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    They place where the blind can see and the deaf can see too
    Lockjaw - Iron Maiden

    It seemed in his time away, Lockjaw had missed a few details regarding the old Jolly Rogers crew, and the new Ironbeard Crew. As a traveling dentist, Lockjaw was rarely around, however, whenever his crew needed him, he happened to be there. In this case, the large shark fishman had just made his way back into the ship in time to hear ol' Pete calling out to the crew to ready the ship for battle. He climbed on board, aiding with the readiness of the cannons.

    "Aye!!! I've readied the cannons!!" The shark shouted. He shook his head afterward. Pete sure knew how to keep them busy. The shark wasn't a violent type, but he was a dutiful type. He did what he was told, no ifs ands or buts. After readying the cannons, the shark prepared himself to go back into the water. He'd be more of a help within his natural habitat. Diving into the deep, the shark waited underwater for the battle to begin.

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    The Iron Maiden

    Alexander would chuckle a bit when Ironbeard mentioned the disagreement. One would assume he'd be mad that someone would fight his younger sister, but no anger could be found. He would reply to Ironbeard first.

    That is quite like her. Always quick to anger. She didn't break anything did she?

    Tenguman was the next person to address. Alexander knew the name Thanatos, but he knew this was not his doing. No, this went back to the man who runs this new incarnation of Ragnarok. A man obsessed with the flashy and the radical. Alexander would explain to both Ironbeard and Tenguman with what he knew.

    These men were not hired by Thanatos. The man after Anne's head, and subsequently your heads, is a man by the name of Maximus Radical. He is a king and he took over Ragnarok after Boss Lady and Anne had their disagreement. They are plotting something and they know my sister could throw a wrench into things.

    Finally, Ironbeard would tell Alexander to either fight or don't get in the way. Seemed like a reasonable proposition. The man would lose his longcoat and make his way to the front of the ship. He drew out his pocket watch once again. Pete and crew would likely find things to be odd. Alexander said the mercenaries should be no more than ten minutes out, yet not a single ship could be seen for miles. Alexander continued to look at his watch as he walked. He raised his hand in the air, five fingers extended. One by one his fingers dropped. Four, Three, Two, One.

    As soon as his hand became a fist, the surface of the water split. Three ships emerged from underneath. One was in front of the Iron Maiden. One was on the starboard side, and the other was on the port side. In the crowsnest of the ship on the port side could be seen a Cyborg Sniper with a gun for a hand. On the deck of the same ship was a borg of Fire and a borg of lightning. On the starboard side there were two men on the deck of that ship A large man with a hook and gun and a smaller man with a grenade launcher and other explosives. On the ship at the front was a man dressed in black, dual wielding shotguns, A cowboy with a cyborg arm, and an archer.

    The sniper had his sights aimed at Ironbeard. From his rifle would come a laser, aimed to peg the captain between the eyes. The Flame Cyborg was already beginning to throw fireballs wildly at the deck of the Iron Maiden. The lightning bot would move quickly and appear on the deck of the maiden. On the other side, the large man began turning the crank on his gun and a volley of machinegun fire would pepper the maiden. He would sweep his spray of bullets back and forth, while his smaller comrade began to lob grenades. The Shotgun man and the cowboy would also board the Iron Maiden while the archer had an arrow drawn, ready to provide cover. Things had certainly begun.

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    Iron Maiden

    Before they knew it, the Iron Maiden was beset by enemies that sprung from the ocean's surface like submarines. Rasputin, quickly sobered up by the event, was now looking around to quickly see what was happening. All kinds of strange enemies were upon them. Cyborgs, archers and men a wee bit too fond of explosions. Rasputin decided it was time to take action. He was certain his crewmates could fend for themselves, and if not, they weren't fit as crewmates to begin with. Swiftly, the cossack began to move. He was on the top deck of the iron maiden, which was now being boarded by a cyborg. He yelled at the first mate, not quite sure why he should've been the one to deal with them. Nay, he was better suited to take care of these ships. He ran towards the bow of the ship, moving past cannons, his captain and his allies. He ran across the bowsprit and took what he may have called a leap of faith. It was at that moment that it dawned on him;

    "In retrospect, I should've drank a little less before attempting this..."

    If he succeeded in getting aboard the enemy ship, he'd get to work. He'd race across the ship, touching dozens of places on the top deck, as well as masts, rigging, the wheel whilst covering himself in haki to defend against surprise attacks. Once he'd done so, he'd move to the stern of the ship.

    "Lads, I should tell ye, Cap'n Ironbeard don't rightly appreciate what you're doin'. Punk Rock Fest."

