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    Kingdom of Belzerg (Konosuba Quest/Free Roam Thread)

    This thread is for quests, dungeons, or simply to hang around or pursue personal development. For personal interest or development you are able to create places you may visit or journey through
    Kingdom of Belzerg
    As the kingdom of Belzerg is the only country whose borders overlap Those of the Demon Kings Territory, their borders are heavily protected. In order to help them, surrounding countries like Elroad, send soldiers to join the Border Guard and assist with defense costs.
    Adventurers Ailment Guide
    These are a list of known ailments to aid adventurers with currently known Ailments

    An afflicton that poisons its targets, gradully draing the health and vitality.
    A layer of slime that coats the target in a sticky liquid which can weigh down the victim. Decreases Luck.

    Giant Frog
    A large frog variant in size ranging from a small shack to a small home. Often uses Slime Ailments. Scarring adventurers in all beginning Adventurers for ages

    Level 5
    Strength: 345
    Vitality : 400
    Stamina: 245
    Intelligence: 0
    Mana: 21
    Agility: 150
    Accuracy: 300
    Luck: 420

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    Tae had just received acknowledgement from Luna, meaning she and her group were clear to take the quest. She had decided to go with the "Frog Hunting" quest for various reasons. One of them personal, one of them related to the fact that they did not have a priest, so the other potential quest would have been more difficult. With the quest accepted, she heads out, hoping to see a returned Lili there when she does. As she made her way to the exit, thoughts started racing through her mind. Thoughts like 'This is it, it's finally time...' and then ones like 'This is going to go fine... right?'. She was eager to get started, but equally worried about everything to. She didn't let it show though. She may not be entirely okay with it yet, but she was the leader of this group. She would present herself as such. She was nearing the door that marked both the entrance, and the exit to the Guild, when she saw a group of familiar faces. Turns out, her party, with Lili present, had gone in as well. She approached them and told the news.

    We have our quest. It is Frog Hunting. As the name suggests, we are to slay some frogs. However, these frogs are giants. So we should take the appropriate amount of caution. Anyways... let's head out!

    With that said, Tae lead the way. She ventured outside of the city, and towards the habitat of these rumored frogs. She felt her hand trembling, and only hoped that if her group saw this, that they assumed it was in anticipation. Whilst walking, Tae managed to calm herself down a bit, and the trembling stopped. She was beginning to feel more at ease, when suddenly they had arrived at the proposed frog habitat. She didn't see anything at first, but after a few more steps, she noticed a large number of enormous frogs. It turns out that Tae and her group were atop a hill, and the giant frogs were located at the bottom. She took a deep breath, turned to her group and gave a reassuring nod. Then, she would unsheathe her blade and shout.

    Let's go, Durandal!

    With that, she advanced on a giant frog, it was roughly the size of a shack, that was separated from the rest of them. She approached it and took a swing at it with Durandal. The frog, having not noticed her beforehand, was alarmed, and in its sudden movement, Tae was struck. She slid across the ground. Thankfully, she didn't suffer too much damage. As it was just a result of the frogs sudden movement, and not of an attack with the intent to harm. She was now prepared though, having just received first hand experience with what to expect from her giant amphibian foe.

    My attacks seem to be having some effect, but not as much as I'd like. Cain, show us why you're the zappiest! I'll keep it busy, so don't worry about being attacked!

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    Taeya heads back in to go talk to Luna Cain chose to wait for her outside feigning laziness, but in actuality the arch wizard didn't want to blow his cover since the only person to know his identity was as he changed his appearance in front of her and she wasn't really supportive of Caius' idea. As he waits outside Caius thinks of the mission that might be chosen for the party. These thoughts were filled with hope to go on a killing quest he needed to see the power of the party before he unleash his full magical artillery. He then realizes it will be fine, but he wanted to get out of this disguise as he missed his glasses and stubble. Caius preferred his more mature look that his current look.

