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    Axel (Konosuba RP)


    A city in the country of Belzerg. Home to many including Adventurers as one of the City's income jobs and defense.


    Adventurer Guild Hall
    The central hub for all adventurers in Axel. The adventurer Guild allows those willing to choose a class and mark the beginning of their new life. The guild works as a business by providing a service for both civians and adventurer alike. Taking in requests from those near and far to provide work for those wishing to take them for their payment. Being a business the Guild hall secretaries offer these tasks and on being completed, reward the adventurer with the pay for the quest. Contrary to the business , at night the guild hall uses it large space to become a adventurer exclusive restaurant , providing various food and drinks to allow adventurer toreward themselves and their achievements with others. Sharing the company of adventurer. Of course every meal and drink comes with a price. It is a business

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    Guild Hall
    Hello adventurer! My name is Luna, the Guild Hall Secretary. I will be managing your quests, rewards and other bonuses. The guild hall is also where current quests are posted by people in need of an adventurer like yourself! Here is a small tip from me to you, gathering and turning in Skill and Level exp does not have to be turned in every time you quest or obtain skill exp. You can even save up the exp from your adventures and efforts until you decide to turn them in for your rewards or experience you have gathered! However! Quests also come with a Eris (Currency) reward as well depending on the difficulty of your quest. Now lets move onto the basics! Oh I almost forgot! Safety first! *Wink*. Quests come with several difficulties so be sure to choose your quests wisely and it always helps to bring a friend along!

    Kill Quests
    Kill Quests are requests we've received for monster elimination. Monsters grow hostile or simply stray into civilized areas. Kill quests are more often rewarding Eris
    *= A + indicates that this quest features a boss battle, and is more difficult than your average quest for that level.
    Frog Hunting
    Reward: 400 Eris
    Difficulty: LV 5
    10 points per 10 frogs
    Description: Giant frogs have migrated and now pose a danger to nearby towns and farms.
    Reward: 600 Eris
    Difficulty: LV 6
    10 points per 10 Undead Slain, Bonus for Priests who clense the area
    Description: A nearby village is having Issues with a curse that causes Skeletons to rise an hour after midnight.
    "My Cabbages!!"
    Reward: 800 Eris
    Difficulty: LV 8
    50 Eris per monster captured
    Description: A nearby town has been dealing with a monster situation. Cabbage monsters travel in massive packs. The guild values these cute little creatures for many delicacy. The guild provides large carrying containers to aid in capture
    Fanged Primates
    Reward: 700 Eris
    Difficulty: Level 8
    Description: A rare species of monkey known as the Saber-tooth Baboon has recently taken over a nearby forest. This is problematic as they are very aggressive and vicious creatures. They are agile, and attack in groups. Proceed with caution and try to dent their numbers enough to make the forest safe, if only for a little while. We will reward you handsomely for your effort. About 12 of them will suffice.
    Dubious Ducks
    Reward: 600 Eris
    Difficulty: Level 7
    Description: A species of mutant duck as recently surfaced. They are occupying a nearby lake. Part of their mutation seems to have given them control over water. Not to mention they have grown in size. Be careful, being by a lake gives them a home field advantage. We want you to slay at least 10 of these ducks. Good luck out there!
    Special Kill Quest: Regora, the Drake Scout
    Reward: 2500 Eris
    Difficulty: Level 10+
    Descritpion: Regora a scout for the lesser dragons, the drakes, has been spotted frequently around Belzerg. We fear that the drakes are going to attack Belzerg. In order to prevent that we are requesting that you efficient adventurers strike Regora down. As we don't wish to cause a panic, we are keeping this quest hidden from the general populous. Please hurry, and make sure our neighbors are safe!
    Howling Menace!
    Reward: 2,000-2350 Eris
    Difficulty: Level 8+*
    Description: A thunderous howl is keeping people up at night. According to scouts, the source of the howling is a massive wolf. He appears to be the leader of a pack. Eliminating the big leader will likely cause the rest to scatter. Bonus rewards for each smaller wolf slain. Boss Wolf is worth 1000 Eris, and each additional wolf slain rewards 50 Eris.

