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    Miya's head tilted when the woman told them she had a question of her own. When she asked her head tilted a bit. This woman managed to kill the beast? It looked like the woman was very strong with not a single scratch on her so she must have been strong. A suprise of good news Miya was happy to hear
    Well you see me and my friend here were on that carriage and we got separated. We actually just met up coincidentally here
    Miya smiled at the woman while giving her response. Miya placed a hand on her her hip while looking the woman in her eyes. The woman was looking for the girls who went against the beast and here she found them. Miya wanted to use her turn for a question to ask her to accompany her and Jasmine but her curiosity on what the woman said overpowered her. Just so curious about something she said
    My turn right. Hm, So what do you need good fighters for if I may ask?
    Miya shifted her weight to her other hip and switched hands for that hip.
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    @Tsukina, Satsuki
    To Sayuri's surprise, it seems like this girl did have some knowledge to give her about the carriage incident. But before she could get any more out of her, she would need to answer the question she had promised her. Which was an easy enough answer, depending on the girl. Well, there was no sense in delaying her response, so Sayuri spoke up once more.

    "The details are a little sensitive, so I can divulge too much information. An abridged version would be that I am looking to unite some people in an effort to stop the wrong people from obtaining what they want. It is a bit monumental for myself and my friend, who is off on an assignment of her own right now, and I was looking for help. Speaking of Kana... I hope she's okay... she never did take things easy."

    Getting a bit sidetracked at the end, Sayuri gives her response. Vague as it was, it would have to do until the girl agreed to join her cause. Sayuri had just realized something. It was hard to notice right away, since it was raining and you'd expect someone to be wet, but she could prevent the rain drops from getting on this girl. She holds out her hand, and extends the similar wind shield/umbrella above her head. A little late, but Sayuri was busy thinking of other things.

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    The woman had told Miya what she wanted to know to an extent but she understood since it was sensible not to tell a stranger everything. Miya nodded before speaking again
    Hmm, we're actually missing one of our friends, she's quite the fighter. The best of us. We're on our way to the capital. Since me and my friend here weren't that far from each other, we're hoping she wasn't either. So she may have already returned there looking for us.
    Miya took a step closer to the woman and smiled.
    I have an idea, since the road is dangerous and you're obviously strong for killing that monster and leaving without a scratch, if you will join us to the capital, I can try to talk to my friend about aiding you. If she agrees then of course the deal comes with me and my friend here too. In exchange...Hm.
    Miya head went down then up, looking the woman over. When her head was moving back to the womans eyes, Miya's eyes locked onto her chest for a second, then went to her eyes while a larger smile grew on her face
    I'll think of something worthy of three fighters, Deal? Hee-hee
    She giggled while she extended her hand outward to shake on it for certainty
    Miya Sanshio, nice to meet you!
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    Jasmine stayed quiet since it was in her nature and to her it looked like miya was handling the situation well. jasmine nervously stood near the two felling more safe next to miya than anything. The two talked and jasmine continued to peep at miya seeing her eye the woman up and looking at her chest a few times. Thinking of a few minutes ago when miya fondled her chest, her face grew red which would look odd if anyone noticed since she was standing there quietly. in her head she pondered did miya like girls? Wait! DOES Miya like girls?! Her eyes became fixated on miya while she talked to the traveling woman and jasmine started thinking back about how she said it's just been her and Saeko traveling for so long together, she must have touched Saeko alot! Thinking about when miya was touching her, it actually didn't feel bad at all, if anything she kinda liked it which made it even more confusing for her. Growing up she didn't have many friends, boy or girls. but never did jasmine attempt any relationships. Of course men young and old would enter the shop but they were all just repulsive and vulgar with their advances which made her not really pursue men and from a past experience she knew it was possible for a woman to like another woman but she saw no problem with that, from that experience she learned women can also be just as vulgar in their advances as men. Just now thinking about her love life and what she wanted in life. She had been held to the city for years in mostly isolation but she immediately tossed the though out the window. right now she was fine either way. She heard Miya offer their help to the woman and jasmine didn't mind, as long as she got to stay with MIya and Saeko. She realized now there were a few things about herself she hasn't figured out just yet but she was sure traveling with her two new friends would be fun and help her learn more about herself. When Miya reached out to shake the woman's hand, jasmine extended hers too I'm Jasmine, it is a pleasure to meet youIf the woman shook her hand, Jasmine would perform a slight bow to show respect to the woman.

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    Sayuri listened to her offer to accompany them, in which they would join up with her upon reaching the capital. It wasn't a bad offer, quite favorable actually. Sayuri only had one concern, and she brought it to the girl's attention.

