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    Introduction: Dance of Death!

    [Ironbeard Pirates]

    The voice of the figure above swept through the ship. The song of battle made by the crew-members of the Ironbeard Pirates seemed to go perfectly with the singing voice, bringing a theme to the battle. The drones inundated the ship, climbing on and rushing the ones aboard. Some threw them off the ship, others punches them with flamey fury, others shot at them, others slashed at them, others trapped them. They all had similar effect. Upon being hit hard enough, the green figures would explode into seaweed. They were literally souls trapped in seaweed. Dozens and dozens of bodies fell unconscious while keeping their form as their shadows were taken. Dozens of others fell into the mirror dungeons.

    Yet they did not stop. The Ironbeards found their ship inundated with them. The numbers peaked up to the hundreds. The ship rocked back and forth, as the figures pulled on the ship from the ocean. They moaned, the chorus of the battle song. Suddenly, a shadow landed at the helm of the ship, and continued with the next verse.

    "Yo ho ho
    Traveling in a world of my creation,
    Simply seek a dance of much elatiooooonnnn!"

    With that last word, the ocean itself shifted. The water around the Iron Maiden parted, like Moses parting the Red Sea. This would cause the Iron Maiden to fall to the ocean floor, now devoid of water, only fifteen meters down. The water had risen over the gap, now coming down on the ship from above. The waters would be green, showing that the seaweed souls were surfing the wave, to literally inundate the ship - hundreds of them. The ships of old trapped in the River Styx had damage in accordance with such a natural disaster. The moonlight was barely visible at the edge of the curving waves, the opening to the untouched River Styx slowly closing as the waters closed in.

    "Yo ho ho
    In River Styx, you'll be free
    If you sway with meeeeeee!"

    At the helm, a figure in a grey cloak still sang, it's likeness clearly male. The figure's head was roaring with a blue flame. It has no 'voice' under mantra or even a shadow. Some souls rushed the figure with even more hostility than the Ironbeards, but they ignited in blue flames upon getting close. The figure offered its hand forward to the Ironbeards, hips swaying back and forth. The hand was grey and rotten, maggots slithering in and out. The waters closed in on the ship.
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