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    Stella & Claud

    Giving his lecture he did not notice until the end that her attention hadn't fully been on him. She seemed quite entranced by the violence that occured below. The ritual appearing as art to her eyes, evident by the attention she held on it. Claud looked to Stella, he himself found such brutality somewhat frightening yet she enjoyed it and yearned for more blood shed.

    Erm...They may continue. This is however my first participation so-
    Suddenly a large sound of shattering concrete filled the room. Sending a cloud of smoke shifting out from the corridor behind the ritual master and thus the complete opposite side of the room. A massive cloud of dust came in such volume it created a hazardous smoke screen which caused many participants in the area to flee before it enveloped them completely

    Dance of The Devils

    With the sudden attack, Sage had closed the distance between her and Yukari Surprisingly quickly, As she reappeared Infront of him, Yukari turned the hilt of his blade upward and moved his arm across his chest, blocking the attack. Yet from the sheer force of collision, the shock force behind the attack transferred to the wall on the opposite side, Shattering it and causing it to crumbled. A smirk came to Yukari as he not only saw the force she was capable of producing and as well feel it as he held her sword back. In his mind he could see the similarities behind Mari and Sage's combat but from the display of speed and power, she exceeded Mari. A miscalculation on his part but an exciting one. As Mari aimed a punch, Yukari's free hand moved to the front of his stomach. As her first came into contact with the palm of his hand. A white energy forced somewhat of a oval wall between their hands. The shocking force causing a moderate breeze to clear the corridor of the smoke. With a slight forward motion of his hand, Yukari aimed to take hold of Sage's confusion of his defenses and take hold of her wrist. If successful he would demonstrate his own strength and harshly swing her to the side to crash into the wall to stun her. A small corridor was not a fitting place. His mood was lightening and he was interested in seeing the full feats of the girl against him. Taking one large leap back he flew out of the corridor and into the open ceremony room. Landing near the center. Yukari had entered the central light of the room


    The runes covering the walls still glowed so. Kenshin and company defending themselves with ease. Suddenly numerous screams could be heard from across the room. And on quick sight, blood splattering through the air, descending down back onto whomever it's owner was. As the runes glowed, they began shifting in position over the walls. Some however shifted color and out of them a shadowy assassin spawned from the markings. Kenshin would be able to notice they seemed more minor just generally similar in appearance to the assassin he had encountered in the Empire Capital. Their numbers slowly grew, clinging to the walls and crawling along them like insects. Leaping onto the prey below. As they continued to strike their numbers would slowly grow
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    ~Stella and Claude~

    Stellas eyes had remained fixated on the scene playing out below them, but when the wall behind the ritual suddenly exploded in ward she stood quickly and covered her face. When she moved her arm she could see the dust rolling towards them from where the wall had caved in.

    "Damn it ...what a fine time to not have my sword"

    She growled this lowly and then spun on her heel grabbing Claud by his arm and dragging him from where he sat, she pulled him towards the door they had used to enter and pushed him towards it before turning back towards the ritual area.

    "I want to see whats going on down should leave in case something goes wrong. If i survive..and if you do ill meet you back at home."

    With that she looked over her shoulder a spark of insanity and blood lust was ever present in her face and eyes, she then turned back and ran forward her dress hindered her movements and she had to stop tearing the bottom away from her feet and splitting it along the side so she could run more freely. She pushed passed others who were fleeing until she reached the edge and looked down at where the explosion had occurred, it was still hard to see what exactly was going on but through the dust she could see the shape of a someone as they landed on their feet in the center of the room

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