    Rasputin snapped his fingers, causing every place he'd touched on the ship to swell up to large proportions and, if nothing had stopped him, rupture to bits. He was the bane of all things inorganic.

    "Ohoho, if Yen could see this.... I'd probably get berated. Good thing she's not here."

    Amanita - Yennefer - Kilgrave - Nanachi

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    They place where the blind can see and the deaf can see too
    Lockjaw - Iron Maiden - Port Side

    "Ah... Looks like things'll bet getting interesting, they will." Lockjaw muttered to himself, after diving deep into the water. Within its dark embrace, the shark could see a rising ship, lifting itself to the surface. The shark didn't have enough time to warn the others, but he did have enough time to vault into action. The massive shark extended his hands forward, gripping the water itself into an orb. With great speed, he'd swim toward the surface, just after the ship had appeared. With a rising current fueling him, the shark observed a volley of fire coming toward the Iron Maiden.

    Emerging from the water, the shark separated his hands, forming spheres of water surrounding both hands. He began to swing his arms forward, as if to throw the water toward the volley of fireballs. The water would transform upon leaving his hands, becoming a swarm of shark-shaped water blasts, hoping to extinguish the flames before they could reach the maiden. "A man protects his lady, and the Maiden is the fairest, she is."

    Whether successful or not, the shark's hands reached back into the water, manipulating a current that would lift him above the surface, sent splashing upon the ship on the port side where the flames came from. The water current was powerful enough to crack into the deck of the ship, leaving a mass of water and the hungry shark. He peered forward, only to see what appeared to be a man on fire. This was the Borg of flames, most likely the cause of the volley before. "Must've been yer sorry hide who tried to set ablaze milady Maiden. Yer in for a thrashing, ye are." Lockjaw threatened, baring his teeth, all 200+ of them. This was a traditional sign for Lockjaw, similar to flashing a concealed weapon.

    With his hands still wet, the shark forced the denticles on his hands to grow into sharp piercing fangs. With a rapid swing of his arms, Lockjaw flicked water toward the Borg. The water turned into deadly arrows that aimed to pierce into the Borg. However, this attack was two pronged, as being the water arrows were sharp teeth that also flew forward with great strength. Lockjaw aimed to overwhelm the Borg with a multitude of piercing attacks from a distance.

    "Yabusame and me Biting Bullets should make ye a holey ghost, they should."

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    Iron Maiden Ship Battle

    Alexander opted to stay, and he pulled out his watch and closely inspected the time. Time flew past, and the ship was eerily quiet. Then the man of light counted down with his fingers, pulling one back each second. When it hit zero, all hell broke loose.

    Three ships rose from the depths of the sea, surrounding the Iron Maiden on port, starboard and bow. Enemies littered the ships, and they started their assault. Some left their ships and started boarding the Iron Maiden, other hung back and lobbed ranged attacks. His crew started the counterattack, with Rasputin boarding the bow-side ship and Lockjaw boarding the port side ship. Pete was targeted by a sniper on the crow's nest of the ship to the Maiden's port. A single laser beam was shot, aimed between his eyes. Pete saw the sniper with his enhanced cybernetic eye, hidden behind his eye patch. He tilted his head to the left, and the beam shot past his right cheek. The patch was snipped off while leaving a new scar for Pete, revealing his cybernetic eye.

    Pete promptly retaliated by aiming his double barrel cannons at the mast that held the cyborg sniper and firing two cannon shots. The force of the blast was aimed to destroy the mast and bring it crashing down, and the sniper borg with it.

    "Unleash the cannons! OPEN FIRE YA SCURVY BASTARDS!"

    Pete directed the nameless deck hands to fire the cannons on port and starboard, and thunder sounded as the cannons roared. Iron and fire exploded in a debauchery of violence as the ships to the port and starboard of the Iron Maiden found themselves at the receiving end of her broadside assaults. The fire from the fire borg was dealt with by Lockjaw - the machine gun fire and the grenades were a different matter, one of which Pete made it a point to remedy. His right arm transformed into a light cannon, and energy gathered at the barrel. Soon enough, he let fly a pop shot at the ship on the Maiden's starboard side to the deck. The blast of light energy exploded on contact, and Pete used this to interrupt the machine gun and grenade assault.

    "Have at it, ye dogs! Ole Pete's gonna teach ye some manners!"

    Below Deck - Ship to Iron Maiden's Starboard

    The sounds of battle erupted, and even though the sounds were dampened through the walls one could tell it was extremely violent. One such character was locked in the brig, bound at the wrists and chained to the floor. Ruby Red had been captured by the new members of Ragnarok. She still yet had ties to the old organization, regardless of how brief her stay was.

