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    Quote Originally Posted by Urahara_kiske View Post
    *Enters the old pure destruction captain and commander himself *. Eh what's this ?
    I made a campaign about you and PD

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    If this got back up and going I'd be happy to join it again.

    Fairy Tail:Amaya Naruto:Chihana/Méiguī One Piece:Kazumi

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    That's at least 4 of us. Not Org numbers, but probably enough for an old linear RP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Urahara_kiske View Post
    lol I hope I can I would like to change some things . I'll talk to p20, is he still around ?
    You don't need permission from anyone to start something in this section. It's up for grabs. Generate enough interest and do your thing.

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    Wow this place is dead .-.
    Quote Originally Posted by Badshah View Post
    i cry a lot too, bro.

    I've cried when: merry died, WB died, baam said to the bunny eared girl "that's good, i'm glad nothing bad has happened to you", watching a garp amv that silver posted, watching another OP amv that silver posted, hiluluk died, saul died, tom-san died, sabo "died", dadan was beating up garp,.

    so all in all, screw you oda

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