    The leader of the party exits the guild hall with the paperwork for their mission and began to brief the party. The mission was as Cain hoped a kill mission that included the purging of giant frogs the left a mischievous smirk on Cain's face as he is always down for some frog killing especially giant ones. Hopefully the frogs provide a good challenge as the arch wizard never liked a boring mission. As the briefing finished the party was set off to with there distination being Belzerg a neighboring kingdom of Axel a place infested with giant frogs.

    Without a moments notice Taeya rushes off into one of the frogs unsheathing the sword she calls Durandel and begins to do battle with the frog doing moderate damage to it as she calls upon the youthful wizard to help in which he replies with grin and a his left hand held out towards the frogs mouth.

    You don't have to tell me twice ... Mystic Bolt!

    A magical seal appears in front of Cain's hand and it releases a beam of lightning that hits the toads mouth then proceeds to shock the frog to the point third degree burns. After damaging the frog Cain says with a triumphant tone and grin.

    Is that zappy enough for you

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    LilI smiled when she had seen Taeya coming back with the paperwork from Luna. She couldn't help but feel scared and excited all at the same time. She had never known anything besides blacksmithing. And while she had been trained in swordplay it had only been minor teachings,but she knew she couldn't be afraid and that she had to keep herself together for her party. Once they set out and began to leave Axel her excitement only grew. But with that so did her fear, she was afraid that her lack of skill would hinder or worse cause harm to her party. She did her best to control herself and even started to take slower breathes to ease the shaking in her body.

    Once they reached the area the frogs where at she did her best to be calm, suddenly Taeya yelled her swords name and charged down towards one of the lone frogs, her and Cain already seemed to be working well together, she nervously drew her sword and pulled the shield from her back. She wished to rush down the hill and help her party members, but suddenly her fear was overwhelming her legs shook and the became stiff..she tried to move or speak but all she could do was remain there froze watching. When the bolt of energy that Cain had cast hit the frog she was suddenly pulled back to reality. She shaking lyrics ran down to reside beside Taeya her sword and shield before her.

    "Taeya what can ...can I do to help...I want to be of use!?!"

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    Taeya was still engaging the giant frog. Having landed another blow before Cain's lightning spell hit. She looked at the damage the frog had sustained from it, and in a rare moment for her, she let her guard down whilst doing so. The frog was enraged by the Wizard's attack, and began charging towards him at full speed, knocking Taeya aside as it did. 'Oh no you don't, you abominable amphibian!' She thought to herself. She then proceeded to use one of her skills. She wasn't sure what to expect. It was her first time doing so, but she learned the skill, and was confident regardless.


    She shouted her skills name, and sudden a glowing pattern appeared on Taeya. The frog was drawn to this pattern, and instantly turned its attention back towards Taeya, and Lili, who had gone down to offer whatever assistance she could. Taeya resumed her fight with the frog, landing a few more blows in, whilst doing her best to parry its attacks.

    You have a shield? Any help you could give in dealing with this things attacks would be great. Continually parrying this thing wont go so well forever. Whatever additional damage you can inflict would be great as well. We must keep this thing away from Cain, so he is free to cast more spells.

    The battle against the frog waged on, and it looked like it was about to be defeated. However it seems their battle dragged on a little too long. A second frog was approaching, and at the pace of its hopping, it would be there soon. She looked around, and it seemed like only the one was coming towards them. She swallowed her doubt, and bravely took charge. Once more addressing Lili, and for the first time, speaking directly towards Odin.

    There is a second one heading towards us. Cain and I will go after it. You two stay and finish this one off. I know you can do it.

    Taeya charged towards the next frog, wanting to engage it at a far enough distance from the first one to avoid interfering with the other battle. As she headed towards it, she realized that the frogs would need to be dealt with faster to avoid a similar situation happening in the future. She readies herself, and then prepares to use a second skill. A prism of light is formed in front of Taeya, and with her grip on Durandal tightened, she swings at it, shattering it and sending numerous shards of light at the second froggy foe. The shards of light slice into it, and numerous cuts appear all over its gigantic neck and face. It lets out a cry of pain.

    Holy Prism!

    She then continued to do battle with it, while awaiting Cain's next move.

