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    [Discussion] The Starry Night, The Starry Sea (Mainland Chinese Drama)

    Genre: Fantasy, Romance
    Created by: Tong Hua
    Written by: Qian Jingjing, Xu Ziyuan
    Directed by: Wei Hantao

    Country of origin: China
    Original language(s): Mandarin
    No. of episodes: 40


    Executive producer(s): Yu Yi
    Producer(s): Tang Panjing, Feng Shaofeng
    Location(s): Taiwan, Shanghai, New York City, Seoul
    Running time: 45 minutes
    Production company(s): Dream Stardom Film and TV Culture Co., Ltd

    Original network Hunan TV
    Original release February 6, 2017


    Feng Shaofeng as Wu Julan
    Bea Hayden as Shen Luo
    Huang Ming as Jiang Yisheng
    Sui Yongliang as Zhou Buwen
    Guo Xiaoting as Zhou Buxin
    Wang Yanlin as Zhu Yiyang
    Wang Xinwei as Mi Xue'er
    Wang Mingyang as An Zuo
    Wang Mengli as Wu Jingjing

    A young woman who moves away from the city to get it away from misery finds a life she didn’t expect. After the divorce of her parents, Shen Luo (Bea Hayden) grew up being mistreated by her stepmother and stepbrother. To make a break from her difficult life, she moves out of the city to a small island cottage. One day, Luo finds an injured and unconscious Wu Ju Lan (Feng Shao Feng) at her doorstep. As Luo nurses Ju Lan back to health, Ju Lan appears to Luo as a man without roots, a job or resources, but she can’t help falling in love with him. Ju Lan uses his mystical powers and intellect to try to make Luo’s life better. But when a nosy neighbor discovers Luo’s prized possession, a magical pearl, what sacrifices will Ju Lan have to make to save Luo’s life? “The Starry Night, The Starry Sea” is a 2017 Chinese drama series directed by Wei Han Tao. It is adapted from a novel by the same title by Tony Hua.


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    Ep 1
    I like it a lot. Good cast & unique storyline, fast paced and great cinematography.
    Lol when they found out what water he used to cook the food. It's from a "well" in... the bathroom, yuck!!!
    Thx goodness that she got rid of the long hair for him. He looks so handsome now with the new modern haircut :fangurl:

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    Ep 2 & 5
    Ju Lan promised to Shen Luo's grand father that he will protect her. Did he really mean that?
    I don't like Da Tou at all. He seems to full of tricks & lies in order to achieve what he want. Grand father warned Shen Luo about him. Lucky she doesn't see him as her love interest. So I hope no heartache for her there.
    Sadly grand father just passed away & the spirit pearl got stolen again. I am worried for Ju Lan's safety. I can sense the tragedy is going to happen once again...
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    Ep 8 - 10
    Ju Lan is so deep in love with Shen Luo now... The way he looks at her How could he not? This girl's so pure, kind and cute. Whenever he's in danger she'll put her life on the line to protect him.
    The highlight of ep 8 was when Ju Lan brought a huge fish home and filleted it to sell to the villagers. So funny at the part Shen Luo imagined all the RMB notes as fish pieces flying around & neatly lying on the plates.... See how he adored her and does things like that to help her financially?
    I was in dismayed at the scene the lady doctor took her master but left Shen Luo alone in the forest after the girl risk her life to protect the man. She woke up in the morning with bruise all over her body. Poor girl. No worries the first thing after your merman recover he came and carrued you home. How sweet!

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    Ep 11 & 12
    Ju Lan just found out that Shen Luo has the spiritual pearl inside her body!!! The only way to get it back is a true love kiss. Whoosh! But there's another fact he hasn't known yet that she was saved by the pearl. If he take it back she will die!!!!
    Zhou Buxin's stupidity really get in my nerves. How dare she kidnapped Shen Luo & trapped her in that container then went to have a drink? What's going to happen to Shen Luo now

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    Ep 18
    Things got stired up again as a new girl has apoeared and been trying hard to get Wu Ju Lan's attention. But she has failed again and again. It turned out Wu Ju Lan's past lover was her ancestor and that's why she got that picture of him & that lady. The face was blurred out but I guesd she looked somewhat similar to Xiao Luo

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    Ep 19
    New girl's secret revealed she has brain tumor at the last stage. She learned about the power of the pearl (she thought WJL still has it) and she tried to get close to him in order to obtain it. Meanwhile An Zuo also found the special knife in America... WJL better hide Xiao Luo now before boss An get her!!!

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    Ep 23
    Lucky the grandma was so smart that she had a backup plan for her people to come and rescue her & Liang Liang in time. I hope this is the one & only time Liang Liang got decieved by An Zuo. She must learn her lesson
    Zhou Buwen has lost his friendship with Shen Luo & Yisheng. Yay! I totally can't stand this character at all.

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