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    [Discussion] Demon Girl (Mainland Chinese drama)

    Title: 半妖倾城 / Ban Yao Qing Cheng
    English title: Demon Girl
    Genre: Supernatural, romance
    Episodes: 35
    Broadcast network: Mango TV
    Broadcast period: 2016-Jun-30
    Opening theme song: We Are One by Yu Ke Wei (郁可唯)
    Ending theme song: Lian Ge (恋歌) by Mickey He
    Nie Qing Cheng is a half demon, except she doesn't know it herself. Or the fact that her mother's demon clan helped shape the Qing Dynasty and their control ended with Eight-Nation Alliance invading China. Her father had raised her as a human child after her mother died in the conflict. But when a scientist exposed her true form and a fellow half-demon vying for her love, she wonders if her human side can prevail and if her human lover will stand by her side to the end.
    Li Yi Tong (李一桐) as Nie Qing Cheng
    Zhang Zhe Han as Ming Xia
    Mi Re as You Tong
    Xi Meng Zi (西蒙子) as child You Tong
    He Rui Xian (何瑞贤) as Jiang Xue Wu
    Kan Qing Zi as Yao Bi Tao
    Dai Yang Tian as Du Shao Qian
    Wang Mao Lei as Nie Ru Feng
    Ady An as Ying Die
    Cheng Zi Ning (成梓宁) as Nie Qing Xin
    Liu Min (刘敏) as Fang Ya Qing
    Zhang Xin Yu as Grand Consort Jin
    Hong Yao (洪尧) as Fu Xing Bang
    Zhang Yi Jie as Yong Ye
    Xu Xiao Nuo (许晓诺) as Si Kong Jing
    Zhang Si Fan (张思帆) as Xu Shao Bai
    Xu Hai Qiao as Wang Shao Tang
    He Feng Tian (何奉天) as Sheng Jia Yu
    Song Wei Long (宋威龙) as Ying Long
    Huang Jing Yu as Nurhaci
    Wu Jia Yi (吴佳怡) as Dong'ge
    Ma Jun Wei (马浚伟) as Mo Yuan
    Lin Peng (林鹏) as Cao Yan Yan
    Nan Sheng (南笙) as Xiao Ping
    Jiro Wang as You Yuan
    He Hong Shan (何泓姗) as Pian Pian
    Chen Zi Han as Hua Yue Nong
    Xiu Qing as Yao Guang Li
    Cheng Li Sha as Cixi
    Hou Yan Song (侯岩松) as Professor Jiang
    Lv Jia Rong as Liang Yu Shang
    Na Fu Long as Cheng Si Ling
    Deng Sha as Hong Yi
    Han Li as Mr. Zhou
    Tom Price as doctor
    Xu Bai Yui (徐百卉) as Tao Da Jie
    Tony Chen (陈昊) as Governor Zhang
    Xu Xing as Grannie Ying
    Zhu Zan Jin (朱赞锦) as A Xiang
    Liu Ke Nan as Butler Zhang
    Gao Yu Er (高雨儿) as Nana
    Sun Yi (孙铱) as Hai Tang
    Li Ke (李可) as Xiao Die
    Gong Zheng Nan (宫正楠) as Yin Ying
    Tao Si Yuan (陶思源) as Shen Tian Yang
    Production Credits
    Original writing (novel): Ban Yao Qing Cheng (半妖倾城) by Mo Bai Qian Jiu (墨白千九)
    Producer: Yu Zheng
    Director: Liu Zhen Ming刘镇明, Ren Hai Yao 任海曜, Lei Rui Lin 雷瑞麟
    Screenwriter: Yu Zheng


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    Gotta see this one

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    Finally I got time to pick this one up after tempting for a while.

    So far so good. I enjoy the main leads' love story and it's become even more interesting when the second male lead appeared.

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    Ep 7

    Ming Xia's mum was such an evil being. She called Qing Cheng to the hotel with the hope that she would have a broken heart after seeing Ming Xia & Xue Wu. But when she saw her son got injured because of his disguise was uncovered, she immediately put entire the blame on Qing Cheng... Grrrr I am still angry at that hypocritical woman. I support Qing Cheng in her decision of breaking up with Ming Xia. That will help him to realise how terrible his mother is.

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    Ep 8-11
    Xue Wu has discovered the secret about Qing Cheng. She's now arranging a trap to capture her with the hope to prove what her father said before was true. I don't know what happens to Ming Xia after being sedated by her. Who can help Qing Cheng get away from the dangers?

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    Eps 12 to 14
    Qing Cheng & Ming Xia's peaceful getaway didn't last very long. By trying to save her sister QC had exposed her half-demon identity to the man she loves. I'm touched by his love for her but I wonder how long it will last for them to remain to their love without disturbing from society.
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