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    [Discussion] Rookie Agent Rouge (Mainland Chinese drama)


    Title: 胭脂 / Yan Zhi
    English title: Rookie Agent Rouge
    Genre: Espionage
    Episodes: 45
    Broadcast network: Dragon TV, ZJTV
    Broadcast period: 2016-Sep-27


    The story follows the growth of our heroine as she goes from a spoiled, reckless, rich girl to a patriotic young woman, acting as a spy to chase out the traitors working for the enemy during the period of Anti-Japanese sentiments. Lu Yi portrays an experienced officer, guiding and providing support along the way as she navigates through treacherous grounds. [Credit: AVV]

    Zhao Li Ying as Lan Yan Zhi
    Zhao Zhu Ting (赵姝婷) as younger Yan Zhi
    Lu Yi as Zhou Yu Hao
    Tao Xin Ran as Feng Man Na
    Yuan Wen Kang as Song Mian
    Shi Zhao Qi (石兆琪) as Feng Zi Xiong
    Li Meng Na (李梦男) as Wan Zhi Chao
    Ye Feng (叶峰) as Qing Mu Wu Zhong
    Qiu Lu Pan (邱璐璠) as Shen Lan Lan
    Liu Yan Qing (刘彦卿) as Lao Qiao
    Ma Can Can (马灿灿) as Lin Tian Mu
    Shu Yao Xuan as Lan Chang Ming
    Ma Xi Mi (马熙米) as Xiao Hong
    Sun Zhong Qiu (孙仲秋) as Zhu Cheng
    Wang Zi Chen (王子辰) as Zhang Guo Sheng


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    While waiting for WASFiL I have had a go on this one. First impression was Zhao Li Ying's acting has reached a new level. She's no longer a cute and chubby, innocent girl in Boss & Me drama but more mature and profound in this new image. Sounds pretty good huh? The storylines of this drama is so far so good. Lots of intense scenes that put me on the edge of my seat all the time. Going to watch ep 4 now...
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    Ep 7
    How can a uni student can shoot so well when she just holding the gun the first time ever? How extraordinary!!! So she shot the most experience communist spy without any mistakes... Lol only in Chinese drama, right?

    No matter how much I tried I just couldn't come to like that male actor. Maybe later on... hopefully I will.

    Until now Yan Zhi has had no lovelines with him or anyone. I thought Song Mian liked her but so bad he already has a girlfriend...

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    Ep 13
    Song Mian married his sweetheart before went underground for the National Secret Service's missions.

    Man Na's still working under the Japanese influences and she gone even deeper into holding an important top job for the "whatever" Squad quarter. She's been working very aggressively to gain the trust from the boss in order to revenge for her parents. So everybody is using everybody to achieve their goals... But I guess this drama wants to show who is the greatest and of course u know they just propagate for the Communist. I've no interests over these matters. Basically I just wanna see the actings of those actors more than the process of the plot as I can sense where the maze is going to end up anyway

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    To ep 26
    This is so chaotic! Spies are everywhere!!!
    And Inspector Zhou is in great danger to be exposed at any moment... Seeing how he's tried to rescue Yan Zhi time after time, I've just started to liking him a bit more... Manna's so crazy and annoying. She's a great threat for both Communist and Republic sides.

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    To ep 36
    How could they let my beloved character Song Mian died like that? This is one of the cruelest war dramas I've ever watched The amount of red paint they used must be a lot. So horrible to watch if it's not because of some actors I would have dropped it long long time ago...

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    Ep 38

    So lucky for the doctor to escape being captured. Thx to quick thinker Lan Yan Zhi. Her bravery's melted Yu Hao's heart... Loved the hug in the hospital
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    Ep 41
    Thx goodness Old Peng was safe in the end after all of the efforts trying saving him from Lan Yan Zhi & Yu Hao. And now the couple are in the edge of getting expose by SSH. Will they be able to flee to the communist zone?

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    Ep 42-45 (final)
    If they have any awards for gruesome torture', bloody battle scenes, this drama could have tons of nominations. Especially these last episodes. Maybe 70% of them were full of killing scenes. Was it the main message about the cost for getting China back from foreigners' invading in that period of time? Of course it's biased and forced but I guess the winner can do whatever they like to propagate their thinking logics.

    For acting part Zhou Li Ying did a good job but the outstanding performance was the second female lead Tao Xin Ran. I hate her character because she portrayed it so well. And of course the male lead, Lu Yi was great also with his role but he & ZLY's chemistry was so weak. Apart of little affections from the hug scene in the hospital I couldn't feel anything in other scenes...

    Now finally I can say goodbye to the drama & comeback to enjoy my peaceful life
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