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Thread: Cipher Pol IC

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    Sabaody Archipelago - Groves 1-20
    The Easiest Generation - Stomping Out Piracy!

    [Zelse | Elysande | Alina | Drake | Alexandria]

    "How pathetic." - Drake said with his arms crossed behind his back.
    "And you wish to venture in the new world? Be glad that I stopped you here."

    The man said as he turend around, cubed bodies floating next to him. They pleaded for their lives but it was all to no avail, into a crate these swine went. Its destination was Impel Down. Soon afterwards one of his personal transponder snails rang he'd quickly pick it up, wondering what it was about.

    "Rendez-vous at Grove 50? Understood. Will be there shortly."

    Commodore Chivers said as he quickly made his move towards Grove 50. Before he'd depart he'd order his men around telling them where they'd drop these boxes. And wait for further instructions at the ship. Lieutenant Hawkes would take it from there, she was second in command after all. The man afterwards would depart to Grove 50, enjoying the peaceful walk at the same time. When he finally arrived at the dock he'd notice a familiar face but also 3 marines he hadn't met before. Drake give them a quick nod it was his way of greeting the people he hadn't met yet. The man would stop next to Zank and speak.

    "Captain Zank. If I had known you were here. I'd have brought the Heretics with me so you could already ship them towards Impel down."

    Drake said speeking to the man with a bit of a familiar tone. They had fought together at Port Town cragston. Whether the man remembered it or not was a different matter. Drake naturally didn't forget that fight, not in the slightest.

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    Enies Lobby - Tower of Justice

    Nori awoke from his slumber, sitting up in his bed. He got up out of bed, still wearing his clothes as he'd merely slept in them, and walked over to the window in his room. He looked at the setting sun, and guessed the time. Still, didn't matter much to him. With Shara gone on a deep cover mission to a place under the ocean of the Grand Line, Nori had been doing missions solo. It wasn't any harder doing them by himself, but it was boring as hell. He and Shara had been perfect partners, caring for nothing beyond the mission.

    A knock at the door took Nori's attention away from the window, and he walked over and opened it. Standing in the doorway was Kim Ming Hwa, a man a younger and smaller than him, but an opponent he wouldn't want to have. Especially so since the man had learned Nori's special Shujin form of Rokushiki practically instantly. Even Shara hadn't been able to use it, and he'd spent much more time with her than anyone else. The man stared at Nori for a few seconds in silence before Nori spoke.

    "What is it, Ming Hwa?"


    Nori gestured with his hand down the hall.

    "After you."

    Kim turned on heel and began to walk down the hall towards the stairs, Nori quickly following. Thinking back, he couldn't remember ever doing a mission with Kim. He'd barely even talked with the man. Not for lack of trying, the man just didn't speak much. He got the impression that Kim didn't like him, but it may just have been his imagination. After all, the man didn't even know Nori, and Nori's general behavior was fun to be around. How could he not like him?

    "You miss her?"

    Kim suddenly spoke, surprising Nori from his thoughts. Miss her? Shara? Why would he ask that?

    "Shara? Why do you want to know?"


    Nori eyed the man. This was the first time Kim had ever been the one to start a conversation. Nori wondered what had sparked this new development. Sure, for years he and Shara had always been together, and now she was gone, and would be gone for potentially years. It was a new development Nori was adjusting back to, though he hadn't been a solo agent for perhaps a decade. Felt longer though. He figured he'd answer Kim truthfully.

    "Yeah, I do."

    Kim looked over his shoulder at him. Anything he might have said would have to wait, though, as they arrived at the top of the tower. There were three people here so far. VII, the robotic CP9 Chief, and Joker, the ever smiling CP9 Vice-Chief, were no surprise to Nori. The one that did surprise him was the old man, whom he recalled from the back of his mind to be Dr. Waters from Cipher Pol 7. Nori knew nothing about him, not even his first name, if Waters was even his real name. The presence of someone that wasn't CP9 made Nori wonder what kind of mission this was going to be.

    His wondering would be put to rest as, after the rest had arrived, VII opened his mouth and began to show them a hologram of Saboday Archipelago, with a focus on the Auction House. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Kim's brow furrow slightly. Must not be a fan of slavery. Vice-Chief Joker stepped forward and explained to them what the mission was. After the explanation, Dr. Waters spoke up, asking what Nori felt was a dumb question.

