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Thread: Cipher Pol IC

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    Arrival - Cipher Pol

    As the submarine approached the Groves, Nori continued to pity Dr. Waters as he was practically pinned to the wall by Anders massive body. Nori was able to act like a wall against Ander's body, providing a safe, comfortable place to sit on the other side of him, in which everyone else had sat. But not the doctor. Once again Nori felt like the doctor was out of place amongst the CP9 agents, but his superiors had said he was there for a reason, and so he was here. Kim had said as little as Anders, both the titanic dinoman and the regular sized man as silent as ever. Though Nori had never worked with Anders, having only worked as a pair with Shara, Kim had, but he said nothing about it when pressed by Nori.

    Upon arrival, Chief VII spoke, ordering them to get into Grove 40, clear it out and surround their objective with intent to enter it. After a moment of staring at Anders, Waters suddenly pitched in an idea of having the dinoman create a commotion to scare people off. He gestured toward Nori and Kim asking if they had any other ideas. Nori merely grinned.

    "I actually love the idea. What do you think, Kim?"


    Nori narrowed his eyes at Kim for his lackadaisical response. Kim stared back at him.

    "...I'll go with him."

    Nori raised an eyebrow, but merely nodded. Kim would rather get people out of the Grove than deal with the slaver den. He was all morally like that. Nori looked at Anders for a bit, then turned toward the Doctor.

    "Alright, Doc. Looks like Kim, and Anders if he wants, can go run people out of the grove while we secure the target location. Though causing a ruckus and scaring people away sounds fun, we aren't here to have fun."

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    Sabaody Achipielago- Grove 30
    The Slave Market - Secure the Grove!

    [Chief VII | Shara | David Anders | Dr. Waters | Kim]

    For however uncomfortable the submarine ride was for Dr Waters, it was equally if not more uncomfortable for Anders. Because of his bulk and height the space they had to share was quiet cramped. But even beyond that if it had just been Anders Alone he would still have some trouble moving about. Unable to fully stand up Andres had to duck his head and crouch just to get into the sub. This is also how Anders had to leave the vessel as well, hunched over barely fitting through the exit door. It really was a relief when the party had reached the dock and he was able to remove himself from the confining quarters.

    What stood before Anders was Sabondy Archipilago the last stop before the New world. This was the place that pirates that had made names for themselves ended up, and only the truly significant ones would ever move past this point.

    Chief VII would then give the needed order
    "Protocol #2112 initiated. Establish a perimeter around Grove 40. Extract non-operatives out of the grove. Surround Happy Go Lucky Serf Company building. Prepare for refuge protocol."
    This was almost immediately followed up by a comment made by Waters. About using Anders and his large Dinoman body to "scare" away and all civilians located at Grove 40. For Anders to go there and basically cause a large ruckus causing people to flee on their on accord. Though the follow up slapping caused by the doctor did get on Andres nerves. He could see the simple logic in such a situation. Anders knew he was big and scared quiet a few people just by existing. He didn't have a pleasant mug to look at and the rows of razor sharp teeth didn't help either in his social mingling.

    Its also not like Anders had never used his appearance to his advantage either, on many occasions just making people fear him solved many simple situations.

    Nori responded agreeing with Waters suggestion while Kim really for the most part stayed silent not really voicing his opinion being yay or nay. Though Kim did state that he would be going with Anders if he took it upon himself to deal with the civilians.

    "Fine" Anders spoke "I shall go deal with clearing the area" Anders Said while swiping his tail at Waters to knock him away from his slapping him on his back. "The logic of the plan is sound, all i need to do is be big and scary. Besides just me being their will also add the factor of me acting as a distraction"

    "Maybe i can even draw the attention of anyone who is here to oppose us aswell"

    Anders looked towards Chief VII, speaking to him before he headed off to Grove 40 "This task will be simple for me and once i feel im done ill join up with the rest of you. But with you being the Commanding Agent on this mission, the mess I will cause may end up coming back to you in someway, and be assured there is going to certainly be a noticeable mess"

    "The World Government is going to have quite a bit to clean up pretty soon."

    Anders would then swiftly make his way towards Grove 40, possibly with Kim following along.

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    Grove 40
    @CP Agents and Marines

    Stealth? Never heard of it.

