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    [Discussion] Love Just Come (Mainland Chinese drama)

    Title: 爱来的刚好/ Ai Lai De Gang Hao
    English title: Love, Just Come
    Genre: Modern, Romance

    Episodes: 60

    Director: Wang Lianping

    Broadcast Date: January 30, 2017 - March 4, 2017


    Han Dong as Duan Tian Lang
    Jiang Kai Tong as Qing Ling
    Lee Wei as Ding Hai
    Zhang Xi Yuan as Duan Xue Qing
    Wang Wei as Ju Shan Shan
    Chen Li Xin as Duan Zheng Hua


    From when she was young, Qing Ling grew up in an orphanage. She is a kind, cheerful and helpful girl with a perfect sense of smell. Due to her sensitivity to smells, she started to develop perfume. Qing Ling's dream is to create a perfume to pay back the orphanage and help society. In order to realize this dream, Qing Ling persevered through all sorts of adversity. While chasing her dream, she received Xu Qinglun, Duan Tian Lang, Duan Yi Hua and others help. With Duan Tian Lang, they went from friends to lovers. During this period, she also found her family and reconnected with them. After experiencing lots of frustration, she finally, with her own effort and everyone's help, produced her own perfume brand, realized her dream and obtained love.

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    To ep 10
    I can't help but feel frustrated with Qing Linh because she is so naive and always tricked by whether Shan Shan or Ding Hai.
    She even lied about the pregnancy to help Ding Hai marry her!!!! I hope she'll learn about his real motivation and get out of that relationship before it's too late....

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    =====> ep 17
    Grandma Xu has found out Qing Ling is actually her long lost grand daughter. Now it's just a matter of time before she will let Qing Ling & her mum know about it.
    Ding Hai is a jerk, he has affair with Xue Qing outside but dare to criticize Qing Ling's friendship with Tian Lang. He even didnt believe that she got pregnant with him and is now regretting why did he marry her in the first place. I really don't understand how could Qing Ling fall in love with such a scumbag & desperately want to go back to that toxic place to be bullied everyday by his mum!!!!!!!
    What a MELO!

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    Ep 18-20
    How could Ding Hai has such an evil plan? He changed his mind but still left the soup there and Qing Linh drank it!!!!

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    Ep 22
    At the ex husband's engagement, the exwife turned up next to the brother of his fiance!!! The fiance tried to bully the ex-wife, made her stumble... And there came the clche that we see in every Chinese drama, the man came into the room & scooped her into his arm then walked out. I wondered where the heck he went and left her all alone there to have bad treat like that though. Or maybe he intended to do so so she can learn to stand up and fight back
    Anyway, rest assure because he didn't let her suffer for too long. I love the scene he put his shoes on her. Cliché but cute
    I'm glad Qing Ting has learned everything about Ding Hai and can let that stupid love go. I can't stand watching her crying & begging Ding Hai anymore longer.

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    Ep 23-25
    Naive Qing Linh once again got deceived by Ding Hai & he stole her perfume's formula.... But she still believes in his lies time after time.
    How annoying!😣 So many bad people and only few good ones. How many more obstacles Qing Ling has to get through before finding true happiness?

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    Ep 36
    What the...!
    My goodness Is Xue Qing a human being? Why did she fight so hard to get slipped down the stairs? Now she will put all the blame of losing her unborn on Qing Ling's head for sure! How CHAOTIC

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    Ep 37
    I'm not very excited for this... Qing Ling's real status has been publicly declared now she officially has moved into the Duan's house to live as the daughter of her mom and of course she has to break up with Tian Lang. I so hate this kind of concept. When step children fall in love with each other before knowing the connection of their family background. Meh just meh.... Now Qing Ling & Tian Lang have to face each other everyday in siblings relationship. I don't like to see that at all...

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    Ep 40
    I knew Shan Shan wouldn't give up Tian Lang that easily. Silly Tian Lang fell into her trap that night. What did actually happen between them I don't know but now she came to his marriage ceremony and ruined it.
    I thought finally Qing Ling can see the light at the end of the tunel... how come darkness return and cover their future again?

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    Ep 48
    This is one of the most "what the heck" dramas that I have ever watched.
    Married, divorce then another marriage, and then will be another divorce!
    I just want to finish it quickly so I can rest

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