formal rite for recognizing Bishop and higher ranks, but any Sabbat may claim a title and try to defend it. However, the higher the rank claimed, the more likely the claimant will meet a gruesome end. The Prisci, in particular, are selected only by other Prisci.

    In addition to this structure, two parallel organizations exist within the Sabbat: the Inquisition and the Black Hand. The Sabbat Inquisition investigates vampires within the Sabbat for any signs of demon worship or other deviance from the moral structure set up by Sabbat elders. The Black Hand is a sect within the sect, and operates semi-independently from the Sabbat, which it predates. Rumors persist that it stands as the remains of an even older group known as the Tal'Mahe'Rah; this group claims entire bloodlines as its members, though these bloodlines are all but nonexistent in the modern nights.

    As with all Vampiric organizations, organization eventually bows to the demands of power. While most Sabbat belong to packs, elder Sabbat are more likely to live and work without packmates. At the higher levels of the organization, the difference between Camarilla and Sabbat elders is negligible, regardless of how different it may appear in the trenches.


    Spoiler: Click to Reveal

    [spoiler]Those vampires who refuse to side with any of the major factions (the Camarilla, Sabbat, or Anarchs) are relegated to a group known as the Independents. Though not a sect by any stretch of the word, "independent" vampires are often classified together for simplicity. The word describes vampires that have left (or sometimes, never joined) one of the major sects, for a variety of reasons. Some are Embraced by independent sires, and never get caught up in the snares of Jyhad. Some refuse to play the politics of the Camarilla, or are uncomfortable among the Sabbat. A very few are old enough and powerful enough to simply stand alone.

    To pay the bills, Independents sometimes take on a mercenary role, playing the factions against each other while trying to avoid getting drawn in by one or the other. As one can imagine, this is exceptionally dangerous, and those vampires who claim independence generally do so because they have the sheer ass-kicking power to keep it.

    -More to Come on Clans-
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    ◦Strength 1- 200
    Strength determines your physical strength and ability with blunt weapons. At 1, you maintain regular human strength. At 200 you could pick up a car and throw it like a ragdoll. (5-1 Brawl)
    ◦Dexterity 1- 200
    Dexterity affects your ability to remain hidden, and skill with fine-objects, lockpicks and edged weapons. At 1, you couldn't pick your nose. At 200, you could sneak in and out of Fort Knox as you pleased. (5-1 Melee, Subterfuge)
    ◦Stamina 1-200
    Stamina affects your health.At 1, you'd go down from a good right hook from a tough human. At 200, you could withstand the sun for a good, agonizing minute before you would finally meet your end - let alone any mortal weapon.

    ◦Charisma 1- 200
    Is the ability to coerce others into doing what you want, or influence the unwilling. At 1, you have the social graces of your human self. At 200, you could sweet-talk even the most unwilling, strong-willed creature into committing suicide.
    ◦Manipulation 1- 200
    Is the ability to intimidate others into doing your bidding. At 1, you couldn't scare a teenage girl. At 200, you can make other kindred run for their lives with a simple dangerous look. (5-1 Intimidation)
    ◦Appearance 1 - 200
    Affects your physical appearance, and ability to charm others with your looks. At 1, you look about as attractive as a bucket of nails. At 200, you will hypnotise others with your appearance simply by being near them. (Note: Nosferatu and Tzimisce cannot raise this skill past 1, as they are inherently hideous from the moment of their Embrace)

    ◦Perception 1 - 200
    Affects your ability to understand and grasp what goes on around you, increasing your senses and reflexes. At 1, you're senses are as good as Kine. At 200, you have the senses and mental awareness of a demigod. (5-1 Dodge)
    ◦Intelligence 1 - 200
    Increases your intelligence, affecting your ability to hack computers and research books. At 1, you're dumber than a box of hair. At 200, you're the smartest creature in existence. (5-1 Computer, Scholarship)
    ◦Wits 1 - 200
    Wits enhances your resistance to being influenced by others, your financial and investigation skills. At 1, you couldn't manage $20. At 200, you could send the mortal world bankrupt and manipulate World Trade for kicks. (5-1 Finance, Investigation)


    ◦Brawl 1 - 200
    - Your talent with your own two hands and blunt weapons. At 1, you punch like a girl. At 200, you could punch through reinforced steel, or hit a home run with a werewolves head.
    ◦Dodge 1 - 200
    - Your ability to dodge attacks. at 1, you're a sitting duck. At 200, you're so fast, you can dodge bullets.
    ◦Intimidation 1 - 200
    -You're ability to intimidate others into doing your bidding. At 1, you couldn't scare a 5 year old. At 200, you could make a Tzimisce wet their pants without saying a word.
    ◦Subterfuge 1 - 200
    -Your ability to use deceit and manipulation. At 1, you couldn't deceive someone to look the other way. At 200, you can manipulate other Kindred older than you.

    ◦Firearms 1 - 200
    -You're skill with ranged weapons. At 1, you couldn't shoot a BB gun. At 200, you can build you're own gun and shoot out a bird's eye mid-flight a mile away without even giving much care to aim.
    ◦Melee 1 - 200
    -Skill with edged weapons. At 1, you're more likely to cut yourself than the enemy. At 200, you ARE the blade.
    ◦Security 1 - 200
    -You're ability to pick locks. At 1, you can't pick your nose. At 200, you can break into anywhere, anyplace, anytime.
    ◦Stealth 1 - 200
    -You're ability to remain hidden. At 1, you stand out like a mole on a nose. At 200, you are a ghost.

    ◦Computer 1 - 200
    -Ability to hack computers. At 1, you're lucky if you work out how to switch it on. At 200, you could hack into Dubya's private adult video stash and post it all over the FBI wanted list.
    ◦Finance 1 - 200
    -Ability to manage money. At 1, you couldn't manage a $5. At 200, you could bankrupt the world economy.
    ◦Investigation 1 - 200
    -Ability to investigate and understand what goes on around you. At 1, you'd be lucky to spot Bin Laden if he walked in front of you. At 200, you could notice even the smallest, hidden details hundreds of meters away.
    ◦Scholarship 1 - 200
    -Ability to read and understand books and gain knowledge. At 1, you're lucky if you know HOW to read. At 200, you can read Ancient Sumerian.
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    "There is no greater evil in this world or any other than for the strong to stand by idly and let injustice to unanswered."

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    Guess this is what I get for being gone most of the time now. Sign me up for a Gangrel.

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    No probs. maybe more people could get interested. I originally thought this up ages ago and built a whole big system for people to start off as fledgling vampires to growing to become vamps that make Alucard look weak.

    "There is no greater evil in this world or any other than for the strong to stand by idly and let injustice to unanswered."

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