    The doctor was still slapping Anders on the back when CP9 agent Nori actually agreed with his plan, Waters could feel Nori's uneasiness towards him being part of their group, as he was not a trained assassin, but was curious as how he would think the giant dinosaur was any different. How could he get over the fact that a 20ft tall dino was a member of an elite squad of stealthy assassins. Oh well. It was the reality they faced, and to be fair he was sure why he himself was apart of this mission. Casually dodging Anders giant whip attack, Waters put his hands in his pockets and rocked to the side, towards the Chief. "We all realize I'm a scientist and doctor, right? Not some kind of hacker. Gyaha! Well, I promised Julius I'd go along orders as I did commit to Cipher Pol." He would give the Chief time to respond to any inquires that had just been made, though his question was more rhetorical than anything. He would then continue speaking, walking along side the roots of the mangroves, watching the giant bubbles float into the sky. They would be making their way towards the Auction House to secure its perimeter while Anders and Kim would get rid of any prying eyes in in the grove. Though they split off in two different directions, they would rendezvous at the target location. Upon entering the grove, Waters would notice that the Marines had pretty much the same goal, that is, getting rid of civilians as to avoid a panic. Some of them seemed to be knocked out, a strange gas permeating the air. In another direction, a loud noise could be heard, much like a cannon firing, with people safely leaving the grove on their own accord. And finally, he would hear the sound of a Marine officer giving the more... direct and logical approach, simply giving them orders to leave the grove so the Marines could do their drills. Definitely not suspicious that random drills were happening in civilian areas.
    Attention Everyone! By order of the Marines, Grove 40 is being closed for marine drills! We are sorry for the inconvenience and ask that you find the nearest exit immediately!
    Beads of sweat began dripping from Waters' forehead, as the Marines had beaten them to the punch and were already securing the perimeter. Whenever he saw a Marine the sweat got even worse and he even put a hand in front of his face, as if they actually knew who he was, like some kind of pirate. "Alright, boss, what's our plan now?" He would whisper towards the Chief and Nori in a not-so-subtle fashion. The three of them would stick out like sore thumbs to anyone with eyes, and it seemed they needed to find a better way to the Auction House if they were going to secure it.
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    Sabaody Achipielago - Grove 40
    The Slave Market - Secure the Grove!

    [Cipher Pol | Marines]

    From Grove 30 came the Cipher Pols. From Grove 50 came the Marines. The branches with the same mission, yet with vastly different endgame. Led by a silent woman, the Marines came first to the grove. Many bystander were induced to sleep, and the others stood in awe of the explosion that came before the proclamation; Marine Drill. The Cipher Pols came second, set to induce panic through dinosaur. Yet, they were all but too late. The crowd had begun to thin, in anger to being segregated by the Marine Drill, than panic. Elysande had the best performance of all involved. The Marines came from the North, and the Pols came from the South. The sleeping civilians were a concern, however, for they were not cleared. Their lives stood in danger.

    A storm of blur took to the surrounding of the Auction House, which stood in the middle of the grove. Before long, every sleeping bystander had been taken to the outskirts of the grove. Zelse appeared in a blur affront his Marines; he the culprit.

    "Luitenant! Bring the convoy backup to transport the civilians out of the grove. I want it done in five minutes!- vice-admiral Zelse ordered

    And they would, but at the same time the vice-admiral gave the order, the CP crew stood at the other side of the grove, seeing the many scatter, and the mission done for them. They saw the cloud of pollen beginning to thin, the people leaving in files, and the Marine back-up entering the grove to recover those asleep. They had heard the proclamation of the drill, and the Marine presence was clear. The dinosaur rampage was not needed, nor would it aid in their mission. The CP's mission was done for them.

    "Alright, boss, what's our plan now?"- Dr. Waters asked the CP9 Chief, at the other side of the grove
    "Proceed with protocol #2152: Safeguard area. Extract priority targets to rendezvous."- the chief answered

    Sabaody Achipielago - Grove 40
    Cipher Pol vs. Marines - Ideologies Clash!

    [Cipher Pol | Marines]

    The Rendezvous. Grove 30 and the submarine base. That would be their final mission. The camera contorted, showing a bird's-eye view of the Auction House. The target was a humongous beanstalk coming off the Mangrove, it seemingly stretching into the clouds forever. It's trunk was literally the building, with stories of steel amassed. Windows, doors, and lights came from inside, giving an jovial feeling. Its surroundings were swamp up to the ankles, every shifting to pockets of water that would lead to currents to ocean. Around the area was the norm grove of solid ground, stretching around to buildings of market, covering the grove.

