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    Cipher Pol Headquarters [OOC]

    Cipher Pol Headquarters
    World Government

    "Look at that symbol, pirates!!! That mark represents the unity of over 170 nations... In the four seas and the Grand Line...!!! This is the World!!!"- Spandam
    Cipher Pol is a series of World Government organizations. They act as secret agencies who do investigations, assassinations and intelligence gathering for the World Government. They supplement the Intelligence Branch of the World Government's Marine forces, but operate more as a counter-insurgency agency, focused more on political threats to the World Government than more generic criminals. The Cipher Pols HQ is located in Enies Lobby, though their chapters are spread through the world. Cipher Pol's uniform is a black suit.

    The Cipher Pols are divided by divisions; intelligence, research, assassinations, political agencies, and more. Each Cipher Pol has a chief and a vice-chief, with each higher tiered Cipher Pol chief having control of the division below. Subsequently, the CP9 chief has administrative control over his and the lower Pols, standing as executive leader. CP0, or Aigis, acts separately from the CP Hierarchy, and instead take orders directly from the Gorosei, often at odds with the World Nobles.

    World Noble Era
    As of late, the World Nobles have used their influence to infiltrate the Cipher Pols. They have thus taken executive control of the agencies, and use them to promulgate their often questionable goals. This has caused a power shift in the balance of the Ocean, with the World Nobles coming in as new players. Under new influence, the Cipher Pols are often at odds with the other two branches of the World Government. The World Nobles act indirectly through CP0, or directly through the chief of CP9.

    Threads of Interest
    ● One Piece Newspaper [link]
    ● World Government: Cipher Pol IC [link]
    ● World Government: Marines OCC [link]
    ● World Government: Death Destined OCC [link]

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________
    For any questions regarding this thread, PM the Cipher Pol Chief and he will get back to you as soon as possible - Thank you for reading.
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    Cipher Pol Members
    Playable Characters

    "We've come from the darkness. As for our alignment, we represent justice. Anyakusakan. Cipher Pol 9."- Rob Lucci
    Cipher Pol 9

    CP9 Chief

    CP9 Vice-Chief

    Name: VII-X
    Specialty: Robotic Agent
    Reputation: 2445
    Name: Son Rohan
    Specialty: Copy Agent
    Reputation: 930

    Cipher Pols

    CP8 Agent

    CP8 Agent

    Name: Leonard Rosental
    Specialty: Petal Agent
    Reputation: 450
    Name: Reji Sanzoku
    Specialty: Blade Agent
    Reputation: 250

    CP5 Agent

    CP2 Agent

    CP2 Agent

    CP1 Agent

    Name: Jasper
    Specialty: Rock Agent
    Reputation: 0
    Name: Iota Aether
    Specialty: Bubble Agent
    Reputation: 0
    Name: Kappa Aether
    Specialty: Snot Agent
    Reputation: 0
    Name: Maki
    Specialty: Poison Agent
    Reputation: 300

    CP Exclusive Rokushiki
    Spoiler: Custom Techniques
    Quote Originally Posted by Soru Variations
    Yaiba (literally meaning "Blade"): A variation of Soru in which the user performs said high-speed movement with only their hand or leg, instead of their whole body. By hitting the air ten times in the blink of an eye with his elbow, the user launches his arm in a punching maneuver in the blink of an eye, much like Luffy's Gear Second's Jet Attacks.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kami-e Variations
    Sami-e (紙絵 "Cotton Drawing"): Sami-e is an offensive version of Kami-e, and can be used in conjunction with most physical attacks. Mid-punch or mid-kick, the user relaxes his body, allowing his limb to float aganst the opponent's movements. Insofar, it allows the punch or kick to counter an opponent's dodge, floating towards the target.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shigan Variation
    Kazegon (literally meaning "Wind Beast"): Using the principles of Jugon, the user punches the air, shooting an arblast towards his opponent; widespread or focused.

    Omote Renge (literally meaning "Primary Lotus"): A Variation of Shigan, by forming his hands into a clawed position. This technique is used more for close-combat as a style rather than a single point attack like other Shigan techniques. Can be used in conjunction with Oren. To increace the piercing power he will close his hands into a beak formation.

