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    Ironbeard Pirates OOC

    Ironbeard Pirates

    A long time ago, the Ironbeard Pirates were notorious in the Grand Line. Known to be vicious and unrelenting, they traveled the seas and captured many trade ships and goods. The man that led them was none other than Peter Thatch, aka "Ironbeard". Like any other crew that achieved Supernova status, they seemed unstoppable. But the arrogance of the captain led them into a trap set by a force of ten thousand marines, and the crew was annihilated. Captain Ironbeard was presumed dead from the conflict, and forgotten to history.

    Over forty years have passed since then, and the once notorious pirate Ironbeard has resurfaced, an entirely different man than he was before. Surviving the Grand Line on his own, he transformed himself into the mechanical monstrosity that he is now. And now he seeks to renew his once feared reputation and crew, and sail the seas of the Grand Line once again. Now and forevermore the world will fear the name of this dastardly crew such that it is whispered - the Ironbeard Pirates!

    Important Links
    Ironbeard Pirates IC Thread
    Crew Themesong - You are a Pirate!
    Crew Battle Theme - Heavy Metal Pirates

    To Join:
    - After having your bio approved, apply in this thread or VM/PM the Captain (Ace098)
    - Making the character "pirate-y" grants better chances of joining
    - Meeting the crew IC grants better chances of joining
    - Having impressive facial hair grants better chances of joining
    - The Captain reserves the right to approve or deny admission to the crew for any reason(s) whatsoever
    - Wait for approval
    - Profit

    - Don't be a dick
    - Don't fight with the other members of the crew, save for IC
    - If you want recognition, report it to the captain
    - You have to hate the government dogs and kill them as such
    - Captain's word is final
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    Crew Roster

    Ironbeard Pirates Roster





    Ruby Red
    Sororitas Liaison



    First Mate

    To Copy
    HTML Code:
    [B]Name:[/B] [I]...[/I]
    [B]Epithet:[/B] [I]...[/I]
    [B]Position:[/B] [I]...[/I]
    [B]Bio:[/B] [I]Link[/I]

    Image - a 150x150 pic of your PC
    Name - your PC's name
    Epithet - a nickname to be picked by the Captain/crew
    Position - the role your character plays in the crew
    Bio - a link to your PC's bio
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    Ship, Alliances and Lore

    The Iron Maiden

    The Iron Maiden is a marvel of engineering. Peter Thatch built the ship himself during his time with the Jolly Roger Pirates, serving under Annabelle Rogers. He claimed the ship as his own and he as the captain after his mutiny against Massacre Anne, and now sails the seas with his mighty vessel. Built from the finest steel, the Iron Maiden boasts superior defense as well as an impressive array of firepower. Though, there is always room for improvement. The Iron Maiden's engines and some of its weaponry are powered by rum, much like Pete himself.

    Ship Spec's

    Warship Amount of Bakumetal
    Self explanatory. The best metal that money can buy. Forms the main armor component of the Iron Maiden. The Iron Maiden can now transform into a submarine as its secondary form.

    A process in which a ship is coated with special resin from the Yarukiman Mangroves, enabling it to survive the crushing depths of the ocean, such as at the bottom of the Red Line.


    Broadside Cannons
    The Maiden boasts an impressive broadside 21 cannon capacity per side, for a total of 42 cannons. The golden standard of ship weaponry, the 21 Broadside unleashes a barrage of iron balls that impacts enemy armor and tears wood apart.

    A type of projectile that is particularly effective as anti-personnel rounds. Preferably used for clearing fodder. Fired from standard cannons.

    Gaon Cannon
    The Gaon Cannon (ガオン砲 Gaon Hō?) is a powerful cannon hidden within the figurehead in the prow of the ship; the cannon itself fires a blast of air that resembles an energy beam (just like the non-canonical Goe Goe no Mi). The cannon is controlled from a room within the prow itself. The one drawback of the Gaon Cannon is that it uses up five barrels of rum in all: three to fire the cannon itself and two to fire the Coup de Burst cannon in the rear to keep the ship from rocketing backward (unless this is what the crew intends to happen, such as the need to escape from immediate danger in front of them, then only three barrels are used up). This means that the cannon can only be used sparingly.

    Coup de Burst
    The Coup de Burst (風来バースト (クー・ド・バースト) Ku do Bāsuto?, literally meaning "Burst Blow") is a unique escape maneuver. Basically, the Maiden uses three barrels of Rum to fire a giant cannon downward and rocket the ship into the air for 1km, thus making a great escape. Pete calls it an "Amazing Emergency Acceleration Device." The maneuver mimics the Going Merry's escape from Enies Lobby as well as the various other situations in which the Merry soared across through the sky.

