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    [Discussion] Legend of The Condor Heroes 2017 (Chinese Mainland Drama)

    Genre Wuxia
    Written by Louis Cha (original story)
    Directed by Jeffrey Chang (Jiang Jia Jun)

    Opening theme 鐵血丹心 (Tie Xue Dan Xin) Instrumental Version
    Country of origin China
    Original language(s) Mandarin
    No. of episodes 52
    Running time 45 minutes
    Original release January 9, 2017

    Main cast:
    Yang Xu Wen as Guo Jing
    Li Yi Tong as Huang Rong
    Chen Xingxu as Yang Kang
    Meng Ziyi as Mu Nianci

    Supporting Cast Edit
    Michael Miu as Huang Yaoshi -- Huang Rong's father
    Zhang Yonggang as Ouyang Feng
    Zhao Lixin as Hong Qigong
    Liu Zhiyang as Ouyang Ke
    Li Zonghan as Yang Tiexin -- Bao Xiruo's husband and Yang Kang's father
    Liu Qianhan as Bao Xiruo -- Yang Tiexin's wife and Yang Kang's mother
    Shao Bing as Guo Xiaotian -- Li Ping's husband and Guo Jing's father
    Cheng Li as Li Ping -- Guo Xiaotian's wife and Guo Jing's mother
    Ning Wentong as Zhou Botong
    Mi Lusi as Mei Chaofeng
    Shao Feng as Qiu Chuji
    Zong Fengyang as Wanyan Honglie
    Liu Changsheng as Qiu Qianren
    Wang Kuirong as Ke Zhen'e
    Ji Chenmu as Zhu Cong
    Wang Chunyuan as Han Baoju
    Ma Jingjing as Nan Xiren
    Xin Peng as Zhang a'Sheng
    Xiao Yinshi as Han Xiaoying
    Lo Deng as Quan Jinfa
    Guo Jun as Wang Chuyi
    Jin Song as Lu Youjiao
    Yu Ailei as Duan Tiande

    Guo Jing and Yang Kang are the descendants of honorable men and destined to become brothers yet a tragedy forces them to lead disparate lives. Guo Jing grows up to be honest kind-hearted yet dim-witted while Yang Kang is cunning and power hungry. Due to a chance encounter, Guo Jing meets the clever and mischievous Huang Rong, thus beginning his epic journey to become a martial arts hero. (Credit to Kappy/ AVA)

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    Ep 1 & 2
    Packed of action scenes, fast paced and clear introduction for the background stories of the parents of the main characters. So far so good. This definitely has good opening

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    Li Yi Tong is so perfect for this role. I've never fond of any Mainland Chinese adoptions for this story before as I couldn't find any actors that much attractive to glue me with the shows.... Now I find myself so enjoy with this version, thanks to her and Yang Xu Wen's actings

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    To ep 14
    I love the main couple so much. Very adorable, very supportive and loving each other.
    The cgi also very nice... they make all the martial scenes look realistic and beautiful

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