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    Taeya observed as she was joined by Lili , she then went on to eat two pieces of chicken before realizing that Odin and Tomo were with her too. With Odin offering up some of the frog he had cooked. Taeya thought about it, but passed. She felt that eating the results of her quest to be a bit too barbaric for her, but she did not think lesser of Odin, or anyone who tried it. Rather, she was glad that the beast served some sort of purpose. Whilst she was relaxing her jaw from all of the chewing she was doing, Tomo brought up the fact that she hadn't really been introduced to everyone yet. Taeya realized her rudeness, and her shame was evident on her face. She immediately righted this wrong.

    Forgive my rudeness. I invited you to our group, but I never even gave you my name. Nice to meet you, I'm Taeya Requience. For some reason, I was chosen to be the wielder of Durandal, I look forward to questing with you Tomoei.

    The dignified aura she gave off while introducing herself disappeared in an instant as she focused on her remaining food. As she was eating, she started to feel more and more sleepy, and feared she would fall asleep at the table. She focused and kept herself awake, feeling like the battle she was having with herself at this moment was far more difficult than all of those frogs she had just fought combined.

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    Miyaura hummed a gentle tune while she walked around. Her eyes widened, when the guy she made eye contact with, approached her while she was turning his way. She smiled brightly to hear about the quest she had posted a time ago. Miyaura held her hands together and noticed the male had a little nervousness, which she understood from their first encounter a few moments ago. When he asked about the quest it took her a second to reply, finding the humor in his averted gazes.

    Yes of course! I am Miyaura, it is a pleasure to meet you.

    When she introduced herself, she bowed her head a little. The outfit she wore was not one she could curtsey in. His averting eyes and nervousness allowed Miyaura to keep her smile. The situation he saw was her fault anyways, not seeing him there before so she was able to look past it. His reactions towards her was cute. Well enough to make her hold back her giddy nature with cute things. Looking at him it was obvious he was an adventurer. His white hair and fox-like eyes caught her attention. The mask covered half his face but Miyaura Couldn't shake the feeling she had seen his eyes before. Just before she could think anymore on it, the shop entrance opened. With quite the presence stepping through. A heavily armored man drew everyones attention. With a curious look on her face, she watched while he approached and with few words Miyaura understood why he was here.

    Two adventurers should be fine. My request deals in locating and retrieveing Rune Stones. They are stones void of magic, but enchantments can be sealed on them. You two will have to pass the migrating field for the Giant Frogs, along the mountains edge should be a vein of rune stone material. If you two could bring me the ore I could take care of the rest!

    Her eyes shot over to the white haired and playfully smiled

    WE can talk when you return, i'm just curious about a few things hee-hee.

    She gave a little wink from her eye before fully turning her attention to both of them again.
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    After their lovely meal together was over, Taeya and her group went their separate ways. As they did not have the funds to acquire housing on their own. Taeya wanted this to be a goal for them, as she felt it would bring them closer together and enable more synchronization among group members. In Taeya's case, she had rented a small room in a stable. It wasn't very comfortable, but it was affordable and she could manage. One day, she felt the urge to learn at least one Priest skill. Her class was capable of it, and she was born with a surprising affinity towards magic, so she felt there would be no problem in doing so.

    She ventures out of her cramped little room, and explores the city for a potential Priest she could learn Heal from. She felt it was the most basic and necessary skill she needed to learn from the Priest's move set. Eventually, she comes across a Priest who is willing to teach her Heal. However he is requesting a fee of 200 Eris for it. She grumbles and complains, but eventually relents. She pays the man, and he teaches her the Heal skill. She is glad to have such an important tool in her arsenal, and wants to venture out on a quest immediately to show off her new skill. She makes way for the Guild right away.

    After weaving through and around people, she arrives at the Guild, and opens its doors once more. She immediately heads to the quest board to look for a good one. Something caught her eye. The flyer for it indicated that a rather large wolf was making a ruckus at night and it was causing problems for a nearby village. Taeya wanted to help the village right away, and accepted the quest. Not noticing the peculiar '+' next to the difficulty rating. The flyer in hand, Taeya approaches Luna to inform her that she would be taking on her second quest.

    Miss Luna, I'll be taking this Howling Menace! quest. Me and my group are looking for another challenge to overcome and this seems to be just the quest for us!

    Luna was doubtful that Taeya and her group could handle this particular quest, but it wasn't her place to say anything. Taeya made the decision herself, so that was that. Meanwhile, Taeya was busy trying to round up her party members. She knew right away where Lili would be, so she headed to the forge to check up on her. When she arrived, she would do her best to act normal, but her excitement of learning a Priest skill would show through her attempts at a poker face. She would dodge the questions that inquired what she was excited about however.

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    Liliana had returned to the forge once she had finished eating and everyone had introduced themselves to Tomo, she had said her goodbyes and returned home. She went into the small room that was built off the back of the forge. It wasnt the most luxurious of rooms and in fact it was rather plain but she called it home. She walked in and flopped onto her bed not even bothering to change or pull the covers back. The adventure they had had been fun indeed but it had sure drained the energy from her.

    The next morning Lili was awake before the sun like usual, her muscles ached but she didnt have time to worry about that. She had two swords that needed to be finished and she had the customers coming by noon to retrieve them. She threw her legs over the bed and climbed out moving to change her clothes, she wrapped a large leather apron around herself. She went to lighting the forge and stoking the coals until it was to her liking. Once this was done she retrieved her gloves and the swords. For hours she spent tempering and shaping the weapons. By the time the two weapons were shaped, cooled and their hilts formed and in place it was almost time for her customers to arrive.

    She set the swords on the counter at the front of the shop their individual hilts laid beside them. Once the individuals arrive she presented the two weapons demonstrating the differences between each one to the customers. Once done and she felt they were satisfied she placed them in the sheathes and passed them too the two adventurers. After they exited she slumped against the counter sighing heavily her face caked with soot, she looked up when she heard the door open and saw it was Taeya who had entered the shop with a rather excited demeanor .

    "hey there Taeya..i wasn't expecting to see you hear today, do you need something repaired??"

    She smiled and laughed slightly knowing that was the last thing Taeya would have came here for, she figured she had accepted another quest and was rounding veryone up. Lili tried to probe Taeya for answers on what she seemed so excited about and what they were to do ut she simply avoided her questions. So Lili went back to her room and washed her face changing into another set of clothes she had for when she went out.

    "Well whatever it is then you know ill follow you so lead the way"

    Lili laughed again and playfully nudged Taeya's shoulder as they left the shop and Lili locked up

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    Taeya was subsequently greeted as she entered Lili's establishment. It was a fairly quaint shop. Had a homey feel to it that was probably missing from the more experienced Smithery's. She looked around for a bit, eyeing the quality of her displayed works. It wasn't bad, but she had a long way to go. She would eventually respond to Lili's question.

    You are correct. I've another quest for us all to do. This one will really test our skills too. Would you happen to know where we can reach the others? I'm at a loss as to where I could find them.

    The way Taeya said skills would be different from the rest of her sentence. A clue as to her excitement, but it would be vague regardless. After hearing Lili's response, whether she had information on their whereabouts or not, she would venture outside with Lili and either go to a predetermined location, or search the city at random. Either way, it would be a bit before they managed to gather everyone up to begin this quest. Unfortunately for Lili, Taeya would keep quiet about the quest they were taking until everyone had gathered.

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