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    Within the mechanical Leviathan of a submarine, the blade Agent known as Reiji Sanzoku. Or Agent 13, due to him seeing himself as the 13th greatest sword within the world lay. He was the most lazy Cipher Pol Agent to date. He was soundly asleep. Within his dream he was on a beach, the female pirates he was supposed to capture, Marines his boss Chief-VII and other women surrounded home in a harem. Oh yes... He was having a magnificent dream indeed. They even called his name in the dream. His boss especially. Turning to her, he heard her say "Mission#4356 Ashes-Entry" thinking wtf, he snapped awake getting up rather quickly. He made his way to the deck. There was greeted by a small bird resembling a crow of sorts with blue eyes.
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    [SCION | Agent 13]

    The hull screeched as the submarine began its ascent - losing pressure rapidly. The mechanical bird known as SCION waited stoically. The door clamped shut, as 13 entered the observation deck. From its vantage point, SCION scanned 13, ending with a monotone beep of 'Confirmed'. There was a sudden shift in the bird's posture, towards 13. It opened its mouth, and a light projected an image in front of 13. Golden hair sat atop refined shoulders. The woman's face was half-robotic, and tiny robotic hands worked on it. The eye was blue, just like the bird's. Chief VII-X turned to 13, before speaking. The agent could recognize that the Chief used the language of humans, clearly using her emotion chip and mimicking a personality of another; this one of ex-admiral Pavloena.

    As Chief VII-X spoke, a hologram of a tower, half in water, showed next to her through another projection.

    "Marineford's Gate of Justice - Control Tower
    Each faction of the World Government controls their own Gate of Justice,
    Easy entry to their island is through the connected Tarai Current.
    It would take days to arrive through other means.

    Your mission is simple: Infiltrate the Control Tower and take over the control room.

    The Control Tower is on its own small island miles off Marineford.
    Special Cipher Pol clearance will only get you to the dock of the Control Tower island.
    You must take it from there. Infiltrate the Tower without arousing suspicion.
    Be warned, if they find you out, the entire Marineford forces will be sent to the island.
    There will be no escape then.

    Do not contact the Pols.
    SCION will contact you when the mission is completed for further instructions.

    The specs showed the island having four warships, turrets on various balconies of the Tower, 100-foot soldiers, various Captain-level marines, and one vice-admiral stationed at the Tower. The hologram showed a large base floor and rounded staircases at the end. No elevator was shown. The other floors were obscured - shown to be CONFIDENTIAL, even outside the Pol's intel. The sign of '?' was on the screen, and below read 'Communications Room'; 13 had to disable that to prevent a call for back-up. The point of entry was the Dock, where a large mountain separated the waters from the Tower. Marine brigades were perched at the other side of the mountain. The hologram noted that to enter the Marineford Gate of Justice, the Marines needed to know of the Pol's approach, and set to meet the sub at the dock; the hologram gave no strategy to go from there.

    "From those honored dead we take increased devotion,
    So that the world, under the World Government,
    Shall have a new birth of freedom, so it shall not perish from the earth.

    The Pols shall bring the ashes."
    - the chief concluded, her eyes bleeping blue

    The chef's face dissappeared with that last statement. SCION retracted the hologram, picking his feathers and taking a small tablet with the mission specs within for easy access. The hull groaned once more, and light shone into the deck through the front window; the sub was on the surface. If 13 bothered to look, he'd see a giant door opening; Marineford's Gate of Justice. On the horizon to the far right, the Control Tower could be seen. From the fog that came appeared two Marine warships, one at each side of the submarine. The warships led the sub to the dock. With a full stop, the sub arrived at the dock. On the dock, a Marine Captain awaited, arms crossed. At least two dozen soldiers accompanied him. The Warships docked next to the submarine.

    The mission begins now.
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    Tarai Current - Submarine
    Mission Ashes: Arrival at Control Island!


    Leonard awoke to the sound of the hull screeching. He opened his eyes and looked around to find himself in some kind of storage room. Judging by the way the room was designed, Leonard surmised he was on board a Cipher Pol submarine. But why? Leonard looked back through his memories. Some time ago, he had been touring the labratories of some fellow CP8 scientists when there was an accident. Some experiment was accidentally released and affected several scientists and agents, Leonard among them. He wasn't sure what it was, but it definitely targeted his brain. He could scarcely remember a thing since then. In fact, it felt as though his very existence had been in limbo for the past week.

    The hull groaned once more, signalling the submarine's ascent. For now, Leonard needed to know what was going on. He quietly made his way out of the room and proceeded towards the observation deck. He peered inside and saw two things. First thing he spotted was agent Reiji Sanzoku. While the man was a Cipher Pol 8 agent, he was not one of the scientists. Not everyone in CP8 was a scientist. Some agents were guards, labrats, or simple errand runners. If Leonard had to put Reiji in one of those categories, it'd probably be errand runner. While Reiji's skills were exceptional, his personality was wanting, and when not on a mission he was noted to be extremely lazy. The second thing Leonard noticed was a mechanical bird. The black metal it was composed of was arranged in a sleek fashion, and it's blue eyes glowed with power. While Leonard noted it was very nice looking, he preferred living flesh constructs as opposed to mechanical. Leave those things to Cipher Pol 7.

    The mechanical bird shifted it's position and from it's mouth a hologram was projected in front of Reiji. From Leonard's vantage point, he couldn't quite make out what it was, so he used the power of his devil fruit to produce a pair of eyes from the wall that allowed him to see. From those eyes, he could see the hologram was of Cipher Pol 9 Chief VII-X. Curious, Leonard also had a pair of ears sprout from Reiji's back so he could listen in. From the ears on Reiji's back and the eyes on the wall, Leonard was able to see and hear the entire mission briefing. Once it ended, he immediately dismissed the ears, keeping watch with the eyes. The hull groaned again, but now Leonard could see sunlight pour in through the front of the observation deck. Through the glass, he saw the gates of justice opening. They appeared to already be nearby. However, Reiji had turned his back and was heading back into the interior of the sub. While he may have noticed the sunlight, he wouldn't see the gates.

    No doubt Reiji didn't know they were that close to their destination and was heading back inside the sleep, his lazy persona showing once more. But Leonard stayed out of the way and out of sight as he began to formulate a plan of his own. Leonard mysteriously waking aboard the sub and Reiji's laziness gave Leonard a chance that he couldn't pass up. For a while now, he'd struggled to one up his fellow scientists and take the position as Vice Chief of CP8. But CP8 scientists are not ones to be underestimated, so there had been a stalemate amongst the factions that not even his own brilliance could surmount. But now he had the opportunity to aid the Chief of CP9. If he helped her, if you could call a machine a her, she would no doubt be able to do him the small favor of getting him promoted within the ranks of CP8.

    Of course, to do that, he'd need to actually make this mission a success. While he wasn't sure on the why of anything, he had all he needed to know to proceed from the mission briefing. As the submarine entered the gates, it was soon escorted by a pair of marine warships. As they approached the dock, Leonard straightened his tie and smoothed the creases on his clothes. Using his devil fruit powers to look at himself from all angles to make sure his appearance was impeccable. As the sub docked and the entrance opened, Leonard stepped out with a cheerful smile on face. The two warships that had escorted the sub were also docking. A marine captain with a squad of marines awaited him. Leonard stepped forward.

    "It's such a beautiful day, isn't it, my dear captain?"

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