    Dungeon Quests
    Dungeons are special tower, ruins and other hidden away constructs. Being abandoned long ago, dungeons often hold great treasures and secrets! What lies inside is unknown so be prepared and we advise not going alone
    Explore the Nether Cave!
    Reward: 600 Eris + Bonus
    Difficulty: Level 5
    Description: Adventurers recently stumbled upon a particularly deep cave. It has been called the Nether Cave because of how deep it seems to run. Explore as far as you can! The deeper you manage to go, the better your reward! Be careful though! Who knows what traps or creatures lurk within the cave! Keep your wits about you, and good luck Adventurers![/QUOTE]

    Guild Quests
    Guild quests are jobs that take you on a journey outside the city to complete a personal job for us that may include delivery or assistance. The reward will be gracious as you may choose a Eris reward or a randomly selected item from our inventory of Collections
    Herbs for Healing
    Reward: 400 Eris
    Difficulty: Level 4
    Description: Our medicine supply is running low. We need you to gather 10 Veria Herbs so we can begin working on replenishing our supply. You'll be rewarded for every 10 Herbs you bring us. We can never have too much medicine after all! Beware though. The plant life around where the herbs grow can be quite vicious. So keep your guard up, and gather some herbs!
    Express Service
    Reward: 300 Eris + Information about a hidden, and dangerous Kill Quest.
    Difficulty: Level 6
    Description: We really goofed! It seems we sent out the wrong item by mistake. We need some speedy Adventurers to intercept the delivery and make sure the correct item is delivered instead. Our reputation is on the line, so as extra incentive in addition to Eris, we will be providing the group that clears this quest with information about a special Kill Quest! Please hurry! The longer you wait, the harder the quest becomes! Oh, but be careful! Who knows what may attack you on your way there!

    Adventure Quests
    These quests are placed on the board by request of other adventurers! Adventure Quests can lead to going wherever the Client wishes. It could be right beyond the city walls or to a newly discovered place, possibly even more dangers so be careful!

    City Enchanter
    Reward: 500 Eris, Guild Bonus EXP
    Difficulty: LV 3
    Quest Client: Miyaura
    Description: An enchanter in Axel has put in a retrieval mission of a special enchanting item to help in her new project. To take the quest please find the enchanter in her shop in Axel for more information.


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    Taeya was hard at work. She was busy drafting up a flyer of sorts to recruit some members. That way she could form a party with others who, like her, were just starting as Adventurers. She got the basic composition of it down, and just needed to finalize what it said. That part was important. It needed to be able to convince people to join her after all. She was no writer, so this part proved to be difficult for her. After quite some time, she managed to write something that was acceptable to her. She headed down the halls of the Adventurers Guild, ready to post her flyer. However when the time came, she was overcome with a sense of doubt, and proceeded to walk away from the bulletin board. After getting some distance from the bulletin board, she shakes off her nerves, and goes back to post it. However the same thing happens, and again, she shakes her nerves off and goes back. This process would repeat a few times, and onlookers would be treated to what appeared to be some intense pacing back and forth. Finally, after a short while of this, her confidence outlasted her nerves and her flyer was posted. The flyer would read as follows:

    "Attention all Adventurers! My name is Taeya Requience. I am looking to form a party for efficient questing and exploring. I am a Crusader who wields the legendary Durandal blade. Making me a great ally to have. I am not looking to join a party. I am looking to start one, and grow along side several other Adventurers who are just starting out! I am looking for a Wizard, Priest, and two more non-magic based classes to join me! If you share the same opinion as I, then seek me out!"

    Attached to the flyer was a picture of Taeya herself. This was to show people who wanted to join what she looked like. She did not want to restrict herself to a particular area, so she did not write down a place to find her at, rather she attached that picture of herself. Unfortunately, it had an undesired side effect. She received many... less than honorable men who were merely after her appearance. She felt like her entire idea was a failure, and was losing hope that something would actually come of this...

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    The Axel guild hall was a place for those who live the life of thrill and adventure to find a mission that helped them partake in that life. The posting looks like they have a new mission and it was posted by quite the beautiful young female. Seeing this was a man a couple of tables away he had been waiting for a mission to be posted up. As the female left the young man got up and rushed to the board and took a look at the flyer reading it thoroughly before a smirk grew on his face as his road to being a hero is beginning. Little does anyone know that this youthful man is none other than the famed arch wizard Caius Grusbalesta trying to scout out possible parties for him to join with out having to deal with the showmanship of desperate party leaders. Even a powerful wizard as himself just wants to be picked for his personality not rank.