    Ship cannons fired, and holes were blown in the side of the ship. Wood and metal burst inward on the ship, and Ruby curled into a ball to protect herself from the splash damage. Roughed up but still fine, she yelled.

    "Oi! Stop shooting at me!"

    Angry though she was, she had noticed that her ankle chain had been broken in the explosion. If only the same thing had worked on her wrist restraints. Her hands were bound behind her back, and using her agility, she pulled her hands beneath her feet and brought them forward. The brig was open, and in the midst of a fight she would be able to sneak away. She didn't know who the enemy was, but hopefully they were people she could bum a ride off of. But first things first - she needed her weapons. They had been confiscated, and surely some jackass was abusing or misusing them. Ruby would find them - and she would murder whoever had the audacity to use her swords.

    Ruby made her way out of the brig and started up towards the deck, searching for her swords and possibly anyone abusing them.
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    Below Deck - Ship to Iron Maiden's port side.

    It was a bit of a chaos on the ship. Men moving left and right, explosions erupted and dust fell from the ceiling. But inside one of the jails of the ship was another woman, captured on their way to the Iron maiden. She was young and had an exotic feeling to her, ashen blond hair, deep green eyes and rushed mascara around her eyes. The young woman was chained at her ankles and wrists, but she didn't look frightened nor concerned about the things happening around her.

    "I think it's about time I left this place." She said with a smile as her body disintegrated into tiny lights. Those lights quickly reformed into a full orb the size of a hand. And with that, she moved up going through everything like the spirit she was.

    In not time she arrived at the top of the deck of her ship, everyone was fighting and it was a full out war. 3 ships against one, it was a bit too much isn't it? Ciri thought to herself. However now that she was in her spirit form no one bat an eye to her, they were all so focused on humans that most of them would not notice the orb of light floating around. Perhaps the man of light would notice it due to his unfathomable knowledge of the arcane. With that, however, Ciri noticed something from the ship on the other side of the iron maiden. One of the grunts was holding her sword. Upon seeing it she quickly rushed forward with great speeds. Passing in front of Pete and the others they'd be left to wonder why a ball of light was moving so quickly to the other side.

    It was here that she twirled around Rasputin halting him in his movements like an annoying fly. She also spoke while she was doing this, trying to get the man's attention.

    "Hey! Watch where you put those hands. One of them has my sword!" The orb of light said to Rasputin.

    If the man paid attention in front of him he'd find a grunt with a rather small and delicate looking sword. And obviously looked out of place for such a man. The grunt moved towards Rasputin and Ciri shouted.

    "Quickly! Take him out. But don't destroy my sword please. I'll help you fight them if you help me!" Ciri said with genuine words and Rasputin could tell from the slightly deformed sounds that the orb was a female. Would he accept her request or not?
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    Iron Maiden Ship Battle

    The wizard declined Tegnumans guess just when Ironbeard and Tenguman wanted to discuss who this Thanatos was. He counted down and exactly predicted the time when enemy ships emerged from beneath the iron maiden. Being a seasoned fighter, Tenguman didn't rush into counter attacks. Rasputin boarded the port side ship, Lockjaw the other. Both aparently began to deal with the enemys on the enemys ship. Pete was busy fending of ranged attacks and counter attacking from the deck of the Ironmaiden. Unchallenged were the enemys who had boarded the Ironmaiden in return. A lightning cyborg, a cowboy and some masked reaper looking man. Tenguman held his spear firmly. He had to face all three of them alone. He swirled his spear around two or three times and then got into a kung fu like stance, having his free hands palm pointing towards his oponents, while reserving his spear behind his back and having slightly bend knees. Just like Neo signed Morpheus to attack him, Tenguman signaled the "come" sign.

    Smokey who had been inside his lab of course noticed the trouble outside. From a small round window in his door he peeked outside. Enemy attack. He saw how Tenguman had to take on three oponents at once. Smokey decided to stay hidden until finding a fitting moment.

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    Ironbeard Pirates Vs The Junkyard Pirates, The Black Gate Pirates, and Maverick

    The confrontation was well underway. One the port side of the ship was the smallest of the ships. Much of it was made of metal. The ship itself seemed to have some nice tech on it. Steel and chrome shined up to a mirror polish. The body of the ship looked similar to that of a submarine, but the deck of the ship more closely resembled that of a standard ship, with mast, sails, and everything. An odd sight. This was the ship of the mercenary group known as Maverick.