    Ura Renge (literally meaning "Hidden Lotus"): A variant of Rokushiki done with toes instead of hands, by cupping all toes together to form a "spear". Because the legs have 3-4 times the muscle strength of the arms, these are far more powerful the normal arm variants.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rokuogan Variations
    Kenjuougan (literally meaning "One Finger Gun"): A variation ultimate attack of the Rokushiki style, that though releases less power, it can be done more often. The user generates tremendous amounts of impact force at extremely close distances, by a quick movement of the wrist at the end of a punch. This released the pent-up impact force and creates a small, but devastating, shockwave that damages internally, rather than externally.

    Zankyō Kugiuchiki (literally meaning "Revebrating Nail Gun"): A combination attack created through the combining of Yaiba and Kenjuougan. The user unleashes it as a flurry of straight jabs that seem to hit the target simultaneously and all at once, while creating a number of surreal, delayed shockwaves. The number of punches determine the number of delayed shockwaves.

    Dokuro Shirushi (literally meaning "Skull Mark"): A variant of Rokuougan that actually makes contact with the opponent allowing the shockwave to pass through the body while the initial strike deals external damage to the foe. The blow is devastating, and upon contact, a huge skull shape created by the shockwave is gouged into the surface behind the target be it a wall directly behind them, the ground or even buildings several meters away.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________
    For any questions regarding this thread, PM the Cipher Pol Chief and he will get back to you as soon as possible - Thank you for reading.
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    Cipher Pol Divisions
    The Pol Bases

    Cipher Pol 9

    Division: Cipher Pol 9
    Operation: Assassination
    Base: Enies Lobby HQ
    General Description
    CP9 is the highest in the CP hierarchy, acting as the executive division of the organization. Their member act as shadowy assassins who kill any opposition the World Government. CP9 is also tasked with Void Century matters. The assassin group is based in Enies Lobby's Tower of Justice, acting as the final guardians of the Gates of Justice. CP9 has special privileges not available to normal Cipher Pol squadrons, such as a license to kill.

    Enies Lobby
    Enies Lobby, also known as The Judicial Island, is a stronghold, directly connected to Marineford and Impel Down via the Gates of Justice. Roughly 10,000 soldiers are stationed here. Enies Lobby has a large waterfall under the island, leading to a huge black void, connected to the rest of the island by a small bridge of land. There are also many whirlpools around the island, and the Gates of Justice. It is never night-time here.
    General Description
    CP8 is the second highest in the CP hierarchy, exclusively tasked with genetic modification and enhancements. The Pol's mission is to eliminate and mitigate genetic modification of non-government, while making their own. CP8 is based in Transylvania Island, allied with Shichibukai Jackal. Their biggest enemy is, and continues to be, Paviche and his organization New Age Genetics.

    Transylvania is a Sky Island in a stretch of sky with unending rolling thunder and everlasting night. Roughly 5,000 modified humans are stationed here. The island is home to a humongous castle housing the Pols, home to every single occult. The Beasts of Transylvania act as protectors, from vampires, to werewolves, to ghosts, and others. Doctor Frankenstein is employed by Cipher Pol 8.

    Cipher Pol 8

    Division: Cipher Pol 8
    Operation: Genetic Modification
    Base: Transylvania

    Cipher Pol 7

    Division: Cipher Pol 7
    Operation: Cyborg | Automaton
    Base: Karakuri Base
    General Description
    CP7 is the third highest in the CP hierarchy, exclusively tasked with biomechanics investigation and research. Their members are oriented to gather information about threats in the biomechanical world, as well as research their own for the World Government. CP7 is based in Karakuri Island, following Vegapunk's work. Their biggest enemy is, and continues to be, Cran Yam and his organization Church of Sacred Blessing.

    Karakuri Base
    Karakuri Base is an automated stronghold in Karakuri Island, serving as the WG's robotic weapons division. There are almost 3,000 animalia turned cyborg stationed around the base. The base itself is protected by automated weapons, as well as automated soldiers. It is always snowing here. After the fall of Warsong, scientist Fort Knoxx, Vegapunk's father, was re-employed by Cipher Pol 7 on threat of family.
    General Description
    CP1 is the Amazonian Pol, allied with Amazonia Island. The Pol's mission as stated in the CP log is "Biological Weapons". However, the operation goes much deeper than that, hidden to the rest of the Pols. Amazonian serves as the Pol's detention facility, using prisoners for the testing and creation of biological weapons. The Pol is allied with the Queen of the Amazonians, Aquila, by her liaison and sister Maki.