    The sloshing of water signaled the Marine group approaching the Auction House. Suddenly, large clangs and bangs muffled the footsteps, as the windows and doors shut with steel barricades. The announcement of Marine Drill was loud; the officers of the slave trade heard it, and barricaded the building. Affront the Marine forces led vice-admiral Zelse, taking a deep puff os his cigarette before breaking into a dash forward, leaving the others stoic behind. The vice-admiral's left hand was cocked back, into the shape of a dragon claw. It vibrated. A whirring sound came next, as air contorted around it, crackling with power of shockwave. The vice-admiral's eyes veered towards the main door; he intended to tear it down.

    "Dragon's Claw: Jusshigan!!!"- the vice-admiral stated, releasing the pent-up energy forward
    "Tekkai Go: Dai Sai Gin!"- a robotic voice seemed to answer, followed by a large clang, heard groves away

    Splitting into two, a truck-sized shockwave blew towards each side past the sides of the beanstalk. The camera focused on the eye of the storm. Affront vice-adrmial Zelse stood a large man, clad in CP9's suit, his palms against the vice-admiral's claw. Power in kind. Pushing back, the vice-admiral jumped backwards, allowing the thunderclap of their clash to fizzle out. A thin gorge traced the shockwave's path. The beanstalk was unharmed, and the two men stood affront each other. Presumably, the agents of CP would have followed, and appeared behind the chief. The two branches of the World Government stood across from each other.

    "Chief VII!"- the vice-admiral screamed with clear disdain in his voice
    "Vice-Admiral Zelse identified."- the chief responded mechanically
    "You best get out my way. Behind you stands the slave market, and it is our mission to take it do-"- Zelse said, interrupted
    "NEGATIVE. Mission #2134: Protect and transport priority targets to safety."- the chief stated
    "SAFETY?! These men stand against everything Justice stands for. Who gave you this mission?!"- the vice-adrmial demanded
    "Entering vice-admiral clearance... ERROR. Files locked. Mission proceeding."- the chief stated

    Tension you could cut with a knife. Sloshing signified one of the agents moving. Vice-Admiral Joker, stepped forward. A vicious man he was known to be, through all the WG. Yet known to be the most effective agent in the new generation. He had spent the majority of his tenure with the Pols under the man that stood affront him; under vice-adrmial Zelse. The marine, upon his approach, gritted his teeth. History took to these men, whence mentee turned to enemy, and ideologies tuned to hate. The disdain and approach of the new Pols, forced the ex-chief to take a stand. To exit the Pols and join the Marines. The last two chiefs of Cipher Pol stood at odds, and the Joker would intervene.

    "Let me translate, ex-chief. A mission out of your pay grade. You get the **** out of here...!"- the Joker said
    "After all those years, Joker. I taught you better than to forge Justice! As long as those with sense of right draw breath, we will not allow the suffering of slavery to exist. The Pols have taken the wrong turn since my absence. I don't know who is pulling your strings, or who gave you that order, but I intend to see Justice done. GET OUT OF MY WAY."- the vice-admiral demanded
    "Justice for whom? How many have died on the toes of your prima donna Justice? Since we have taken the helm, the Pols have cleared a path to peace through Supremacy, unseen in centuries. Your prima donna Justice failed."- the Joker mocked
    "Your path only leads to more violence! Innocent people cannot be sacrificed... Justice will prevail!- the vice-admiral assured
    "Justice will prevail? But of course it will! Whoever wins this battle, becomes Justice!"- the Joker answered
    "Requesting clearance.... GRANTED..... EXTERMINATE OPPOSITION."- the chief shockingly stated

    Ideologies clash. The order was granted. With a smile, the Joker raised his right hand. He held a large barreled glock, fittingly engraved "BANG!". The vice-chief pulled the trigger. From it came a harpoon, powered by a bolt of lightning. It's tip aimed for the vice-admiral's head.
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    *The group of marines would all arrive to grove 50 none of which decided to work together and instead all did their own thing. It would seem the marines did not work well with one another or so it would appear. Alexandria would begin to form the base of mushroom men, her dum dum variety. Though she would seemingly not need to do so for once the spores would settle down, VA Zelse would arrive and order the sleeping citizens to be gathered and placed into safety. On the other side there was a slight panic as another marine would have taken the long route yet would somehow still arrive before the spores would have taken over the area.

    Now all of the citizens would be removed from the grove, some in a somber sleep the others in a annoyed and light panic. Surrounding the beanstalk the marines would now be in place including Alexandria. Zelse once again taking action would release a powerful technique toward the door one so strong it would send the force through the stalk. Yet, instead of hitting a door he would be meet with CP’s Leader VII. The two would exchange words VII stating their were there on a mission and Zelse arguing he was obstructing justice.

