Original title: 太子妃升職記
Title: Go Princess Go; Tai Zi Fei Sheng Zhi Ji
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Romance
Episodes: 35 (~25 min each)
Broadcast period: Dec 13, 2015 to Jan 16, 2016


Zhang Peng is a playboy who hits his head as he falls into a pool when he's trying to run away from an ex-girlfriend. He wakes up to find that he's traveled a thousand years into the past. But, that's not even the biggest problem, he also wakes up as the crown princess of the dynasty - Zhang Peng Peng. Hilarity ensues as Zhang Peng weighs between trying to get back to his time and leveraging his new female identity to seduce all the concubines and women he can.

Zhang Crystal as Zhang Peng Peng
Sheng Peter as Qi Sheng
Yu Alan as Jiu Wang

Guo Fiction as Yang Yan
Jiang A-Joe as Zhao Wang
An Yong Chang as Jiang Ying Yue
Hai Karina as Lu Li
Peng Yu Chang as Jiang Gong Gong


Has anyone watched this one? I've watched 15 episodes so far and I can't decide if it's good or bad. It's low budget drama and has gone through severe censorship thus the short episodes. It's really hilarious but at some moments it seems so forced and awkward...