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Thread: Hi there

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    Hi there

    Let's see... I am or have been scoping out some forums to join. I have been out of the loop for some time and wanted to be a part of a friendly forum again. I like anime and manga, and I can do some role playing. Seems some forums are too high speed for me or go dead, long absences in regards to role play. i thought I will try this place.


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    Hi, welcome to AF. We got a pretty good group of people here.

    We got a couple of RP groups. One Piece and Akame Ga Kill are the active ones.

    If a thread looks like it is slow, just post and someone is bound to join in.

    Anyway I hope you enjoy the community.

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    welcome to AF
    looking forward to see you in my section


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    Hi welcome to AF Enjoy staying here!

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    Hey there! Wlcome to Animeflame....

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    Hi!! Glad to see you all. I hope we'll be friends and get pleasure from communication

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