    Following a deep breath Caius or now as his disguised alias Kain comically dashes towards the female stopping right in front of her standing in attention. As he stops in front of her his youthful demeanor is shown. He then says with plucky enthusiasm, wide eyes, a youthful tone of voice, and his right thumb pointed at himself.

    I hear you looking for a Wizard. Well look no further! For I Cain Vessailus am the zappiest wizard around!

    Choice of vocabulary aside the wizard hopes that he is good enough to be in this party without having to reveal his true self to Miss Tanya as that is what he doesn't want to do.

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    Taeya was returning to the Guild Hall, after refusing yet another lecherous fool. She was losing hope, when all of a sudden a man dashed in front of her. He introduced himself as the "zappiest Wizard around" a statement which caused the normally dignified Taeya to let out a giggle. She pondered for a moment... hesitant due to the recent string of less than desirable candidates she's had thus far. She sized him up, and after a few moments thinking it over, she deduced unlike her previous candidates, he was not looking to gawk at a pretty face. She takes a deep breath before finally speaking up.

    The zappiest Wizard around huh? Well good! I would expect nothing less from my party! Welcome to my team. I'm Taeya as you know, but since we are in the same group now, you can just call me Tae. I look forward to adventuring with you, Cain.

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    Liliana stood in the axel guild Hall a frown etched across her young face. She stood in front of the request board like she did almost everyday praying to find someone who needed some form of weapon or even armor made. But as usual none were found, once again she sighed in disappointment. She turned to walk away but stopped something catching her eye and drawing her towards it, Lili stood before a poster reading it almost out under her breathe. Once finished she sighed and hung her head. She had always wanted to go out to the dungeons or do the other quests that were posted but being an adventurer she held no real valuable skills. Her only asset was being a blacksmith and ever since her father's passing business had declined drastically. She gave the poster another glance before sighing and gathering the materials she had bought earlier in the day into her arms. The young girl spun from the request board quickly and hurried through the guild hall and out into the street, she had her head down which cause her not to see the man standing before her when she shot out the door. She slammed into his back which threw her back onto the ground scattering her arm load of supplies all across the ground.

    The young red headed girl sat there on the ground for a few moments rather stunned and greatly embarrassed. She stood quickly her head still hung as she bowed and began to quickly apologize to the man she had just ran into

    "I...I'm very sorry sir. I didn't mean to run into you like that I didn't see you when I came out of the guild hall. Please I'm terribly terribly sorry"

    She looked up briefly her face was smeared with soot and dirt from working in the forge, she had a leather apron wrapped around her waist and her hands were hid under worn leather gloves. She remained there a few minutes before she began to hurriedly pick up the items she had dropped

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    Everything was going fine for the youthful disguise of Caius, Well everything but the slogan he used to advertise himself as he went over it he realized that it was extreme childish and lame the embarrassment revealed itself as the youthful face of Cain was with a tint of bright red along his cheeks. The embarrassment subsided and become excitement as Taeya accepted him into her party keeping up his childish facade Caius hopped into the air in celebration, but as the celebration began it would seem that he would be knocked out of his position while he was air borne as he was going to let out a cheer. Now interrupted his cheer turned into a shout of surprise.


    With a thud he landed flat on his face comically causing him to make a crack in the ground in his outline. After a couple of minutes Cain gets up wincing in pain as the situation he just went through wasn't good at all. As he his now standing there were now new features to his face as his face was scuffed up a bit and his nose bled a bit, but that was cured with a wipe of his sleeve. He turned to look at the cause of his crash landing with a lump on hid forehead and a childish glare and he realized it was a red haired female covered in soot and carrying supplies. His childish ire calmed down as he realized from her words it was an accident. He dusts himself of before saying in a pained tone.

    It was noting I barely felt anything

    With that failed attempt to make himself look impervious to the harm he was feeling he gave a thumbs up towards the red haired female. In another attempt to make light of the situation he decided to break the ice as he says with a childish chuckle.

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    The day was young and many were still about in the city for reasons of their own. A young man would now enter the city walls of Axel for only the second time. Traveling to Axel from far away. His eyes lit up at his surroundings. The life of the city still being somewhat new to him, he continued to walk about. It wasn't until an hour had passed that Yamato had realized he was lost. Frantically looking around, he could not place where he was at in the city. His head dropped in despair before he just decided to keep walking.
    In due time Yamato eventually lit up in excitement, it was far buts large size could be seen. The Adventurer Guild. He hastened his walking pace. There being guild halls in other far locations, Yamato still had to register himself at this one. Coming to Axel for the collection of reasons and goals. Yamato was well if age yet his youthful appearance seemed to throw many off from his age, and unfortunately on his journey to Axel, it also confused some as to his gender. He was a swordsman primarily but an adventurer, evident by the curved blade strapped to his side, different from most with its curved edge.

