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    Days had passed and the Revolutionary Army recovered. The wounded were treated, though there was not too many thanks to the efforts of the Revolutionary Army’s front line, as well as Irra and Sensui. The Sky Island was in ruins and the Revolutionary Army would have to find a new home for their headquarters. However, that would have to take place later. Now, it was time to sign the treaties and seal the deal.

    The Kings and their guards were back behind the round table, and affront them was the legal document. Senior Commander William was the first to sign, followed by War Commander Krusty. Next were the Kings - King Lionel the first, and Irra and Sensui the last among them. When Irra and Sensui delivered their signatures as the last ones, the arms around the room were thrown into the air in celebration - a new era ushered.

    The sun left and the night came. A massive banquet was thrown in honor of the birth of the Era of Kingdoms. Men and women alike danced around the fire, ate meat and drank the best alcoholic beverages that Senior Commander William had to offer - the most popular one definitely a local sake from the Elf tribe. The night was drank and danced away.

    On a remote part of the Sky Island, a massive silhouette of a hulking man landed. The entire forest, or what was left of it after Pavlovena, shook and the birds fled the treetops. The man was the size of Kaidou, and his physique as well. Senior Commander William came out of the shadows and greeted the hulking man.

    ‘’Welcome back, Leader-san.’'

    On another remote part of the Sky Island, positioned atop a high point, a man was seen laying on his belly at the edge of the cliff. Watching through a pair of binoculars, he observed the birth of the Revolutionary Army. He stood up and stashed away the binoculars, taking out a Den Den Mushi. He called… and a familiar voice answered on the other end of the line.

    ‘’I’m listening.’'

    ‘’Your suspicions were correct. An alliance is being formed - composed of multiple Kingdoms: The Briggs Kingdom, the Ryugyu Kingdom, the Lionhart Kingdom, the Atlas Kingdom… even King Odin is involved. They call themselves… the Revolutionary Army!’’

    The man said, dramatically.

    ‘’I see.’'

    ‘’Anything else… Pavlovena-san?’'

    ‘’That’s all for now. Return alive.’'

    The former Navy Admiral instructed. The man grinned, and disappeared from the Sky Island.


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    NEW ARC: Forming an alliance

    It had been a few months since the Revolutionary Army had formed. In the meantime, the different Kingdoms that came together to form the Revolutionary Army went their separate ways, fighting the same war on different fronts - the beauty of such a formation. The Kingdom that seemed to be making the most noise was Lionel Lionhart's Kingdom, the Lionhart Kingdom. They managed to conquer a chain of fifteen islands, securing a massive area. Much to the promise that Lionel had made, there was no slavery involved. Instead, the natives of the islands were allowed to live as members of the Lionhart Kingdom. With that, the Revolutionary Army had procured land, farmers, soldiers and weapons all at the same time. Irra and her Briggs Kingdom was also making a lot of noise. Five islands conquered, Irra's ways started getting more radical with every island, and she has stirred a lot of problems and disagreements within the Revolutionary Army as far as morals were concerned.
    I'll let you describe what the Ryugyu and the Asgard Kingdoms did in the meantime, if anything.

    While all of this was going on, however, the higherups of the Revolutionary Army, namely the Senior Commander and the War Commander decided on the course to take. With that, certain Kingdoms were sent a letter. They were to report to the letter and meet on the Isle of Eba. According to the letter, the representatives of these Kingdoms were to go to the Wano Country and seek alliance. The Wano Country was not under the World Government, so as long as they were offered a deal that was too good to resist, they would potentially become an ally. Or at least that was the thoughts of Senior Commander and War Commander. With all of that said and done, one of the summoned, Irra and her Briggs Kingdom, made their way to the Isle of Eba. Once Irra arrived, she looked around to see if any of the other ones had arrived already. If yes, she would meet up with them - if not, she would wait for them. When all were gathered, according to the letter, there would be someone there to organize the plan.

    It was time for the Revolutionary Army to become an even bigger force.

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    Isle of Elba: Undisclosed Location
    The Alliance: The Commanders Reunite!

    [Xing & Xang | Sensui | Odin | Irra]

    Isle of Elba. The Army was set to convene for a mission to forge an alliance with a prominent country, the isle of swords; Wano Country. Legends of the samurais and their abilities were commonplace, yet none knew the truth. The Country was famous for its Isolation, and many ships have wandered into the gallows on its beaches. The Revolutionary Army dared to sail. Kingdoms had spread their influence, and Asgard and Ryugyu were no different. The dwarves had begun their upward march, and taken a total of two inhabited islands and two uninhabited islands. Asgard had focused on islands closest to known slave trade empires. A matter of waiting. Ryugyu Kingdom had a different charge. Most of the Ocean sectors were under their charge. However, moost territories, such as Goldfish Lands, would not accept working with humans. The Ryugyu Kingdom, through Sensui and the Mermaid Princess as the representative, had begun their charge to change the mermen's hearts, one underwater land at a time. Queen Otohime's soul flowed through them. They ran into much opposition. Mermen's hate of humans was rooted deep.

