Taeya observed as she was joined by Lili , she then went on to eat two pieces of chicken before realizing that Odin and Tomo were with her too. With Odin offering up some of the frog he had cooked. Taeya thought about it, but passed. She felt that eating the results of her quest to be a bit too barbaric for her, but she did not think lesser of Odin, or anyone who tried it. Rather, she was glad that the beast served some sort of purpose. Whilst she was relaxing her jaw from all of the chewing she was doing, Tomo brought up the fact that she hadn't really been introduced to everyone yet. Taeya realized her rudeness, and her shame was evident on her face. She immediately righted this wrong.

Forgive my rudeness. I invited you to our group, but I never even gave you my name. Nice to meet you, I'm Taeya Requience. For some reason, I was chosen to be the wielder of Durandal, I look forward to questing with you Tomoei.

The dignified aura she gave off while introducing herself disappeared in an instant as she focused on her remaining food. As she was eating, she started to feel more and more sleepy, and feared she would fall asleep at the table. She focused and kept herself awake, feeling like the battle she was having with herself at this moment was far more difficult than all of those frogs she had just fought combined.