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    [Discussion] My Secret Romance

    Title: 애타는 로맨스 / My Secret Romance
    Chinese Title: 我秘密的羅曼史
    Genre: Romance, Comedy
    Episodes: 16 (To Be Confirmed)
    Broadcast network: OCN
    Broadcast period: 2017-April-17 to 2017-June-06
    Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:00


    Cha Jin Wook (Sung Hoon) is a son from a wealthy family. His family runs a large company. Cha Jin Wook only pursues short term love. He then meets Lee Yoo Mi (Song Ji Eun) and changes. Lee Yoo Mi has never had a boyfriend before.


    Sung Hoon as Cha Jin Wook
    Song Ji Eun as Lee Yoo Mi
    Kim Jae Young as Jung Hyun Tae
    Jung Da Sol as Joo Hye Ri
    Nam Ki Ae as Jo Mi Hee (Yoo Miís mother)
    Kim Jong Goo as President Cha Dae Bok
    Park Shin Woon as Jang Woo Jin
    Kim Si Young as Wang Bok Ja
    Im Do Yoon as Kang Jenny
    Baek Seung Hun as Lee Shin Hwa
    Lee Hae In as Jang Eun Bi
    Oh Chang Kyung as Director Meng
    Lee Sang Hoon as Secretary Kim
    Joo Seung Hyuk as Lee Dong Goo (Yoo Miís younger brother)

    Production Credits

    Producer: Goldin Media
    Director: Kang Chul Woo
    Screenwriter: Kim Ha Na

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    Ep 1
    What a steamy encounter three years ago between Yoo Mi & that handsome bloke. But "unfortunately" she has ended up working as nutritionist for his company. It didn't take long for he to recognize her. Watch out, the man is going to put her life in hell to revenge his humiliation from the past when she ran away.

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    Ep 2 & 3
    Well they did have a longer history of encounter than I thought. Maybe a litle bit deeper than the term of "one night stand".
    You both better clear all the misunderstanding before I run out of my patience

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    Ep 4
    Why 99% of the second male leads in Kdrama are handsome, kindhearted & unrequited love sufferers? Compared to Jin Wook, Hyun Tae doesn't lack anything & even more gentleman but the girl will never see it!!! :angy:

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    Ep 5 & 6
    From cooking for him now she is happy to sit there to watch him eating as well. The distance between them surely is getting closer and closer. The secret about the content inside his jewellery box he may hide it for a very long time LOL.

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    I put this one on my PTW

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    Looking forward to chatting with you soon big sis

    Ep 7
    Wow that beautiful, sweet kiss when he giving the plates to her. Is it a new style? Hahaha... Absolutely fabulous!
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    Gonna watch this one when it finishes airing

    set by xeltox

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    Quote Originally Posted by HAVA-RAVA View Post
    Gonna watch this one when it finishes airing
    This drama is very lighthearted & entertaining. I'm sure you will like it

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