    "As long as we can make the trip with haste. In a few days I am due to meet up with the friend I was mentioning earlier."

    With her one concern voiced, she would agree to join them. The girl she had been speaking to, introduced herself, as well as the girl who was watching from a ways back. Sayuri would do the same, never one to ignore manners.

    "Nice to meet you both. My name is Sayuri Kizuku, but feel free to call me Sayu."

    The three of them would soon be traveling to the capital together, and as Sayuri thought things over, she thought it best if the two girls knew a general idea of the powers Sayuri's Teigu possessed. She walked ahead a few steps, and turned back to face the two of them.

    "I suppose you should get a grasp of my powers, since we will be traveling together. Hmm... what's a good way to demonstrate this..."

    Sayuri began thinking of a way to demonstrate her powers. Sure, there was the simple approach. Blast some wind at a tree or something, but she was looking for something with a little more flair. She wanted something to impress them, and make them more likely to join her. Unbeknownst to her, that the other girl had already determined joining her to be a good idea. After a few moments, she decided on a display using her sword skills and her Teigu ability. Turning to face the tree, her hand grips the hilt of her blade. With a quick dash, she jumps up and slices the leaves off of the tree in a quick fashion. After slicing all of the leaves off, she utilizes her control of the wind to arrange the leaves midair. Having them spell out: "It's a pleasure to work with you both." Before they fell to the ground.

    "Yes, that'll do nicely. Now, let's be on our way shall we? Or would you rather we wait for this storm to pass?"

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    Miya nodded to Sayuri's terms and with that it looked like they were in agreement! but Sauri thought it would be fitting for the girls to atleast get a demonstration of her skills. Miya grew excited. Carrying a sword Miya suspected Sayuri was quite the skill with her sword especially if she slayed the beast. She waited happily and patiently. What she saw she wasn't prepared for. Sayuri's dmeonstrationn leaving the poor girl eyes wide and mouth open. Suddenly things made more sense. By the time she came back to her senses she managed to talk
    You have a Teigu! Awesome, there are so few I see these days!
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    Central Region - Capital Outskirts - Village Set Aflame

    Clouds of black enter the sky to the west of the capital outskirts. Afar, series of dark clouds and rumble approach, a storm was coming to pass over while she trampled over the fallen village resistance. A single woman exits the collapsed village of fire having no appearance of harm. Her clothes did not take damage, her hair always neat, her gaze strong. Mari walked the path back to the camp site to which a group of soldiers are located. Just the sight of her made some of the soldiers uneasy. Not exactly liked, Mari didn't fit in with the rest of the soldiers. She is quiet most of the time, and didn't seem to relish in what they did. She didn't show much enthusiasm when it came to fighting the resistance, or killing off traitors to the Empire. She just seemed, empty. Returning to camp, one of the soldiers was ready to address her.

    G-General?! He'd say with a fist suddenly pressed to his chest, showing proper respect to his general. Mari continued pass the soldier and the group while the man steadily followed to her side. We were informed of the village harboring rebels, and they might have had information. Mari continued until she reached a point in the camp to halt. She finally acknowledged his presence, looking to him and waiting for him to get to some kind of point. Er, d-did you happen to interrogate any of the rebels there? Blankly, she replied. No. Some of the soldiers appeared to watch on with a ominous feeling in the air. The man had become flustered for a moment. He was told by another general of this information, and Mari had known this, yet did nothing to help get intel on the rebels. W-We needed that information. General Lucan~ A swift jerk of her right hand had grabbed a hold of a dagger from her side, and swung at the soldier's neck, prompting him to cough up blood as he held onto his wounded neck and fell over. Other soldiers looked on with surprise, and a bit of disgust as she returns her blade and looks on to the distance, seeing the storm approaching.

    Pack everything up. We're going home. Mari steps to the side and walks past the dead body as the soldiers begin their packing. This mission was overall, successful. Yet no information was taken to assistance the Empire against the Rebel forces. It didn't matter to her. What did she care for helping the ruler? She had no personal hatred against the Rebels, yet at least. Among the men in this authority, only one she hated more than the ruler, was General Lucan. A disgusting man who shows no backbone, and no idea of what it means to be a man. He uses his spies to do his dirty work, and that, is no courageous act. Mari enjoys combat, so much so that she gave up the idea of joining the rebels for very strange reasons. Though a part of the Empire's forces, General Mari didn't care much for rank. G-General?! I'm going ahead. Don't die on the way back. Mari exits the camp and leaves alone, heading back to the capital before the storm approaching reaches.
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    Shin (NPC)