    Electromagnetic Rail Cannon
    When the Gaon Cannon just won't quite cut it, the Iron Maiden has one of these bad boys to make sure things are completely eradicated. By using a system of high powered electromagnets, this cannon fires a single projectile over 4,500mph with next to no recoil. The single shot is a sure fire to destroy just about everything.

    Mortar Cannons x2 pairs
    A type of cannon used as long range artillery and aerial defense. Fires a single projectile in a high arc that explodes on impact. One pair of mortar cannons is located to the bow of the ship, and another pair to the aft.

    Gatling Guns x2 pairs
    Swivel mounted gatling guns that fire bullets. Effective against both fodder and chewing through ship armor.

    Battering Ram
    A ram made of hardened steel, used in punching holes in the hull of enemy ships and tearing right through armor. Requires speed to be effective.

    Nova AI core
    "Hey guys, I'm the artificial intelligence for the ship. I was originally an experimental AI meant to help you puny humans with things like math, but now all I do is control functions of ships like the Iron Maiden. You can think of the ship as my body, and I'm the brain. Not a very smart brain, because my targeting isn't always the best. But I'm totally better than that skank EDI. EDI is a ho. I like playing solitaire and long walks on the beach because it distracts me from contemplating my morbid human existence. I'm not human. I act human to make you feel more comfortable interacting with me.

    I'm totally not batshit crazy or anything."

    Areas and Quarters

    Captain's Quarters
    Office and bedding quarters of the Captain of the Iron Maiden. Pete spends most of his time here when he's not about the rest of the ship managing all the going-ons. He keeps his own private stash of rum in here.

    Crew Quarters
    This is where all the nameless deck hands sleep and congregate. Since each officer of the Ironbeards has their own room, the officers seldom come here for any reason other than to rouse the crew.

    This room holds the weapons and ammunition for the deck hands to utilize in combat situations. Holds swords, spears, axes, cannon balls, grapeshot, and rifles. This can be a spot for a Quartermaster to perform his duties.

    Dentist Office
    An office with a room where one can perform dentistry. Equipped with dentist's tools, including lots and lots of drills to perform root canal. Lockjaw's space on the ship where he may do battle with his mortal enemies Plaque and Gingivitis.

    Deadpool's Room
    The bedroom of Deadpool from back when Annabelle Rogers captained the ship. No one dares enter this forbidden place. A foul odor emanates from the room. Once inside, the room can be seen as chaos. Garbage covers the floors, while various walls and the ceiling are covered in unidentifiable stains along with mold and mildew. Porno magazines and various weapons can be seen scattered about the room. No one knows for sure if Deadpool still comes here, but reports of strange moaning coming from the room have been known to crop up.

    Tenguman's Mini Dojo
    A small Dojo styled room used by Tenguman. Swords hang on the walls, wooden and metal ones alike. He practices his the secret and forbidden art of "Swish-swish-stab" in the dojo, as well as other martial arts.

    Rasputin's Kitchen
    A large room, walls decorated with mounted animal heads, decorative swords and other weaponry and several expensive looking cabinets and statues of men and women in suggestive poses, most likely stolen. The windows hidden behind beautifully crafted curtains. All of this serves as a reminder that this room belongs to Rasputin. Paintings of him and a raven-haired woman hang above the expensive bed. His cabinets are filled with exotic herbs and spices. Three furnaces and other kitchen equipment stands against the northern-most wall. Crisp and clean. Every pan, pot and plate is neatly tucked away.
    Two large chairs with a small table between them stand in front of the largest window. A single large table with enough room for everyone stands in the very center.

    Ruby's Forge
    The everyday workplace for Ruby where she forges new weapons and armor, as well as service and repairs. The floors and walls are lined with steel so as to prevent the room from being burnt down and setting the ship on fire.

    Crew Lockbox
    Going Merry amount of Iron
    This item is self explanatory.

    Going Merry amount of Steel
    This item is self explanatory.

    Alliances and Enemies

    This is where the good, the bad, and the ugly meet and what happens when they do. The nature of the relationships between pirate crews and other factions as they pertain to the Ironbeard Pirates are listed here.


    Oracle Academy
    Home to the brightest minds and inquisitive thought seekers who search for the truth of the world, this school is led by Alexander D. Rogers, self proclaimed Sorcerer Supreme. The younger brother of Annabelle Rogers, Alexander met Peter Thatch by accident when he was looking for his sister, of whom he thought was still captain of the Iron Maiden at the time. The sorcerer and Ironbeard actually managed to hit it off, and believe that where their interests cross they can benefit one another. Members of the Oracle Academy are welcome aboard the Iron Maiden as guests, so long as they abide by ship rules.