    Plague Island
    Nicknamed "Cradle of Life", Plague Island seems only to house but a simple shack. The shack leads to a vast underground maze-like facility. The environment around the entire island is highly toxic layered with lethal fog. Home to the island are carnivorous poisonous vegetation, serving as the primary defense, a civilization in its own right. It is rumored those who enter never leave.

    Cipher Pol 1

    Division: Cipher Pol 1
    Operation: Biological Weapons
    Base: Plague Island

    [Note: CP 1-5 NPC Investigation until claimed]

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________
    For any questions regarding this thread, PM the Cipher Pol Chief and he will get back to you as soon as possible - Thank you for reading.
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    Mission Board
    The Dead Pool

    "They were criminals, so I killed them in name of justice. As soldiers, weakness is a sin. They surrendered to evil, and caused a crisis in the kingdom. That type of soldier doesn't deserve to live. So they're dead."- Rob Lucci
    The Dead Pool. A series of missions unique to the Cipher Pols. These range from assassination, investigation, and research. Dead Pool missions can be GMed by anyone in the org, unless specified. An agent can only be in the middle of two missions at a time, in different IC areas. Other organizations can request a mission for the Pols; missions must be cleared by the CP9 chief as being beneficial to the World Government.

    Dead Pool allows for extra rep, on top of the rep you gain for IC actions. Reputation for missions are discretionary, and will rest upon how efficient the mission was accomplished. The Pols are a secret organization, by the norm. Extra Reputation will be given to those who accomplish the mission secretly, with as less collateral damage as possible. In and out. The Pols were never present.

    Island Missions
    Island Missions are missions that are updated with each new Free Roam and Campaign. Each new IC will have a mission or two that one can undertake, either as a part of the general storyline, or as a personal quest with the surroundings. Other organizations may ask for help via missions here, subject to approval.
    Gravity Rises
    Mission #4568: INSERT
    [1 tokens]

    Assassination Missions
    Assassination Missions make up the World Government's hit list, of those who are in direct opposition to the World Government. Capture is NOT recommended, but allowable. They are highly dangerous, and the Pols suggest bringing in a team of agents for the mission.
    Big Poppa [8+ Badges]
    The most dangerous mission in the Dead Pool. The three most wanted criminals for the Pols are classified here. Pols suggest doing the mission on teams, and praying. Bringing to justice their second-in-command will net you half the badges/rep. A single kill on this list will likely bump you to CP0.
    - Jack Black Gold
    - Cran Yam
    - Jack Verde (capture)

    Mo Money, Mo Problems [2+ Badges]
    Capture or kill a wanted pirate. The higher the bounty, the more badges you will receive, with a minimum of two badges. Other organizations can request a general assassination, subject to approval.

    Let Me Blow Ya Mind [3+ Badges]
    Capture or kill a defected Cipher Pol agent, or defected Marine. They have highly classified information, and must be put to rest. In the event of capture, memories will be extracted and eliminated. The World Noble Era is only known to those agents part of CP after the creation of the CP thread.
    - Irra the Bloodhound

    Investigation Missions
    Investigation Missions are the cornerstone of the Pol intelligence. They are specific intelligence missions that will aid the World Government as a whole. Marines may, upon approval, request an investigation mission. For example: WHERE THE **** IS BLANK?!
    Rebirth Of Slick [1 token]
    Learn the powers of a leader, or sub leader, of a faction in opposition to the World Government. Extra bases will be given upon more specificity Leave no trace.

    Gangsta's Paradise [1+ tokens]
    Find the location of the main base of operations of an faction in opposition to the WG. Leave no trace of the Pols.

    Nuthing But A G Thang [2 tokens]
    Find information about the Void Century, and bring it back to the Pols.

    Hypnotize [2 tokens]
    Information about the Void Century is hard to track. If there is evidence out there, you must eliminate it, even if it means eliminating memories. Do so quietly.

    The World Is Yours [3+ tokens]
    Find information about the whereabouts of an Ultimate Weapon. Extra tokens will be awarded for eliminating any evidence of it, or killing enemies who have obtained the information.

    Story Missions
    Story Missions cover any other mission not included in the ones above. These missions act as quests for the Pols, with any person able to GM them. They are as different from each other as the name suggests, and custom can be requested.
    Simon Says [1 token]
    Battle a fellow CP agent. The winner will obtain a token, the loser will be laughed at.

    Mamma Said Knock You Out [1+ token]
    This is a simple and straightforward mission. By whatever means necessary, lure a priority target of either the pirate or revolutionary forces into the open and eliminate them. Cipher Pol 9 has been cleared by the Gorosei council for limited collateral damage, so go ahead and get creative.

    Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta [2 tokens]
    A Cipher Pol agent who has been operating undercover for an undisclosed amount of time has uncovered valuable information about the resources being channeled to several elements of the Revolutionary Army. With the names and evidence the agent reportedly has in his possession we could deal a decisive blow against the supply lines of the RA. The only problem is that the agent is on the run from the RA who has become aware of his presence. Enclosed within the mission file is a secure location where he is requesting to be taken back into protective custody. Meet our agent, recover the information and return. If elements of the RA attempt to intervene, eliminate them. The information is a priority so rescuing the agent is of secondary importance.

    The Choice is Yours [2 tokens]
    A disturbing number of reports have been piling up of the RA's diplomatic efforts with pirate elements. This should be curtailed at all costs, lest we find ourselves beset on all sides by both the radical pirate elements and the RA. I'm authorizing a limited number of offers of recruitment. Similar to the program already established by the marines with the Shichibukai, these offers would allow pirates to absolve their bounty in exchange for pledging service to Cipher Pols. Should they refuse, your orders are to eliminate them with extreme prejudice

    Take Me To Church [2+ tokens]
    The whereabouts of a top ranking member from The Church of Sacred Blessings has been discovered in the New World. The agent who uncovered this information has since lost contact with HQ, his last Den Den Mushi transmission ending with screams and the word 'monster.' Your mission is to capture and interrogate this high level target using the last known location as a starting point. Information on The Church directly links with New Age Genetics, and is of the highest priority.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________
    For any questions regarding this thread, PM the Cipher Pol Chief and he will get back to you as soon as possible - Thank you for reading.
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    Cipher Pol Reputation
    Reputation & Ranks

    "From our perspective, the "justice" of the old men in the World Government today is too weak! You can't hope to achieve anything without making a few sacrifices first!"- Spandam
    Reputation is obtained through IC acts aligned with the organization, or by completing missions. The higher your reputation, the better situated you will be in the Cipher Pol, if requested. Reputation will also pave the way to build your agent influence within the Pols, as well as in the Marines. Reports MUST be filed with the format below. All agents start with 0 reputation. Once you reach CP9 agent or above, changing characters will result of a demotion to the CP9 agent or an analogous position.

    Ranks are conferred via reputations and upon request. An entry-level agent will begin their journey in the lower Pols of there choosing as an agent. The next step is to become vice-chief of said Poland then as either a chief of the lower Pols, or as an agent of CP9, the latter having a license to kill with the most prestige. Lastly, one climbs the rank of CP9 as a vice-chief. The last promotion is CP Aegis, separate from the CP hierarchy. An agent can request a 1v1 to challenge a taken position.
    Cipher Pol Aigis
    CP0 Chief: 3500+ Reputation
    Only one position available at a time

    CP0 Vice-Chief 2500+ Reputation
    Only one position available at a time

    CP0 Agent: 2000+ Reputation
    Only three positions available at a time
    Cipher Pol 9
    CP9 Chief: 1500+ Reputation
    Only one position available at a time

    CP9 Vice-Chief: 800+ Reputation
    Only one position available at a time

    CP9 Agent: 500+ Reputation
    Only five positions available at a time
    Lower Pols
    Pol Chief: 1000+ Reputation
    Only one position available at a time per Pol

    Pol Vice-Chief: 500+ Reputation
    Only one position available at a time per Pol

    Pol Agent: 0+ Reputation
    Only five positions available at a time per Pol
    HTML Code:
    [B]Name:[/B] (Your Name)
    [B]CP Branch:[/B] (Which CP Branch)
    [B]Position: [/B](Your rank within your branch)
    [B]Mission[/B] (Include # of mission, if applicable)
    [B]Subject:[/B] (Make a title for your report)
    Summarize the incident that you partook in. Convince CP chief why you deserve recognition and reputation.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________
    For any questions regarding this thread, PM the Cipher Pol Chief and he will get back to you as soon as possible - Thank you for reading.
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    Cipher Pol Intelligence
    The Black Files

    "From those honored dead we take increased devotion. So that the world, under the World Government, shall have a new birth of freedom, and it shall not perish from the earth."- Chief VII-X
    The Black Files. A series of confidential documents under the purview of the Pols. Not even the heads of the World Government have access to the files. These files serve as the backbone of the Pol's Intelligence, meticulously detailing world's threats, both individually and as a group. The Black Files are what makes the Pols so efficient. The Black Files are ones filled with red X's, showing the many targets eliminated by the shadow organization. The files are divided into two sections: Assailants and Organizations.