    A young soul passed through the streets and crowd of the one and only capital of The Empire's realm, home to the king himself along with plenty of his forces. The young male, Shin, seemed to walk aimlessly through the crowds, street by street, seeming to have a destination in mind yet not knowing the correct path. Shin was a gentle soul since childhood, being taught honor among people and fighting for good. He was innocent, already falling for several scams soon after he arrived, never any of the wiser. One could say his gentle heart housed many hopes and wishes for good people. His most distinguished accessory however was the blade at his side. A distinguishable sheathe with fine engravings to truly present it's worth.A former student of a legendary swordsman. Although now only 19 years old, he was a natural in his own right, aiming to be the best student their master had trained. Unfortunately for him, he outshine many students despite his youth but there were two not only seniors of age but Seniors as students who stood at the top. Two he idolized as ideal pupils, an example of what could be and that hard work could produce those results. His world changed once one of these students managed to murder their master and put flame to their dojo before departing. From that day, Shin has wondered and sharpening his skill and to hunt down his former senior. The need to be even more skilled than the man who slayed their master was an goal for him.

    He came to the Empire in search for the other star pupil of their master. Having found out information on their former "Sibling". Over the years, Shin has came across this man once and was terribly outmatched even after all his training. After several more years he finally had a lead, but he knew he couldn't do it on his own.

    Finally he had made it, the bottom of a large set of stairs which led to the castle area. He took a deep breath as he closed his eyes before looking up the large stairs.

    Taking a seat off to the side, he waited. It didn't take long however for several guards to begin harassing him with threats prior to them taking action. Yet Shin sat still as if ignoring them. As long as they didn't lay a hand on him, he was at peace with their words
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    As Sayuri bowed back in respect, Jasmine shared a slight smile, not responding as she gazed at Miya. It felt odd without Saeko, she knew that much. Through the short time that Jasmine had been on the trip with Miya and Saeko, she felt safe around the both of them, for some weird reasons. No matter the reason for that feeling, when Jasmine was around them, she felt safe and comfortable. And, if this Sayuri was offering them to have Saeko back, to be honest, she didn't mind this arrangement at all. Saeko's their friend after all, she would do anything to have Saeko back and reunite with her again. If Sayuri could bring both of them to Saeko, why not? Despite that they were fine with the arrangement, Sayuri had a mind of her own as she thought she had to convince them and displayed her skills. Yet, Jasmine only looked in wonder, not out of amazement but of confusion. What? Sayuri could control the wind? What kind of a skill displaying is that? Jasmine gazed at the leaves that fell, noticing the words and gazed at Sayuri next. Apparently, Miya knew what it was as she seemed to get excited over the displaying of skills. Jasmine gazed at Miya next. Miya called it Teigu. Teigu? What's that? As Miya exclaimed excitedly, Jasmine asked a weird question.

    What is a Teigu, may I ask?

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    Inside the capital, in a darkened theatre, sat a group of men and women watching a traditional dance being played out. The theatre was mostly filled, but they sat in front of all others. In the middle table, one man leaned forward as he watched. His eyes took in every movement of the dancers. Looking at the group, one couldn't tell if they were enjoying the dance or not. But he was. Shinkai was enjoying the dance. And the dancers. But soon the dance ended, and all the dancers gathered in a line and bowed towards the crowd. In one motion, Shinkai and his group clapped at the same time.

    As they sipped their drinks in anticipation for the next dance, a messenger came into the room.

    "Lord Tsu-"

    He held up a hand signaling the messenger to stop talking, which she immediately followed. He slowly downed the last of his drink, then turned to her.


    The messenger bowed her head.

    "Lord Shinkai, my apologies."

    He simply stared at her, not acknowledging her words as he waited to hear her purpose being there.

    "W-we recieved word of an attack outside the capital. A village swarmed by giant insects. Only a single survivor made it to a garrison, where she delivered a message. Someone is in control of the insects, and hates both Empire and the rebels. Since the army is more concerned with the rebels, the higher ups are tel-... asking you to take care of it for them."

    Shinkai smiled, a sight that did more to intimidate the messenger than relax her.

    "Tell them I'll think about it."


    "I will think about it."

    He said it with finality, and the messenger realized that all of the men and women around him were now looking intently at her. She wisely chose to take his words as they were and report back to her superiors, leaving them. Shinkai's attendants now looked at him. None of them spoke, they merely waited for him to speak. Shinkai merely turned back towards the stage as another drink was set down on the table before him. He smiled and took a sip.

    "Let's watch the next dance, shall we?"

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