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    The attack makes it's mark as the frog is now a more darker complexion as it was severely shocked by Cain's lightning magic, but he thinks as if he weren't holding back the arch wizard would be able to dispatch the toad with his attack. Instead he enraged the frog who was now hopping mad and making it way towards Cain in which he grew a smirk on his face as he began to dig in his pouch, but with an utter of the word "Stigma" and the formation of a seal around Taeya. The frog's ire was no longer with Cain as it was reverted back to Taeya. With a glimpse Cain noticed Lili wielding a sword and a shield and realized she was also an adventurer he chuckled as the weakened frog is good as dead with the duo of Lili and Odin.

    After giving her orders Taeya dashes for the incoming frog to put some distance between the two Cain follows her to provide back up as the plan was. She swing her blade releasing shards of light mana towards the new frog stabbing into its jaw and stomach. With that Cain had to dish a stronger spell to the frog to better dispatch it as there were sure to be more arriving, but Cain didn't want to reveal himself as of yet soon because he knew if he waited long enough the party may get devastated so he decided to continue with what he was doing as he says with a tone deeper than his youthful tone.

    Crippling Storm

    The seal would form at the tip of Cain's left index finger, but it was more intricate than the first use of the same spell. Now the seal releases a a beam of yellow lightning that shot towards the frog hitting it where the shards damaged shocking it. The beam continued as it shocked the toad to coil itself around the frog paralyzing it while constantly shocking it. With is new older tone of voice Cain shouts towards Taeya saying.

    Hit it with all you got Taeya!

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    Odin followed the group towards their mission location. On the way he checked his gear, being a pretty new adventurer he only had basic gear of a sword and shield just like his fellow party member Lili, though he also carried a dagger for backup. Odin made a mental note to see about trying some different weapons when he could afford them or see if Lili would loan him some. Upon arrival Taeya was quick to yell out a battle cry and rushed towards a giant frog separated from the horde of others, it surprised Odin a little that it didn't attract the attention of more frogs but he wasn't going to raise a fuss about it.

    After a flashy display of powerful spellcraft from Cain, Lili ran down next to Taeya and asked for how she could help. Odin quickly followed so as to not be useless and thrown out of the party. Stopping next to Lili, Odin unsheathed his sword and readied his shield in case of a surprise attack from the half-cooked frog. No sooner had he done so than Taeya called out for Lili and Odin to finish off the nearly dead frog while she and Cain would start on a fresh new frog that had noticed the party. Odin was a little awed by the show of skills from Taeya and wondered if he should try and learn some from her after the mission. Getting his attention back on the task at hand, Odin ran straight at the frog to try and cut it but tripped on a small rock hidden in a patch of grass. Falling forwards Odin's sword flew out of his hand and spun through the air until it impaled itself in the giant frog's eye.
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    Lili nodded nervously at Taeya's command, lili wasn't sure how useful she would be to Odin or if she would be able to help kill this frog t all. But not long after Taeya and Cain had left did Odin draw his sword and start to charge toward the giant frog. But before he made it he seemed to stumble and then trip sending his sword flying into the air where it later buried itself into the giant beasts eye/ The frog didn't seem to make a sound but even in its weakened state it was visibly angered and turned its attention right on Odin. He took a hop forward and lifted it front leg as if to bring it down on top of Odin. Lili wasn't really sure what types of attacks these creatures help but she only imagined that letting this creature step on Odin wasn't a good idea.

    Lili rushed forward sheathing her sword and dragged Odin to his feet, she looked up and quickly pushed him aside before jumping backwards. The beasts foot came down between the two adventures with a solid thud. Lili's adrenaline now pumped threw her body and she seemed to calm if only a little, once the beasts foot landed and started to pull away Lili quickly unsheathed her sword and managed to make a few cuts on the beast before it was standing normally again. Lili held her sheild up and sidestepped over to Odin

    "You okay Odin?? that was a close one there wasn't it...though to be honest i dont know if that frog would've actually hurt you or not. But better safe than sorry i guess."

