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    There are some other musical parts I recognize without being able to name them exactly to a composer or a title.
    But, in the first episode anyway, I clearly hear several Debussy-pieces.
    I know that French composer Debussy ( 1862-1918), was inspired and influenced by Asian music, specially from Indonesia en Japan.
    Nice to hear him in a Japanese production.

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    More about the music: The sound-quality is very good anyway, and the music played is beautiful too.
    Traditional Japanese sounds and Western style orchestra pieces, usually I don't like mixes like that: Or Asian, or Western I prefer.
    But here it works.
    I imagine to hear bits of Star Trek and Indiana Jones here and there
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    I now know that most of the music is composed by Yoko Kanno, ( Japan 1964)
    Some comments under her YT-clips compare her with John Williams, probably the greatest American film-composer.
    The piano in the opening-tune of this drama is played by piano-prodigy Lang Lang.

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    When Otowa grows older, at first I thought the casting of Shibasaki Kou as Ii Naotora was a bit off.
    Not really the adolescence-age she is supposed to look.
    But a bit later, she fits perfectly.
    In fact she becomes a real comedienne , with her tough "don't mess with me" face and way of walking, not able being able to hide her angst and fears at the same time.

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