    Black Files allows for extra rep, on top of the rep you gain for IC actions. When filing a report, you will get extra rep for turning intelligence of a character and/or organization. Each new character turned in will nab you +50 rep and each addition to that character intel will nab you +25 rep. Intelligence for organizations reward larger reputation. The information must be obtained IC. You must use the format the bottom.

    Spoiler: Assailants
    Quote Originally Posted by Rank S Threat
    Quote Originally Posted by Rank A Threat
    Name: Irra "The Bloodhound" (Pic)
    Age: Over 30
    Organization: Revolutionary Army
    Devil Fruit: Shiro Shiro no Mi
    Abilities: Mass Weaponry & Rokushiki

    Irra the Bloodhound was a Cipher Pol Agent who went rogue during the incident at Sand Sand Peaks. Since then, she has set her sights on the World Government, joining the new Revolutionary Army as a Commander. She is the Queen of Briggs Kingdom and holds power over hundreds of subordinates. The Bloodhound has the Shiro Shiro no Mi, allowing her to store weapons and people inside her body; a walking Empire. Irra has the ability to control reality within herself; DO NOT enter her body. During her last encounter with Chief VII, she was shown to have access to Buster Call level weaponry. Irra combines Rokushiki with high-level weaponry.

    Weaknesses: Shockwaves, Pride
    Bounty: ฿650,000,000

    Name: Odin "Beowulf" (pic)
    Age: Over 70 years old
    Organization: Revolutionary Army
    Devil Fruit: Suna Suna no Mi
    Abilities: Dehydration & Strategy

    A wise and older dwarf. Odin is the King of the Asgard Kingdom, and one of the three known Revolutionary Commanders, making him executive level in the Revolution. As Commander and King of Asgard, Odin has military control over a vast number of soldiers and dwarfs. Odin wields the Suna Suna no Mi, allowing him to to control, create and become sand. Agent Reji noted his greatest strength was his ability to create allies within a short time span and a great strategist. When in public, Odin wears a viking-esque armor to protect his identify, by the codename 'Beowulf'. As a Commander in the Revolutionary Army, he wishes the end of the World Government.

    Weaknesses: Water
    Bounty: ฿550,000,000
    Quote Originally Posted by Rank B Threat
    Name: Aquila
    Age: Over 50
    Organization: Amazonia
    Position: Leader of Amazonians
    Abilities: High CoA and CoO

    Aquila is the Queen of Amazonia, and thus, its sole ruler. Aquilia is the true queen of the Amazonian's and sister to the newest CP1 recruit, Maki. She is kind, regal and accommodating in short bursts. Aquila's country was taken over in a coup by Arthuria, showing the divide within the Amazonian Government. Aquila has formed an alliance with Cipher Pol, with Agent Maki being the liaison. Aquila has shown no hostile intent towards Cipher Pol, but she is considered a Rank B Threat given her country's military power.

    Weaknesses: Coups
    Bounty: N/A
    Quote Originally Posted by Rank C Threat
    Name: Jin [Pic]
    Age: Around 20
    Organization: Unkown Pirate Crew
    Devil Fruit: Mondo Mondo no Mi
    Abilities: Diamond Body & Busoshoku Haki

    A young abrasive supernova. This delinquent pirate how shown the aptitude of working with others despite his rash and blunt nature. He seemed to be allied with the Revluinary Odin despite having just met the man. Wielding a solid metal bat, he has shown great strength to be able to clash and take down a Hazard level Strength Smash through sheer force, and being able to take a hit from one without much recoil to his own body. He has eaten the Mondo Mondo no Mi, allowing for him to coat his body and whatever he touches in diamond. This is used to supplement his strength and endurance, but can also be used in a debilitating manner by reflecting light when shone upon. As a pirate, he is an enemy of the Pols someone with great strength and potentially an even worse enemy.

    Weaknesses: Blunt Focused Attacks
    Bounty: N/A
    Quote Originally Posted by Rank D Threat
    Name: Boom
    Age: Unknown
    Organization: Unkown
    Devil Fruit: N/A
    Abilities: High Haki and Slime Body

    Boom is a sentient hell slime that is simple in nature, forgiving and friendly. He bears an unique ability, not seen before in many of his species, explosive resistance and a massive reserve of haki. Boom aided Agent Jack in taking down and killing the fake queen of Amazonia - Arthuria. Boom has not expressed to be at odds with Cipher Pol or World Government, and has not been seen since. Therefore, he is only considered a D level threat.