    Lili stood there for a few seconds trying to think of what to do, finally an idea came to her that the two of them could still do exactly what Taeya and Cain had been doing. At this thought her face brightened and she looked over at Odin once again

    "Hey you think we could do what Taeya and them were doing. Like i could try to distract the creature while you circle around back and then we can attack from two fronts and keep it confused"

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    Just after Taeya had struck the frog with her Holy Prism skill, Cain followed up with a storm of debilitating lightning. The frog was weakened, an seemed to be paralyzed as a result of the attack. The instant she observed this, she already moved into position to strike. Before Cain could even speak, she was already in the process of attacking it. In the ready position, Taeya holds for a brief moment. Her sword built up holy power and she jumped. Reaching as high as the neck of the large frog, she lets out a fierce slash aimed directly at just that. The frog lets out a shriek cry of agony, and topples to the ground. Taeya lands, and immediately shifts her focus to see how the other two were doing.

    Excellent, it seems like they had no troubles in dispatching of that frog. That takes care of two. The quest has us eliminating at least ten of these beasts, so we've eight foes remaining. Better get to it then. Cain! Let us regroup with those two. We seem to have an efficient means of eliminating these things now.

    After regrouping with the other two, Taeya proceeded to lead the charge against several more giant frogs. Things grew a bit more difficult with each passing frog, as they were running low on Mana and Stamina as time passed. Finally, the group managed to slay their eighth frog, but things weren't looking so good. The group was running low on energy reserves, and Taeya wasn't sure how to renew their morale. She was debating on this when she heard a scream. As if nothing else mattered, she darted off in the direction of the scream. Exhausted body be damned, she wasn't going to let a scream like that go unanswered. She arrives to see a girl being attacked by one of the frogs, and she appeared to be by herself.

    Young lady! I'm here, so don't worry anymore. I'll see to it that you're saved. Let's go, Durandal!

    With that, she was ready to charge at the frog that was harassing this girl by herself, for now. As she had charged off without so much as a word to her group. She felt some regret that she did such a rash thing, but she honestly felt this was more important.

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    After a rather unhappy, long, and exhausting walk, which took a lot longer than expected, she finally starts to make out a faint croaking sound coming from what must be a giant frog. Suddenly feeling uncomfortable on the ground, she looks for a tree to climb. She finally spots one with suitably low branches, and somehow manages to ungracefully scramble up, while only gaining one small scratch on her arm.
    Feeling rather proud of herself, despite being a little drained, she decides to take a rest to recover, before turning her attention to the source of the croaking. She also notes a few cries, presumably coming from another group on the same quest, however, this is of little importance to her.
    Peering nervously through the branches, she freezes as soon as she sees the frog with its back to her.

    They weren’t kidding when they said giant! This is a Level 1 quest!?!

    She can feel her brain buzzing, and flinches when the frog starts to move, slowly turning around. She holds back a gasp, and retreats back into the tree before it can possibly see her. She tries to rationalise that there’s no way the frog could have noticed her from that distance, but her whole body is already screaming at her to run.
    Instinctively, her fingers touch her bow, and she starts to remember why she came here in the first place. Hands shaking, she slowly manages to nock back an arrow, and takes a deep breath to focus herself. She shuffles forwards on the branch, staring intently at the terrifying monster in front of her, not daring to take her eyes off for even a second.
    It was at this moment that something from above hit her head, causing her to simultaneously let out a scream, jump out of her skin, let loose the arrow, and loose her balance.
    The next thing she knows, she is on the floor, lying on her back. She scrambles onto her knees to find her precious bow, which is luckily right next to her, and seemingly undamaged. Looking a little further she notices her arrow embedded in the ground, and lets out a small giggle. Her moment of giddiness, however, is interrupted by a croaking sound, which seems much closer than it should be. She slowly turns around, feeling her heart drop.

    Yup, right behind me, huh?

    She tries to run, but can barely even make it to her feet before a long, slimy tongue wraps itself around her waist, and drags her towards the giant frogs mouth.


    The last thing she sees before disappearing into the mouth is a figure running towards her.

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