    On the starboard side was a different story. A large vessel. It resembled a large ocean tanker. Parts of it were covered in rust. Junk could be seen atop the deck of the ship. The crew members running around looked like bandits. The weaponry looked as though it was scrapped together from salvage parts. This was the Third division ship of the Junkyard Pirates. They were a crew that was rising in infamy. Underhanded tactics are their forte. They are a new member to the Lost Haven Pirate Alliance, a large treaty among many up and coming pirate crews.

    Finally the ship at the bow. It was a medium sized vessel. It looked like a more standard pirate ship, though the craftsmanship was top notch and the ship had a certain look of regal elegance. Perhaps a noble ship that was commandeered by pirates. This was the home of the Second Division of the Black Gate Pirates. This crew acted more like assassins than pirates. They worked quickly and aimed to kill. They are also a member of the Lost Haven Pirate Alliance. Perhaps Ragnarok had struck a deal with the alliance. Regardless, the three ship had The Iron Maiden surrounded and the battle had just begun.

    Maverick Ship

    Lockjaw was one of the first to jump into action. He came from the water and quickly extinguished the fire borg's fireballs. The cyborg looked displeased with this, but before he could do anything, Lockjaw had appeared upon the ship. He had made threats to the bot, and even attacked the flame borg. Just about the time that Lockjaw attacked, a large wave would sweep over the deck of the ship from the side facing away from the maiden. Above the apex of the wave could be seen a fishwoman. The wave would sweep away Lockjaw's attack, and douse the firebot, putting out his flames. Following right after the wave, two spears of water would fly at Lockjaw before the woman would land on the deck, cracking it much like Lockjaw had.

    Hue hue hue, are you ready to face a true hero?!

    Spoiler: Theme Music

    The "True Hero" would stand on the deck of the ship, clad in armor and holding spears made of water. She would point one at Lockjaw and grin at him. She was ready for a fight. Meanwhile the fire borg would mutter to himself about 'dirty junkyard dog' indicating that this fishwoman was not with Maverick. Meanwhile the mast of the maverick ship had been hit by Pete. The sniper jumped from the mast as it fell. While falling towards the deck of his ship, his hand would flip down and a rocket would fire from the hole, headed right for Pete.

    The hell are you doing?! Return fire!

    Words shouted from a new man he had entered the scene. He was a cyborg in black armor with a sword made of plasma. He wasn't messing around. The maverick ship rocked as the maiden fired its broadsides into the ship. Soon the Maverick ship would return fire. This new man was not interested in Lockjaw at the moment. He was busy taking command of the ship. Meanwhile, Ciri had escaped from the ship, much to the confusion of those working below deck.

    Black Gate Ship

    Elsewhere, Rasputin had decided to board the enemy ship at the bow. He ran forward like a beautiful creature. He made an impressive leap of faith. Sadly, Rasputin would find that his luck would not carry him. The archer unleashed his arrow. Normally this was not a problem, but the projectile exploded into seaweed that would aim to wrap around Rasputin and halt his advance between the two ships. A watery grave seemed likely if he could find a way out of this. Luckily, Rasputin would not be left for dead (Assuming he doesn't save himself.)

    Alexander had taken action. His body became light itself. In an instant, Alexander would swoop by and catch Rasputin before the man could fall into the ocean. Alexander would carry Rasputin up to the deck of the Blackgate ship. This is where they would both meet Ciri. Alexander looked with fascination at the floating light.

    Now aren't you quite the curiosity. You say you need your swords? Very well.

    Alexander would act quickly. From his finger would come a laser, aimed at the man with Ciri's sword. Whether or not Rasputin needed his help, the light man would still end up on the Black Gate ship and talking to Ciri. Twas too interesting to pass up. Rasputin would now be on the deck of the black gate ship, though potentially tangled up in seaweed. He was free to act, though the archer was not waiting. As the group ended up on the deck, he had been firing arrows. Each arrow was tipped with pop greens. Seed Spitters that would shoot seeds like bullets and Pincushions that would fire needles rapidly would begin to appear on the ship. They let fly a volley at the trio. Meanwhile, the sound of metal could be heard with rhythmic clunks under the deck. Something was coming.

    Junkyard Ship

    On the starboard side was the Junkyard Pirates. The fatman and skinny boy were peppering the maiden with their own attacks, until Ironbeard fired his laser. Both men on the ship would dive out of the way in opposite direction. Their attack was delayed for now. Their ship rocked and creaked as the cannon fire clashed with their hull. Soon they would return fire, though their cannons did not fire cannon balls. Rather it fired and assortment of scrap metal. This crew truly was something else.

