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    Forum Mafia

    ok, so... it was mentioned years ago, but i had no idea how it would work
    but recently ive been hooked by forum mafia on a couple of other sites, and would like to bring it here

    if you know town of salem, its like that, but done over a longer time to allow for different time zones and schedules

    simply put, there are a few "bad guys" (mafia), who can communicate with each other, and everyone else (town) needs to find out who they are, and kill them

    day phases are usually 48 hours, where you discuss, and vote for who you think is mafia
    the person with the most votes at the end will be killed, and has to stop playing

    then night is usually 24 hours, where you submit any actions you might have (like checking if someone is mafia, seeing what actions someone does, killing somesone, etc)
    during this time, mafia can still communicate, and get to kill one town player

    if anybody is interested, please say so
    if you need more information, ask

    if i can get enough people (preferably at least 9), id like to run a game starting any time in march ^.^

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    This seems fun. How long does one game usually take?

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    Depends in the number of people, but maybe a couple of weeks
    2 days for the day phase, and 1 day off for night (unless you're mafia)
    Could change it to 1 day for the daytime, but that means you have less info when voting

    Watching: 18; Completed: 439; PTW: 82 (T.T)
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