    "Not so much the building, but what's in the building. A pretty simple task, hide what's there from prying eyes. If those eyes see, we make sure they never see anything again. Which brings up a quesion, why are you here? And you. Why are agents from other Pols being brought in on this mission?"

    Nori spoke, gesturing to both Dr. Waters and Roberto. Kim looked at the agents then to Joker and VII, wondering the same thing.

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    Sabaody Archipelago The Underground Market

    The organization known as Cerberus was deeply involved with the black market throughout the Grand Line. One of the more prominent activities of this market was near the heart of the World Government, on Sabaody Archipelago. This market catered to the corruption of the world, not only to criminals, which is why it was quite lucrative.

    Salatino, a seemingly towering brutish-looking warrior, was currently brokering on behalf of Cerberus on the island. He was within a monitor chamber that demonstrated some of the more impressive things for sale, sitting there on a custom made chair to accommodate his unusually large size. Next to him, a massive sword and shield that resembled a cracker were situated. Salatino was impatiently observing the large array of presentations on the monitor, but unfortunately, nothing seemed to interest him so far, and eventually this got the better of him. Then, in a very brutish-like manner, Salatino grabbed on his massive sword and hurled it at the screen as a javelin. The force of the impact of the sword on the screen was so overwhelming, that it not only completely shattered the monitor, but consecutively destroyed the wall behind it.

    Moments after this occurred, Salatino stared down at the ground, while still seated, and pleaded to himself. That was not very knightly of me... what have I done? I have failed the knighthood code! He uttered in complete desperation as he slowly got up from his chair in order to depart from the chamber. Knights should remain calm and stoic, always. he rambled on with an apologetic and regretful tone.

    Seconds later, an observer dressed in all black within the chamber who was tasked with catering to the Cerberus' member visit, would speak to the unhappy brute. Salatino-san, our intelligence sources on Sabaody Archipelago have informed us of increased Marine and Cipher Pol activity on the island. It appears that a larger operation than usual is about to take place. Perhaps it's best you shorten your visit on the island. the caretaker proposed in a very polite and professional tone. The brutish warrior known as Salatino, on the other hand, protested fiercely. KNIGHTS DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT A GOOD FIGHT FIRST!!! said Salatino passionately, suggesting that he was indeed a Knight. As for the caretaker, he simply responded with a profound level of understanding. I see, sir, my apologies.

    Salatino would then walk out of the monitor chamber he just wrecked and onto the groves of Sabaody Archipelago. Perhaps someone would spot him.

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    Enies Lobby - Tower of Justice

    Anders had been awake since the day prior. He hadn't even realized that it was tomorrow already until a knock came on his door, with a messenger to remind him of the important briefing today. Anders had lost himself last night reading up on scientific articles and notes that he had acquired by chance during his previous mission. He had been sent out to deal with some loony scientist that had been supplying dangerous weapons to rebels and pirates in the new world. The science team wasn't hard to deal with, and the facility that they had been using was pretty much now none existent. But Anders had made it a point to collect anything information and break through that could turn out to be interesting.

    "Hmmmm interesting ... yes yes ... i see how that could work."

    "But ... this does seem .... risky , im not looking to kill myself" Anders Said while looking at his large scaly claws. Maybe it would be worth the risk he thought to himself.

    But either way this was work and maters for a different time, today Anders had to head to the briefing which he realized he was almost late for. After glancing over at the clock. Because of his size Anders had one of the bigger rooms in the Tower of Justice, to accommodate his needs obviously. Though even if the room itself was quite large, it was mostly filled from wall to wall. Books, maps, research journals filled with information from various places all over the world. Though his size would make most think he was just some big brute , Anders was particularly found of delving into literary and scientific writings.

    Anders left his room, and moved himself down the hallways and corridors to the designated meeting room for the mission. Upon his arrival Anders Noticed the Chief and Vice Chief waiting along side three other men. Nori and Kim were both present as was expected. Anders had never worked along side Nori before, as he had always previous had his own partner, but she had been sent away for a deep undercover mission and quite possibly might never return. Not everyone returned after all. Kim though had been in a joint mission with Anders a long time ago, with a few other agents aswell. Though that had been the only time he had ever worked with the man. Personally he couldn't even remember if the two had even spoken. This was not because Anders was antisocial or anything, its just that most of the time he ran as a one man show. Because of his appearance being covert really wasnt an option for Anders. There are just so many large red dinosaur men walking the world after all.