    All was not as it seemed.


    "If thy shan't listen to reason,"
    "Will force our hand of treason!"

    In the distance, Irra could hear voices of rage; familiar voices. Just outside of the small town, the plains were witness to a clash. When Irra turned, she would be witness to a sight. Cloaked by the sun, a dot flew above the two mermen captains. Behind the dot, a giant fist of sand whirled. With a scream of rage, the giant fist came down, literally making the air pressure shift. Below, the two mermen jumped towards it, water trailing them in the size of a single giant trident. The forces collided, and the earth shook. Xang's body flew downward, creating a crater upon impact, he was unmoving. Irra would be witness of the other, of Xing tearing through the sand fist, coming out the other side, slamming into Odin. The dwarf was held by Xing's watered hands, holding the dwarf whole between his palms. Human-sized arms of sand held Xing in turn, as both flew towards the town. They both screamed with effort. Crashing into a building, it collapsed. Inside the plume of dust and rubble that resulted, the sounds of a sword clanging against metal echoed.

    Xang was no longer unmoving, though bloodied. He entered the plume of dust. His eyes screamed rage. Xing's screams of pain kept mounting.

    "DESIST...!!!"- a voice came behind Irra

    Passing by Irra at blurring speeds, a merman trailed Xang. Commander Sensui ran into the fray. What the **** was going on?
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    The Alliance: The Commanders Reunite!

    Irra was waiting for fellow Commanders of the Revolutionary Army to arrive. They were running late, so Irra got an eerie feeling, but for now she waited. In her waiting, she heard clashing in the distance, and then suddenly, she heard roaring of rage. Irra turned around to see what was going on, squinting her eyes to capture the distance. In the distance, she saw Sensui's two men, Xing and Xang, fighting one of the Commanders of the Revolutionary Army, King Odin. Irra's eyes widened ever so little in surprise as she looked on. The three men went into a massive clash, of which blew Xang away, while Xing and King Odin held each other, plummeting toward the ground. They came crashing into the ground, creating a massive crater and causing the ground to tremble as far away as Irra was. By that time, Xang stood up and entered the fray again. And as if that wasn't enough, Sensui came running out of nowhere, right past Irra, entering into the fray himself.

    What the fu*ck was going on indeed?

    When Sensui ran past Irra, Irra extended her right arm, grabbing Sensui by his arm. Sensui's charge was strong, so Irra skid a few meters along with him before she finally got him to stop.

    ''What the hell are you people doing fighting each other?
    We're supposed to go on an important mission together.

    Irra said, glaring at Sensui. The only way Sensui would jump into the fray was if he freed himself from Irra's grip forcefully.

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    The Alliance: The Commanders Reunite!

    [Xing & Xang | Sensui | Odin | Irra]

    The sound of sword clashing against metal was overbearing. It was clear that the King and Xang were leaving it all behind. With no hesitation, Xing re entered the fray. In a charge to stop them, Commander Sensui appeared, passing by Irra. The merman would be held back, as Irra held her fellow commander back. The two would skid to a half, as sand began to surround the rubble of the building. Commander Sensui jerked his arm back to free himself, and turned to the Queen halfway.

    "Dwarves thought Charge Island was inhabited.
    Conquered it by nightfall. Yet, it's Sea is home to Eel race.
    Eels would not heed our plea to accept humans!
    - Sensui explained, his skin turning black

    The commander would understand the plight without more words. Eels were a delicacy in the human world. Their hunt was second only to the mermaids. The hatred for humans with the eels ran deep. By Orin's reaction, it seemed a battle broke out in Charge Island, and the Ryugyu Kingdom as representatives of the Sea were purported for the blame. Sensui gave no other explanation. He ran into the fray, his skin black with spirit. If Irra would follow, Sensui would ask for her help.

    "If the King kills the heroes of the Sea,
    Even the Mermaid Princess cannot stop war!
    Take heed, sister!"
    - said Sensui, entering the sandstorm

    The sandstorm was thick, and one could barely see inside. Should Irra give chase, she'd barely make out three figures next to each other, and two diminutive eyes a few meters affront them. Upon closing in, one could see Xang laying face-down, bloodied. Affront him, Sensui held Xing from behind, his black tentacles restraining him; there was a green tint to them. Xing's eyes were bloodshot red, his hair white, and his aura flared to the likes of Sensui himself. The merman' teeth were bigger than his face, and his eyes screamed rage. The earth shook upon each step he took, coming to a halt.

    "Xing! Desist at once!
    Let go of the Sea King's awakening!
    Find Otohime's words! Find her plea!
    - Sensui pleaded

    Xing came to a stop. The sand did not. The yellow diminutive eyes approached, and trailing it Irra would see a blade of sand forming, white. Odin approached. It was up to Irra to intervene, or not. The mission had begun with the team split by politics of war.