    Standing in front of The Hall, his smile grew looking at the sight. His smile faded as he looked at the door way, with two exiting and one to follow. Crashing into one dropping anarm full of things. Yamato did not stop and continued to become closer to the group since they were in front of the door where the red haired woman apologized.. By the time she would drop down to pick up her things, she would be able to see him approach, stopping at her position. And in silence helped her pick her things asthe man she bumped into acknowledged it was a accident. As he lowered himself to the ground to help, he looked down to ensure het got everythin betweenthem. His face burning red as his eyes took note and intinctively gazed upon how her attire fit the woman. The intant he realized he was staring the red came upon his face as he hastened the pace and tried to not look at her or get caught by others

    Looking and smiling at her as they both rose to their feet. He placed his hand on his head, his eyes obviously avoiding eye contact. He opened his mouth to speak but stopped himself as it would hav beenrude to interrupt their conversation. He simply wanted to assist
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    Lili saw the man approach and watched him for a moment as he held pick her stuff up. When she stood and apologized she was surprised to find that the one she had ran into had been so quick to forgive her. Most would have gotten angry or at least scolded her for not paying more attention. She gasped lightly when she saw his nose bleeding. She quickly bowed again apologizing quickly. Once the man mentioned making him some armored robes her spirits perked some and her face brightened

    "Oh...oh yes I welll um I could do that indeed. Though my skill as a blacksmith isn't much..but I'd be more than happy to try and make something for you. My shop is just down the street you can always stop by later and tell me what it is your looking for."

    She grinned brightly as she clutched the different items against her chest. She held an array of things most were for blacksmithing while a few were just personal items. Once she finished speaking to the man before her she turned to the one who had stopped to help her and bowed to him as well
    "Thank you so much for helping me pick my things up...that was very kind of you sir."

    She then smiled lightly and looked between the two men. Suddenly she stopped and a shocked expression came to her face. She was being so rude her father had always taught her to introduce herself to people and here she was forgetting basic manners

    "Im..I'm sorry I think I forgot to introduce myself ...I'm Liliana Tan'ya...I own the shop just down the sorry again for causing both of you any trouble but I really must be going..please don't forget to stop by the shop if you ever need anything"

    Lili then turned quickly to walk away but after only a few steps she noticed the woman that she assumed had been talking with the man she had walked into. Upon seeing her she stopped and looked at her. She couldn't help but admire the woman's beauty and for awhile she swore she knew this woman though from where she couldn't remember. She turned to her quickly and bowed as well speaking hurriedly

    "I'm so sorry for interrupting the conversation you were having and for causing you an inconvenience ma'am "

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    Tae was observing as various events unfolded before her eyes. As the young lady crashed into Cain, the slightest of chuckles escaped her lips. She quickly silenced herself, ashamed at herself for laughing at such an occurrence. Apologies were given, and Cain didn't seem too bothered by everything, though she could tell it was merely bravado meant to ease the girls feeling of guilt. Shortly after the aforementioned collision, a man would approach the lady and help her pick up her things. Recently scorned herself by the seemingly typical behavior she believed the men of this city to have, Tae kept her eye on this new man. Sure enough, she noticed two important things. One was his subtle, yet wandering eyes. The second was the abnormal red hue to his face. This indicated he was seeing something not meant to be seen in decent company. Confirming these observations to herself, she let out a faint 'tch'. Once the lady was done gathering her things, she would direct an apology to Tae herself, for interrupting the conversation she was having.

    No need to worry. Actually...

    Tae began thinking for a moment. She had gained a member, but two people don't make a party. She would need more allies, and this seemed like a good a chance as any to get another.

    Would you want to accompany me and Cain here on a quest? We just agreed to form a party, and we could use another. Oh, how rude of me. I'm Taeya, Taeya Requience. Recently inducted Crusader for the Axel Adventurer's Guild. Nice to meet you.

    Tae said, realizing she had yet to introduce herself.

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