    The last man present currently was a man from a different branch of cipher pol. Dr Waters was his name, that Anders could recall. It was only a few months back but he and Waters had both been assigned to a mission to eliminate rebel soldiers from a kingdom that opposed the WG. Though the mission had been a success some of the later events were somewhat hazy in Anders memory. He could remember slaying many of the rebel army, but then its just in bits and pieces. Something about a boat, and a cliff. Anders even remembers waking up in a strange place the next mourning. Though that was just something that happened every once in awhile so he was used to it at this point.

    Some time would pass, as other agents would presumably enter the room for the briefing aswell, then the Chief began delivering the intel they would need. It was a simple enough job. Keep the public's eye away from this auction house and make sure the facility, and more then likely what was in the building, stays a secret. The Marines would also seem to have a part in this mission aswell. It must be something quite immportant for all this effort Anders thought.

    In the room some of the other agents, Waters for example, voiced their opinions and asked some questions. While other Agents like Nori brought up needless chatter about the presenter of members from other cipher pol Branches. Anders wouldnt really speak, other then confirming he fully understood his mission. Also he was truly a bit tired for the all nighter. Having no real reason to ask questions was also why he kept mostly silent aswell.

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    Sabaody Achipielago- Grove 30
    The Slave Market - Secure the Grove!

    [Chief VII | Shara | David Anders | Dr. Waters | Kim]

    A few days ago from the current timeline, the agents met on the top of the Tower of Justice. The agents had converged, most from CP9, yet some from the others. The chief. The doctor. The dinosaur. The boiler. The vibrator. The joker. The six agents converged, debriefed. Their mission was to protect the dealings at a certain building in Saboday Archipielago. Insofar, the people inside. Notably, the heads of the operation, whose life would certainly mean the operation's fall. The chief would say no more. Details were not needed, and the scope of the building, the grove, and the area were given through hologram already. The vice-chief would answer one of the questions, before departing.

    "Dr. Waters is here to disable the upper floor's automated defense system. The building has a self-destruct button that will destroy everything upon sensing danger on the higher levels. Now, shut up, and PUT A SMILE ON THAT FACE!"- the Joker responded

    The scene would close.

    The camera flickered on, showing the standard CP submarine unearthing into a waiting futuristic dock. The CP had been busy placing secret bases in the islands near the Red Line. The stairs would leave to Grove 30. The slew of midday was breaking, and the sun shined brightly. Charred signs of battle showed the recent battle between the Marines and the Easiest Generation, unbeknown to the agents. Their mission, was only ten groves away. Their specs would show this was a tourist area, an area where shops and markets flourished, and witnesses were many. To their advantage, it was Tuesday, and a slower day. Before going any further, the chief stopped the group. VII spoke mechanically.

    "Protocol #2112 initiated. Establish a perimeter around Grove 40. Extract non-operatives out of the grove. Surround Happy Go Lucky Serf Company building. Prepare for refuge protocol."- the chief stated, before giving the order to move out

    The mission would begin.

    Sabaody Archipelago - Grove 50
    The Slave Market - Secure the Grove!

    [Zelse | Zank | Elysande | Alina | Drake | Alexandria]

    The Easiest Generation was easily (heh) stomped out. By the dozens they had been chained. By the dozens they had been brought to Grove 50, where the convoy to Impel Down awaited; where Zank awaited. The Easiest Generation was boarded to the ID ship. All the officers and the lieutenants with them had converged onto Grove 50. The vice-admiral. The swamp. The mushroom. The burst. The cube. The paladin. Five officers and a DD squad captain had arrived, debriefed. Unbeknown to the vice-admiral, most had quarrels with the entity at the center of the mission at hand; the slave market. They would face their demons. Though the vice-admiral did not know of his opposition, it would be worthy to note that Zelse had a bone to pick with his replacement; the chief of CP9, and his previous mentee Joker. He was greatly opposed to the direction the Cipher Pols were taking as of late. But that is for another time.

    The vice-admiral spoke.

    "Reports just came in. The slave market has come back to Saboday, under the surname Happy Go Lucky Serf Company. Under the guise of a casino, they have trafficked thousands below the Marine's very noses. HQ has not responded with action; those old fools are still "considering" the matter. There is nothing to consider.... We cannot allow more suffering to continue! I will take the hit for the pre-emptive strike."