    Weaknesses: Jello
    Bounty: N/A

    Spoiler: Organizations
    Quote Originally Posted by Pirates
    Quote Originally Posted by Kingdoms
    Quote Originally Posted by Other

    Spoiler: Eliminated Targets
    Name: Arthuria
    Age: Over 50
    Appearance: Not Available
    Devil Fruit: Unknown
    Abilities: High CoA and CoO

    Arthuria was an Amazonia, working to create a haven in Amazonia for breeding, to create super-warriors through selective breeding. She ruled over Amazonia in violation of the true queen - Aquila. She was highly skilled in both forms of Haki, and possessed power of over lower lesser Amazonians. She was killed by Agent Jack, working in tandem with the slime Boom.

    Weaknesses: Explosions
    Bounty: N/A
    Name: Bryanna Freemont
    Age: Over 30
    Appearance: Not Available
    Devil Fruit: Ori Ori no Mi
    Abilities: Yonko


    Weaknesses: Crewmates
    Bounty: --
    Name: Kogen Oldgate
    Age: 87
    Appearance: Not Available
    Devil Fruit: Hito Hito no Mi - Model Daibutsu
    Abilities: Shockwaves & CoA


    Weaknesses: Men & Jokes
    Bounty: 80,000

    HTML Code:
    [B]Devil Fruit:[/B] 
    [I]Insert intelligence compiled here[/I]
    HTML Code:
    [I]Insert intelligence compiled here[/I]
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    Reputation Store
    Badges & Shop

    "Let me show you... the most powerful attack available to those with full mastery of Rokushiki."- Rob Lucci
    Cipher Pol agents can purchase exclusive items and perks via the Reputation Store with badges. Cipher Pol agents gain badges by using their reputation, or finishing through missions. For every 300 reputation, you are entitled to one badge. Hence, if you have 1200 reputation, you get 4 badges. An inventory will keep track of how much reputation you have used for badges. Reputation is not subtracted from your total.

    Badges can be used to build your agent army within the Pols, as well as reinforcing a Pol base. Privileged information is also a reward that can be obtained, and other tidbits of the Pol world. Once used, badges/rewards cannot be sold back, or otherwise transferred. Any queries or custom rewards can be submitted for grading.

    Spoiler: Shop Items
    Pol Agent Squad
    Three standard fodder agents, outfitted with one basic Rokushiki move each.
    1 Badge

    Rokushiki Training
    Train your agent squad to allow for two more basic Rokushiki moves, total of 3.
    2 Badges

    Rokushiki Training II
    Train your agent squad at Enies Lobby, allowing for one more basic Rokushiki moves, total of 4.
    2 Badges

    Hattori's Legacy
    Buy a fodder avian messenger loyal to your person, like Hattori. No combat abilities.
    2 Badges

    Cipher Pol Submarine
    Take command of your own Pol submarine, outfitted with basic Pol investigative equipment, and weapons.
    2 Badges

    Submarine Upgrade
    Things you can't necessarily buy in the Water 7 store. Custom upgrades possibilities are endless.
    Badges upon pricing

    Base Upgrade
    Add in defenses to your base. Additional agents, traps, steel walls, mortars, cannons, and anything of the like can be in this category.
    Badges upon pricing

    Buster Call
    A Den Den Mushi that can summon a fleet of Warships to strategically bomb an island into oblivion. Certain rules apply. Must be at least Chief rank, or CP0, to purchase. Golden Mushi is good for one call, and it takes two (2) IC turns for the fleet to arrive. The Chief of CP9 has rights to invoke without purchase.
    5 Badges

    Spoiler: CP Badge Tracker
    Chief VII-X: 900 rep used (5 badges)
    • Hattori's Legacy
    • Cipher Pol Squad
    • Rokushiki Training

    Leonard Rosental: 300 rep used (1 badge)
    • Cipher Pol Squad

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________
    For any questions regarding this thread, PM the Cipher Pol Chief and he will get back to you as soon as possible - Thank you for reading.
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    Blog Entries
    Looks dope

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    Blog Entries
    im temped to take on the Let Me Blow Ya Mind mission :O

    by myself ofcourse
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    So now to join CP 9 you have to work your way up from a lower Pol?

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