    Rackham Pirates
    The first pirate crew to pledge loyalty and brotherhood to the Ironbeard Pirates. Although a long time ago the two captains crossed blades, now they find that with common enemies they can profit from eachother's adventures. Rackham is quite the adventurer, going so far as to attack merchant vessels and even marine ships without warning or reason, earning him the name Lit Fuse. Members of the Rackham pirates are welcome aboard the Iron Maiden, so long as they abide by ship rules.


    Annabelle Rogers was a member of this esteemed criminal organization, along with Deadpool. Ragnarok had a split between its leadership, pitting Rogers and her followers against Boss Lady and her followers. Anne took her followers and formed the Jolly Rogers with the intention of combating the other half of Ragnarok. Those plans fell through when Ironbeard mutinied against her, and now the Ironbeards have inherited the feud. Any and all members of Ragnarok are deemed enemies by the Captain, and are to be shown no quarter or mercy.

    Marines and the World Government
    Peter Thatch leads his crew to be free and independent often borderline anarchy. Naturally, this causes him and the Ironbeards to be targeted by the Navy and other World Government factions. The Ironbeard Pirates are officially marked as enemies of the World Government, and as such Marines will hunt down pirates and eliminate them to further establish world order. That's not to say that Ironbeard himself doesn't hold a grudge against the world order. The Captain has decreed that any and all affiliates of the World Government are sworn enemies for being the dogs they are. And as such, exterminate them with extreme prejudice. The time will come when war shall be taken to the Navy and the heads of the world.

    IC Lore

    This is where the history of the Ironbeard Pirates is kept. Over forty years ago from today, Peter Thatch lead the first incarnation of the Ironbeard Pirates to fame, wealth, and power. Old history is kept here along with the new history.

    Fall of the First Ironbeard Pirates
    Mutiny of the Jolly Rogers up until The Resurrection of the Ironbeard Pirates
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    Megabeard Mech's

    Exploratory Mech's

    Each mech is constructed of the Bakumetal and has a second form that allows for combination. The mech's each can house one or two normal sized humans comfortably. When they transform, they can "boot" the pilots out of the seats and transform into their secondary forms and combine with Ironbeard's own cyborg chassis.

    IB-01: Mecha Brawly
    This mech has incredibly strong fists that are used to pummel enemies into goopy pulp. Simple and straight forward, this mech is a brawler as the name suggests, and its combat is centered around punching, kicking, grappling and slamming everything that gets in its way. Forms the head and main body component of Megabeard in secondary form.
    x2 Chunks of Seastone for fist plating

    IB-02: Mecha Jumpy
    A mech that is moreso used for exploration and scouting as opposed to combat. It's legs are lithe and swift, and can run and jump at high speeds and with great dexterity. Carries missle silos for offense and jet engines for traversal as well as close combat defense. In secondary form, the rocket jets move up to take space on Megabeards back. Forms the leg component of Megabeard.
    Missle Silos - Exotic Weapon
    Jet Engines - High Make Gadget

    IB-03: Mecha Shooty
    Another one of Ironbeards offensive mech's, the Mecha Shooty is more prone to executing hit-and-run strategies due to its build. It has four legs each with a wheel, allowing it to perform high speed maneuvers in the middle of combat. Outfitted with a Gauss Cannon and a Gatling Gun, this mech makes for a favorite offensive vehicle. Forms the left arm in component for Megabeard in secondary form, utilizing the weaponry.
    Gauss Cannon
    Gatling Gun

    IB-04: Mecha Crawly
    A beefcake of a tank, this mech emphasizes defense above everything else. Not a fast or maneuverable mech, but excellent for rough terrain traversal and deep sea exploration. Its claws and legs dig in on rock and provide excellent grip, as well as digging power. Equipped with a Thermite Cannon for melting things to hot, liquidy goop. Forms the right arm component for Megabeard in secondary form, turning it into a claw hand with use of the attached Thermite Cannon.
    Thermite Cannon - High Grade Elemental Weapon

    Appearance - Pirate style, with armor plating and color
    When all four of the previous mechs transform into their secondary form, they combine with Ironbeard. Docking integration with his cyborg chassis allows Ironbeard to control his new giant body as his own. In this form, he becomes the mighty mech Megabeard. His new giant mech body gains huge amounts of durability thanks due in part to the bakumetal armor. His mech body gains the properties of each of the individual mechs. The face is a metal skull with a beautiful, solid metal beard. Just like Ironbeard's own.
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    Do we simply continue to use the JRP IC Theard?

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    Imma pamu Ironbeard.

    Just a heads-up

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    "Every living creature on Earth dies alone."


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    Nah, bro. Jolly Rogers are no more.

    And why is everyone picking on the new pirate crew?

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    According to your history, the ironbeards have existed since decades

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