    Our mission is clear: Infiltrate the company, arrest the high operatives, and shut down the operation. Squad Captain Zank, we request you accompany us to arrest the criminals yourself. We cannot risk them escaping. We will erase this evil from existence!"
    - the vice-admiral ordered

    Impassioned was the speech. The vice-admiral's nerve was stricken. Slavery was an evil he would not tolerate. Not thru hologram, but through papers, the vice-admiral gave the officers the layout of the grove, and the information they had assessed. The building specs would not be in the intel. From the intel, the officers would realize that the grove was in the middle of the island's tourism sector. Grove 40 was an area where shops and markets flourished, and witnesses were many. To their advantage, it was Tuesday, and a slower day. Before going any further, the vice-admiral stopped the group. He spoke with concern.

    "Collateral damage is not an option. Our first objective is to secure the grove. We must escort the civilians outside of the grove before infiltrating and attacking the Serf Company. Do not create panic."- the vice-admiral stated

    The mission would begin.

    Spoiler: OCC
    This will be a very short, and not as story-oriented IC. Don't expect fireworks; expect brawls and rep.

    Most of the fighting will occur either in the adjacent groves, or in the building; like Enies Lobby. For the love of god, don't screw it for everyone and blow the island/grove/building up. Don't be like Dressrosa...
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    Grove 30
    @CP Agents


    The doctors face pressed up heavily against the glass of their submarine, it was a tight fit with the behemoth known as Anders in the vessel with them. Just recently, he and the dinosaur had undertaken a secret mission to displace a group of rebels, but it ended with Waters having to fight for his life when the beast went mad. But he held no grudge, he liked the scars that the battle had given him and he was daydreaming about what a cyborg dinosaur would look like. Despite his crammed position, his eyes sparkled with determination. He wasn't one for these kinds of missions, fighting was not his particular strength, though he could hold his own if necessary. Finally, they came to a stop at one of the many secret bases that littered the area, the sub rising up out of the water in dramatic fashion, though he knew Julius would say they looked super uncool with his face mashed against the glass as it was. The scene would fade with Waters finally getting a taste of fresh air in what felt like days, his joints creaked and popped with every movement, and he placed a hand against his back, giving it one loud crack as he groaned audibly. He surveyed the area closely, Sabondy was quite the unique place and its giant mangroves were a sight to behold. Suddenly , the chief of CP9 would break the momentary silence, his mechanical voice resonating among the agents.
    Protocol #2112 initiated. Establish a perimeter around Grove 40. Extract non-operatives out of the grove. Surround Happy Go Lucky Serf Company building. Prepare for refuge protocol.
    Waters sighed and looked towards Anders, wondering how they would clear out the civilians with him lurking around. Then an idea came to him, still looking intently at the dinosaur, perhaps making the well-mannered giant uncomfortable if he had noticed Waters gaze. "Right then. Why don't we use our scary looking comrade here to 'cause a bit of scene in Grove 40? Don't like many people would stick around after seeing this guy strutting around. Gyahahaha!" He laughed as he slapped Anders on his back several times. " Just don't go on a rampage like you did last time, okay? It's not the way you assassin types operate usually, but unless you two have a better idea..." He gestured toward Nori and Kim, two agents he didn't know particularly well. Waters was a bit notorious for not getting along with the operatives of CP9 in the past, before he officially joined the Pols. He didn't think now would be much different, they were a bit too serious for his liking.
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    *The group assembled and the debriefing delivered, Alexandria would begin to make her way toward Grove 40. Given a map of where it was she needed to go she would plant a small mushroom indicator on the map of where she would be so she would always have a baring of her location. The groves were massive and quite easy enough to get lost in, more so without the skill to actually read a map a skill many lacked sadly. While on route to grove number 40 several things would cross her mind, the first and foremost being the large slave ring hidden beneath the WG nose, more so glossing over it and allowing it. The second would be how exactly she would go about excavating the people of the grove without the ability to speak and without causing a panic.

    Her speed was immense and as such she would be able to make her way toward grove 40 at a speed leaving most if not everyone behind her. Reaching grove 41 she would slow down, in her wake sporadic patches of mushrooms could be seen growing, leaving what could be considered a trail for the others to follow. Soon she would reach a sign that would have a giant 40 painted on her high speed run now nothing more than a medium paced walk. She was now within her objective zone a arena full of stalls, shops and various other places catering to tourism.

    The crowd was thin due to it being mid week and people not getting their berry’s to Friday. This did serve to make the marines jobs easier she needed to figure out a way to not cause a panic while evacuating them. She drew off of a spark of inspiration. Strolling through the markets mushrooms would begin to sprout randomly all over the place, these though would be of a special breed. Once they would blossom they would release a spore that would induce sleep, rather quickly at that. This would allow for easy and panic free relocation of all of the innocent bystanders.

