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    [Discussion] A Different Kind of Pretty Man 2


    Chinese title: 不一样的美男子Ⅱ / Bu Yi Yang De Mei Nan Zi Er
    English title: A Different Kind of Pretty Man 2

    Genre: Modern, Romance

    Episodes: 30

    Directors: Shen Yi and Ding Yang Guo

    Broadcast Period: March 13, 2017

    Replacing: The Starry Night The Starry Sea 那片星空,那片海


    Zhang Yun Long as Guan Hao

    Kan Qing Zi as Xiao Jue and Chu Xia

    Andy Chen

    Jiang Yu Xi


    A story about the ordinary life of a young man and woman from the city, whom in the midst of fate and the fight against youth to create an inspirational love story. It focuses mainly on twin sisters Chu Xia and Xiao Jin (Kan Qing Zi), who meet and reunite due to an accident, but both accidentally fall in love with the same boy, Guan Hao (Zhang Yun Long). After repeated hardships and life and death tests, Chu Xia takes friendship and love on a different course, fighting with her lover over the course of fate, and in the end, finally living a happy life. This drama aims to show the loveliness and strive towards true love and positive pursuit of life and love.

    Cr avirtualvoyage
    Source: Soompi

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    I am a hundred thousand times not a fan of this kind of arrangement when one actor/actress plays two roles, twin or whatever. I always found it's confusing and hard to focus onthe good character.
    Okay why did I try this one? Just because... I watched the main actor in Destiny to Love You 2 years ago and really adored him, so I wanna check how well he is in lead role this time.
    After 2 episodes, I think his acting is okay, not perfect but as he's a newbie, I will be patient

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    Ep 4
    What? The girl is now working for her enemy without knowing he's after her!!! Lucky that she can get away from all of his tricks from time to time but for how long?

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    Ep 10
    I think she wasn't the red hair girl but actually was the little one!!!! But how could she grow so fast in 3 years ???

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    Ep 13
    Wow! Her twin sister has appeared!!!! Why does she look exactly the same like Chu Xia and make Guan Hao confusing? Kan Qing Yi portraits two different kinds of characters so well. She makes me like one and hate the other. This girl can act!
    Can't believe that old man can walk.... and now he corporates with Lin Xiyuan to find the energy stone.

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    Ep 15-17
    My head is still spinning. This is such a crazy situation... Xiao Jin tried to get close to her sister then kidnaped and hid her away. Fortunately Xi Yuan came and rescued her meanwhile Guan Hao still does not have a clue of what's going on and still mistaking the bad girl is his beloved Chu Xia.

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    Ep 18-20
    My goodness I dont understand why Guan Hao so stupid to be unable to distinguish between the fake & real one. Everyone around him can easy see who is Chu Xia but he can't!!!!!

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    Ep 25
    That creepy man has become more powerful & evil. I don't know when wil Guan Hao and his friends can be strong enough to defeat him. They need to work out the perfect strategy!

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