    If that were not enough the vice chief of the pols would step up and speak, he too denying Zelse mission and more or less declaring war on the WG. Stating whoever won this battle would be “justice”. Alexandria listening to this would only sigh, she has listened to speeches like this better during her time as a slave. None of the men who made such proclamations lasted and were always usurped by those they oppressed, usually the slaves they kept.

    It was clear to her though that the marines and cp were now at war, the declaration was spoken and made clear as the clown man would attack, sending off a harpoon coated in lightning aimed for Zelse. Not jumping to his aid Alexandria would be more than sure he could take care of being attacked by himself. Alexandria on the other hand, would already be manipulating the weather by releasing heat balls followed by cool balls. She would be inducing fog into the area at a rapid pace. The area around her would be the thicket of the fog at the moment as mushrooms would slowly start to grow around her under the guise of the fog. If left too it should would engulf the area with fog making it harder for both sides to fight but mainly giving her mushrooms a cloak to grow under. For as the fog spread as did her mushrooms, one would be smart not to bump into one or face the poisonous spores that would release from it on contact.

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    It seemed their plans were no longer going to work as a call by the Marines declared the area closed off. Though they had done the job of evacuating civilians out of the area for them, they now posed a threat to the completion of the real mission. Indeed, one of the Marines attacked the target building but was blocked by VII. Nori momentarily wondered how exactly a robot could use Tekkai, but dismissed the thought for another time. Things grounded to a halt as the Marine tried to get VII and the CP to back off, but VII was not having it.

    As Joker stepped forward to actually talk, as VII did not do much in that department, Nori began to stretch. Kim stood motionlessly by Waters, his eyes on the Chief and the Marine. Apparently the Marine was Zelse, a former Cipher Pol 9 agent. In reality, Kim wanted the group to step aside and let the Marines destroy the auction house. But it wasn't up to him, it was up to the Chief and whomever he got his orders from. Kim was very suspicious of that, though Nori didn't care one bit. So long as he was given a target to kill, Nori was happy. Kim had a moral compass, but Nori was simply a killer. Even now, when the Cipher Pols were about to clash with the World Government, Nori didn't seem to care one bit, just stretching in preparation for the inevitable fight.

    The moment Joker fired, it was clear there would be no more talking. One of the Marines seemed to suddenly begin creating fog through the use of a Clima Tact. She was already obscured from view as the fog grew thick and spread out. However, this was nothing to Kim. He ran forward straight for the fog. He closed his eyes as he did not need to rely on them. Instead, he said a single word just before entering.


    Having infused his Hasshoken into his voice, the sound of the word released sound waves that bounced off anything infront of him and came back, his body picking up on the waves to determine where things were. He found the woman's location, and leapt forward through the fog, a Jugon aimed for the woman's collarbone. Upon strike, Kim would utter another word. If he missed, he'd still utter the word, again infusing it with his Hasshoken.


    It would be quite clear that her fog was useless. He'd also avoided all of her mushrooms growing around the ground.

    Spoiler: Techniques
    Jugon - a very strong punch which is done at the same speed as Shigan, making it even more powerful.

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    @Cipher Pol Agents

    Attack! The Battle Begins
    Standing beside the Chief and the other agents, Waters sighed as it seemed the leader of CP9 was even more robotic than usual. He knew something was amiss, but had little time to dwell on it before being pushed back by the explosive clash of Chief and the leader of the Marine troop, Vice-Admiral Zelse. His hair blew carelessly in the aftermath of the shock wave, a bead of sweat rolling down his face at the power the Vice-Admiral possessed. After a brief exchange of words between the two... men, the Vice-Chief would step in, again engaging in a war of words with the Marine, warning him to fall back. Cipher Pol and the Marines were fighting each other, Waters couldn't help but laugh, as this was why he had been so hesitant of the Government for all these years, ironically being convinced by Julius to officially join who would never let him live down the fact that he was defending a slave trafficking group.

    Suddenly, fog began to fill the gap between the Marines and the agents, signaling that the time for talking was over and the real battle had begun. Kim went on the attack first, attacking the source of the fog with clever use of his fighting style to locate the perpetrator. Waters closed his eyes, his Mantra spread out over the area encompassing the two groups, nothing could escape his 'sight' and he lived up to his namesake of One-Hundred Eyes. Though he didn't open his eyes or mouth, his words would fill the minds of every agent standing next to him, "Let's cut off the head of the snake, shall we? Nori, time to see what your made of!!! I'll be yours eyes until we can get rid of this fog, let's focus on the Vice-Admiral!" Joker had already attacked the man before the fog had appeared but Waters knew from his display of strength earlier that it would not be so easy to kill the man. He jumped on to a nearby building, away from immediate threat, acting as a comm agent of sorts for his group.
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    sorry for the late post, was the weekend and i was busy being drunk.
    Grove 40 Alina- Raining bombs