    She would make her way through the entirety of the market, laying out a field of mushrooms that would cause all those near by to pass out on the spot. If anyone was to arrive after her she would have mushies ready to counter her sleep spores just in case anyone in her group got caught up within it.*

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    Zank - Grove 50 --> Grove 40 - Clearing the grove

    Zank had been relatively quiet throughout most of the arrivals of other marines and members of the world government. Impel Down was rarely involved in these matters. Zank's job had initially only been that of an escort, but now it seemed he had another job to get to soon enough. Before long, he was approached by a familiar face, a familiar voice. It had not been that long, but Zank's mind was a maze of words and thoughts that often got jumbled and went missing. There had been a time when he put a prisoner in the Boiling Blood on level 4 for what he planned to be but a few minutes, only to be distracted and leaving the man there for an hour. It had been beautiful, although few other guards agreed. Despite all of this, Zank could still recognize the man before him.

    "The young captain from the Mineral Colonies! A delightful young soul! I see purity in you, young Captain, and your proposal would have been a divine blessing upon this poor soul indeed, but God's plan for these men is different!"

    Zank would rant on for a few more minutes, until he was silenced by the sudden appearance of Vice-Admiral Zelse. Granted, this man carried quite the reputation throughout the marines, and Zank would listen with an attentive ear. They were given a task, although "they" would refer to the marines. Zank was under command of Warden Havoc. Only admirals and higher stood above him. Still, Zank thought it a proper chance to display the godly power Impel Down had at their side. He would nod farewell to Chivers and proceed towards Grove 40. Here, he was uncomfortable. There were happy people, business owners, families and whatnot scattered throughout the Grove. Zank was not well suited for evacuations. He would simply stand in the middle of a square, looking visibly uncomfortable. He sighed. All he could do now, was wait... wait for the Grove to be cleared by the marines. This was more of their style.

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    Alina- grove 50- grove 40

    After metting up at groove and getting brief on their mission Alina could only think what an annoying mission this would be, especially the evacuating without panic part, though it seemed that not everyone shared her alck on enthusiasm, the young merfolk captain(alexandria) dashed away at full speed. Alina would follow suit through the air with the help of geepou, not going full speed but neither slacking off. Eventually, she would reach grove 41 and notice the shroom signs left behind as a trail of sorts, not a bad ideea as it would of prevented them from getting seperated and allow the other marines to notice what part Alex had cleared off.

    As she air walked over groove 40, she would quickly spot Alexandria leisurily strolling around and civilians passing out all around as shrooms seemed to sprout out all over the place, well that was one way to avoid panic but cleaning up the sleepers would be quite a hassle, one she didn't want to deal with so Alina would skip on fly off to a different corner of the place to evacuate the ones still awake.

    A small snap of her fingers created a small air burst that drew the attention of the nearby people, loud enough to be heard but not loud enough to cause a panic, she would then inform the crowd that they had to vacate the place as an official transport of prisoners would be heading through and this was a measure to ensure both civilian safety and reduce the risk of escape. Once she had finished clearing out her spot, she would join Zank in sitting around and dooing nothing.

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    Elysande - Grove 50 > Grove 40

    The Paladin of the marines was itching to destroy this slave market. She would make sure all who were involved would be crushed. Zelse would speak to the marines and lay out the mission. They were to head to grove 40. There is a casino there that is a front for the slave market. The problem is that the civilian population needs to be evacuated first. Collateral Damage is to be kept to a minimum, and a panic is to be avoided. It would be a tall order, but Elysande would manage. She would rush off towards Grove 40, taking a different path than Alexandria. Instead, Elysande would take the path that would lead her to enter the grove from the opposite side as Alexandria. Elysande figured they could cover more ground faster if they didn't all travel in a big group. Once inside grove 40, Elysande would make a declaration.

    Attention Everyone! By order of the Marines, Grove 40 is being closed for marine drills! We are sorry for the inconvenience and ask that you find the nearest exit immediately!

    Elysande was taking a different approach than her peers. A panic was unlikely, though a fair few unhappy citizens were sure to be a result. Better angry than dead. Elysande would repeat her message as needed, while ushering people out of the grove. She would emphasize that this was just a drill and that there was no need for alarm. One way or another, they'd clear this grove.

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