    Below deck was another story. A prisoner had escaped. She was making her way through the ship. Narrow hallway after narrow hallway she moved. She wanted to find her weapons. Luck was in her favor, she would find a random mook toying with her weapons. A small pause would overtake them. He looked at Ruby, then back at the weapons, and then back at Ruby. He'd then shout loudly.

    Oi! Boss! Prisoner escape!

    He'd take up a weak stance, showing his lack of skill. He was ready to fight Ruby with her own weapons. The poor sap didn't know what was coming.

    The Iron Maiden

    Finally, there were the events on the deck of the maiden herself. Three scoundrels had boarded the maiden. Two from Blackgate, and one from Maverick. The lightning cyborg wouldn't act. She just hovered above the deck of the maiden, twisted grin upon her face. She was up to something. Meanwhile, Tengu had challenged the other two men to a fight.

    It's your funeral pardner.

    The cowboy said. He'd puff on the fat cigar in his mouth. He was calm. Without warning, he let fly a flashbang grenade. It would blind those who looked at it. The man in black took this as a chance to act. Drawing both of his shotguns, he let loose a spray of buckshot at Tengu. The cowboy wouldn't just stand around either, he had drawn his revolver and fired a three round burst at Tengu, following the spearman's movements as he fired.

    So begins the war.

    Spoiler: OOC
    Let me know of any problems or clarification needed. It was a big post and there are likely some mistakes.

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    Tenguman was upon the deck of the Ironmaiden. The cyborg somehow howered above the deck without action. How it or rather she could fly was unknown to Tenguman. Tenguman had to deal with the gun wielding faction first anyway. The cowboy released a flash grenade, blinding anyone who looked at its direction. Tenguman remained unaffected by it, he had shades build into his helmet. The shotgun-reaper and cowboy then released gun shots towards Tenguman. Defending himself, he swirled around his spear in front of him rapidly. This created something akin to a shield that deflected the bullets towards his front area. Haki would also infused Tengumans hands and weapon.
    From his past occupation as mercenary, he could identify several crews that operated on a larger scale.

    "You are Black Gate Pirates, huh? Amateurs ..."

    If at some point the shootings stopped and someone hat to reload his flintlock or revolver, Tenguman would take action and rapidly sprint towards the two of them. With quick movement he aimed to get to the Reaper, positioning himself in such way that the Reaper would stand inbetween Tenguman and the cowboy. Tenguman would also try to impale the Reaper using his spear with a single hand. A quick thrust and haki would turn the attack into Tengumans Raging Tiger Thrust technique. An attack that could even penetrate thick steel defenses.

    If the combined attacks did not stop and ended up to be a barrage styled attack, Tenguman would use a varation of his plan. In this scenario he would use his Ashigara Dokkoi Haki technique. This would deflect all bullets in front of him back towards his oponents. Then Tenguman would use his Vast Cheetah Step to almost instantly get behind the Reaper, also trying to impale his chest with a haki improved Raging Tiger Thrust.
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    Iron Maiden - Deck

    The sniper borg aboard the Maverick ship fell down with the mast, and retaliated with a rocket to Pete's face. Pete was busy having to focus on two different things at the same time, so his defense suffered to a point. After firing his Death Blaster onto the Junkyard ship, he noticed the rocket out of the corner of his eye and raised his left arm to block. The rocket hit his arm and exploded, leaving a burst of fire and smoke and bits of metal debris flying past Pete's face. His armor was charred and roughed up, but still easily operational.

    After the explosion cleared, Pete auto-loaded his cannons and fired off two shots at the Sniper borg aboard the Maverick ship. The shots impacted and exploded on contact, causing destruction and breaking many things. Pete liked this. Meanwhile, he spotted the lightning borg hovering above his head on his ship. Thinking quickly, he procured his Heavy Anchor and held it in his right hand. The chain was connected to his right forearm, and he lashed out at her. Pete threw it and pulled the chain in a manner so that the borg would be caught on her side by the anchor. If successful, Pete would pull the chain and yank the borg out of the sky and smash her into the ground.

    "Take that ye lightshow freak!"

    Ruby Red

    Previous post
    - Ruby's hands are cuffed while she wanders the ship
    - Sees the boy
    - Used Mutoryu: Toro Nagashi (No sword style: Sword Wolf Floating) to do the following:
    - Get into close range
    - Place her cuffs on the blade
    - Cut cuffs off
    - Place her hands on the boys hands holding the sword
    - Control the sword and place it to his throat
    - Ruby orders the boy to let her swords go and run

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