    The battle would begin with an exchange of blows between the leaders of the CP and Marine groups, followed up by a moral debate, quite a waste of time in her opinion, not like anyone would suddenly change their side over moral outcry. As Alexandria began to form the fog, Alina used her mantra to simply keep track of her opponents positions, thus noticing Kim heading straight for Alex. While her devil fruit powers were mostly melee, such problems could be circumvented with the use of mediums to carry the burst, and thanks to their current location, the place was filled with such mediums. Placing a hand onto one of the soap bubbles that popped up near her, she would "charge" it up then send it flying in front of Kim's path, wanting to stop/slow him down.

    The young captain would then start jumping around from bubble to bubble, punching or kicking other bubbles towards the locations of the cipher agents(all of them would get bombed eventually), it was the same method as previously used against Kim, turn the bubble into a bomb then launch it with a weak blunt rankyaku. Unless someone directly targeted her or did something that warented full attention, the white haired marine would keep on jumping on bubles at low altitude and randomly bombard the enemy CP agents with exploding bubbles, though in case someone did try to attack her, they would have to be careful of the multitude of "mine bubbles" she had left behind as she jumped from bubble to bubble, and the mine field would just keep on growing larger and larger as long as she was left unchecked.

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    Zank - Marines VS Cipher Pol - Impel Down laughs

    Once the grove had been cleared, it seemed nothing stood in the way of the marines penetrating the slave traders' defenses. Yet when VA Zelse was about to tear down the entrance to the building, a loud metallic clank stopped him dead in his tracks. Before the marines stood members of Cipher Pol, the "secret service" of the World Government. Zank's eyes widened at the sight of the men and women present. It seemed things were going to get real interesting real fast. As a loyal dog of Impel Down, Zank had no dog in this fight. However, he was brought here to help the marines, and Zank was a loyal man. Cipher Pol's sudden appearance was of no concern to his mission. He had his orders, and it would be unbecoming of him and Impel Down's reputation if they tossed aside their colleagues. Cipher Pol was the enemy here, and Zank knew it well. Vice-Admiral Zelse seemed to be the prime target of the Pols. A man with long hair would strike first, aiming at Alexandria, the mute girl brought along by the marines. Then there was Dr. Waters, an old and mysterious figure among the pols, who seemed to work together with the long-haired man. That would be Zank's target.

    "Spread, my children... find me the good doctor! Uln Grah'n!"

    From Zank's massive body, larvae of smooze would crawl outwards in every direction, connected to Zank by a trail of swamp. The little creatures seemed alive, despite being little more than swamp. If they were stepped on or attached themselves to a person, they would soon be covered in swamp and disappear into its endless depths. Despite their disagreements, these men were still part of the World Government. As much as he hated to do so, Zank would not suck them in completely. At most, they would be covered up to their necks in infinitely expanding swamp, or covered completely until rendered unconscious. Zank himself would walk around and try to find whomever he could.

    "Good children! Faithful children! Find the lost sheep in this fog! God lights your path!!"

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    Sabaody Achipielago - Grove 40
    Cipher Pol vs. Marines - Ideologies Clash!

    Evacuations of the grove had gone smoothly, though Elysande had likely made a few new enemies that day. She didn't particularly mind. She wanted to bring down this slave market once and for all. No matter how many times it might crop up, it needed to be squashed with the full force of justice. Zelse was setting out to do just that. He came at the building with the strength of justice, but would be stopped by none other than the chief of Cipher Pol 9. Elysande knew not who he was, as CP9 was above her pay grade. Regardless, she knew that these men stood in the way of justice.

    Words were going nowhere, and the vice chief had pulled a weapon on Zelse. Two versus one was not an honorable fight. Elysande would not approve of such a thing. As the vice chief fired, a vertical air blade would meet the harpoon in its path and cleave it in two before it would ever reach Zelse. Immediately following the first air blade came a second, this one horizontal and ignited in fire. It carried much greater power than the first and was aimed to cut the vice chief at his waist.

    The slave market will fall. Surrender or fall with it!

    The Paladin of the Marines was ready for a fight. Even with the fog, she wasn't worried. Any who dared to approach her were free to do so. If the Vice Chief decided to fight back, he would be her opponent. If not, Elysande would leap into the sky and drop down upon Waters with her blade. This was her Kokuto Arahoshi Technique. She was testing the waters so to speak, seeing what this man was capable of.

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