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    There are some other musical parts I recognize without being able to name them exactly to a composer or a title.
    But, in the first episode anyway, I clearly hear several Debussy-pieces.
    I know that French composer Debussy ( 1862-1918), was inspired and influenced by Asian music, specially from Indonesia en Japan.
    Nice to hear him in a Japanese production.

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    More about the music: The sound-quality is very good anyway, and the music played is beautiful too.
    Traditional Japanese sounds and Western style orchestra pieces, usually I don't like mixes like that: Or Asian, or Western I prefer.
    But here it works.
    I imagine to hear bits of Star Trek and Indiana Jones here and there
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    I now know that most of the music is composed by Yoko Kanno, ( Japan 1964)
    Some comments under her YT-clips compare her with John Williams, probably the greatest American film-composer.
    The piano in the opening-tune of this drama is played by piano-prodigy Lang Lang.

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    When Otowa grows older, at first I thought the casting of Shibasaki Kou as Ii Naotora was a bit off.
    Not really the adolescence-age she is supposed to look.
    But a bit later, she fits perfectly.
    In fact she becomes a real comedienne , with her tough "don't mess with me" face and way of walking, not able being able to hide her angst and fears at the same time.

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    I have put this on hold after watching episode 41 was translated, somewhere in november 2017, because they come very slow.
    Not blaming anybody, because it is perhaps only one person or a very small group doing the translations.
    And as far as I can judge, the translations seem to be natural.

    But now, out of the blue, episode 42 till 48 have been translated too .
    I will restrain, but I hope the rest will be available soon !

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    And finished, in week 5 of 2018, with a great Japanese drama about a great Japanese woman, who laid the groundwork for a long prosperous period in Japanese history.

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