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    The Alliance: The Commanders Reunite!

    Sensui explained to Irra the situation. Irra's eyes widened slightly in surprise - certainly a situation that would make their upcoming mission much harder, if not impossible. Sensui had yanked his arm free of Irra's grip and disappeared into the obscurity. Irra went in as well, trying to make out what little she could see in there. By the time she was close enough to see what was going on, she found Xang bloodied on the floor, and Xing foaming to do no less than kill King Odin. The situation had now worsened to the point where the wellbeing of the entire Revolutionary Army was at stake. A scuffle was fine, but if a member of the Revolutionary Army died at the hands of a fellow member, that would certainly spell doom for an organization that was made up of allies that could break up at any time.

    Deciding that the situation called for the absolute desperate measure, Irra spoke. However, it was a voice that none of the men in front of her could hear. No, she was talking inside, in her own castle, to an old acquaintence of hers. The camera whirled inside Irra. She was standing in front of a woman most peculiar in appearence. None of the men in front of Irra knew of this acquaintence. A woman so far without any connections to Irra, because Irra had only made a name for herself a few months ago, and this acquaintence had been secluded training in the mountains for the past two years. It was an old friend. Now, Irra was asking for her help.

    ''I need you to come out here and take care of this. This is a really bad situation.
    If it's someone like you, you can do it.

    Irra said, glaring intensely like she always does. A gate opened on Irra's body, and a woman came jumping out. The moment she landed on the ground, a strange sensation would befall Xing AND King Odin. The two would suddenly find themselves asphyxiated. There was no rime or reason to what had happened. No one knew of this woman's abilities, nor did they see such a surprise attack coming. Safe to say, both Xing and Odin would fall unconscious. The situation was far from resolved, but the boiling blood was calmed for the moment. Introductions would wait until everybody was awake.

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    Isle of Elba: Inside Irra
    The Alliance: The Commanders Reunite!

    [Xing & Xang | Sensui | Odin | Irra]

    Xing had come to a halt in Sensui's arms. Unbeknown to the rage-filled fish man, his body had been infected with the octopuses' paralyzingly venom. Odin pushed forward. Irra had come into the fray, and with powers unknown, stopped the King. The sandstorm would suddenly quell, grains of sand falling like rain. The group stood in a crater, with Odis's dwarves body in the middle, out. The camera would contort, flashing by what seemed to be a hour later. The camera showed Irra walking towards the dock, with no one around her. Zooming in, the camera focused on Irra's eyes, as if it were transported within. The group would seemingly be in a different world; they were inside the Fortress (I'll leave setting description up to you).

    "Thank ye both for taking my charge.
    Two better friends, the Sea could not ask for.
    I'll take it herein."
    - Sensui's sweet voice broke the silence

    Sensui was bent affront the seated Xing and Xang, both now awakening. The merman has a tentacle on their shoulders, speaking with grace. Xang was patched up, and Xing's anger had quelled. On the other side of the room, Odin was floating in a glass of rum, face-up; he was a dwarf after all. The King's love of rum was well-documented. The dwarf awoke, looking around. Taking a deep breath, the King swam through the glass, swallowing his fill. He had now noticed the mermen at the end of the room. Sensui had noticed the dwarf awakening in turn.

    Tensions were still felt. However, there was a mission at hand, and all knew it.

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    The Alliance: The Commanders Reunite!

    The men awoke inside the fortress that is Irra. Should they look around, they'd see Irra sitting at the top of the stairs. Behind her, just a little to her left, sat another woman, staring into nothingness. The awakening of the men prompted Irra to stand up, and Irra standing up snapped the other woman out of her staring as well - she, too, standing up. The two started to walk down the stairs, Irra speaking.

    ''Now that everboy's awake, we can get started.

    I'd like to introduce to you Akai, an old friend of mine.

    ''I'm not old.''

    Akai corrected quickly, Irra ignoring her.

    ''She had been away for the past few years. Now that she's back, I introduced her to the Revolutionary Army and she was quickly appointed a Commander.

    She was the one who broke up the fight earlier.


    Akai said, raising her right arm in greeting.

    ''I heard from Sensui why the fight broke out. But we have a mission before us. I'm not gonna ask whether you guys can work together, because I doubt that you can.

    So here's my suggestion. We will split into two groups. One group will head for Wano to establish an alliance. The other group will head for Charge Island to remedy the relations with the eelfolk and subsequently remedy whatever issues there are between the Commanders of the Revolutionary Army. If things go well, maybe we can even establish an alliance with the eelfolk.

    That said, I am not the leader here, so we'll take a vote. Naturally, I vote we split up. I will go with Xing and Xang to Charge Island. Xing and Xang will take the lead. Sensui and King Odin will go with Akai to Wano. Akai hails from Wano, so she will take the lead there. What do you say?

    Irra concluded, staring at the men affront her.

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