Basic thread. Answer the above post - and reply with your own match up.

Here's mine;

Kurogane Gama - Gamaran


Himura Kenshin - Rurouni Kenshin

Game is extraordinary fast and has learnt a unique style, Ogame-Ryu - which is basically one of the most dangerous styles of swordsmanship created. He's young, loves a challenge, and shrugs off injuries. He's quite powerful unarmed as well. He is 14-15, so he is younger and faster, but would lack experience.

Kenshin is also lightning fast, not the fastest in his series though (by his own admission - and fact, since Seta got behind him using Shukuchi and cut his back open). However he feels out his enemies in battle, finding their feelings, and can undermine their confidence through words. Kenshin is 28 - 33 in the manga, so whilst more experienced, he has more battle scars, old wounds, and his body isn't what it used to be at his peak. Kenshin is also woeful in hand to hand combat and without his sword, he quickly becomes defenceless. (as is shown multiple times in the series)

This would be a helluva fight I'd pay money for.