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    Lili frowned as Taeya who was obviously out of energy and still hurt from previous fighting took off running towards the final frog that had set towards them. She had started to chase after her but stopped knowing she would only get in the way of both her and Cain at this moment. While she was angry at Taeya for risking her life so unnecessarily she had to admit that she was rather impressed by her strong will and resolve and in some ways wished she could be as determined as the groups leader. She watched on as the events before her unfolded rather quickly, the power of Taeya's skill was quiet amazing, she was rather impressed with Cains magic abilities too being able to make the frog explode and casting a barrier around Taeya to protect her.

    Once the fight was finished Lili quickly made her way over to where Taeya and Cain where, she heard Cain introducing himself to Taeya as the arch-wizard Caius. The name sounded quite familiar to Lili but at the moment she was more concerned with how Taeya was doing. She walked up to Caius and Taeya her hands on her hips and her a stern look on her face. Though she wasn't very strong and in most cases was very calm the air about her had turned rather menacing. She swung her gaze between Caius and Taeya, she stopped at Caius for a minute and shook her head before turning to Taeya

    "What the hell where you thinking Taeya.....if Cain...i mean Caius hadnt been there to cast that barrier....or for another matter heal some of your wounds, you couldve wound up being that things lunch!! I heard what you said about your vow too before you go there with that. But tell me would it do your or anyone any good if you died at the hands of a beast like this?? no no it wouldnt! You cant just charge off on your own without the rest of us! I know we all only just joined each other...but if we are gonna be a party we all have to rely on one another...and while i may not be the strongest can still trust me to do what i can for you when i can!"

    Lili frowned menacingly at Taeya trying to be as stern as she could though not sure if she was doing a very good job at it. Her words were sincere though and even while she was angry at Taeya and Caius she was more disappointed in herself for not acting when she had ran off to fight again. She looked back between the two of them her hands still resting on her hips. She tapped her foot almost how a mother would when she was thinking of what to say to an unruly child.

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    In the midst of her battle with the final frog, Taeya found herself surrounded by some sort of magic barrier. Just as this barrier forms itself around her, an explosion occurs, with the frog as its epicenter. The frog is finished, and Taeya finds herself unharmed, at least she did not sustain any injuries from the explosion, and the older looking Cain walked towards her. Once there, he properly introduced himself as Caius Grusbalesta and extended his hand out to help her back on her feet. She accepted his gesture and felt a warm glow around her body, and some of the damage she sustained during her encounter with the final frog was healed. After he explained his reasons for his deception, Taeya spoke up.

    Well, I don't think Durandal here would have chosen someone with a flimsy resolve. Beyond that, it honestly just felt kind of lame to be left behind like that. So I wasn't going to let that happen either. And while I admit, I would have preferred an Adventurer to have just gotten their card within the past few days or so, I don't think it'll be so bad having Caius Grusbalesta the traveled Archwizard on the team either. So I hope you'll be sticking around.

    After a brief pause, she found Lili rushing over towards the two of them. Taeya was expecting a comment or two about her decision to go after the last frog like she did, but what happened was on a whole other level than that. She received a rather lengthy speech about how she was reckless and that her dying would not be good for the group. Throughout it all, she couldn't help but recall words left to her from her grandfather. She decided it was best to reassure Lili with those same words. Well, with her own twist of course.

    Lili, I appreciate your concern. However, in all the outcomes I was thinking of before charging, in not one of them did it end with me dying. No one should plan to die, and that goes double for me as a Crusader who is responsible for others. I would never do anything that I believed would put me at risk of dying. Because that would mean I was no longer around to keep others safe. So while my actions may seem reckless, crazy and even suicidal at times, I will never take so big a step that I stumble like that. So despite how it all may seem, I hope you find it in you to forgive me now, and every time in the future something like this may happen. Oh, and I only needed a barrier because someone decided to explode the frog rather than finish it off by other means.

    With that, she felt she had regained enough strength. She returned to Odin and the girl who was covered in slime. She realized she had prepared something just in case something like this happened. She was still an inexperienced Alchemist, so the effects would be minor, but it was better than nothing. She walked up to the girl, opened her mouth, and poured some liquid from a vial (Skin-be-Dry) into her mouth. The liquid had a light red hue to it, and if the girl was conscious enough to taste, it would have the slightest hint of a fruit punch sort of flavor. Once the vial was emptied, the girl would find the slime wouldn't be as effective, and it would be easier for her to move again.

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    Lili listened to what Taeya had to say about the things lili had said to her. The longer she spoke the more embarrassed lili became of her outburst. By the time she was done lili was almost ashamed to have assumed that Taeya hadn't thought things through before rushing off. Her hands dropped from her hips and her eyes softened and looked down some.

    " sorry Taeya....i shouldn't have assumed anything....and...i shouldn't have started fussing at you it's not my place to do so anyways"

    At that she followed Taeya silently over to Odin and the girl and watched as she poured the liquid into the girls mouth. Lili turned to caius and looked him over before nodding and smiling lightly.

    "Well cain...i mean caius at least it was only your appearance that was false and not you personality and such "

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    Watching as the final frog was destroyed from an explosion, Odin let out a sigh of relief that the mission was now over and that the party wasn't in any danger. He walked back over to the slime covered girl while the others spoke to each other about Taeya's reckless behavior and Cain actually being someone else called Caius. Once next to the girl, Odin fell face first onto the ground exhausted from the whole ordeal they'd just gone through. Eventually Taeya and Lili made their way over to Odin and the girl and Taeya gave the girl some potion designed to help counter the frog's slime or something like that.

    "So uh-miss. Do you happen to have a name?"

    Odin asked the mysterious woman they'd saved, although his voice was a little muffled since he spoke more towards the ground in his face rather than directly towards the woman. Odin was too tired right now to do much more than lay there and talk, although he made a mental note to gather parts from the frog's before they left, as long as some of his energy had recovered by then.
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    Tomo felt her body lifted to its feet, reminding her to try to focus on the world outside of her head. She managed to half-glimpse the person behind the hand that kept her from being frog food, but before she could get a decent look she found that he had already managed to drag her next to a tree, which helped to prop her up.
    She tried again to face her rescuer and apologise for causing so much trouble, but he was already running back towards the frog, leaving her slightly disappointed, despite the fact that she should be worrying about more important things.
    As the unknown gentleman reached his group, she noticed a female charging towards a newly arrived frog, causing it much damage. She then witnessed a giant explosion caused by another member of the party, which finished the frog off, and couldn’t help but be amazed at how powerful this group was. She could only imagine what kind of power her saviour might have. This thought raised a few worries in Tomo’s mind; mostly about her sanity, and whether she had somehow managed to land on her head at some point. If she had had any more strength left, she might have shaken her head to try and clear it.

    After the frog had been taken care of the man who had saved her came over and sat next to her. She really must have something wrong with her; she could have sworn he sat down face first, but she couldn’t even bring herself to look at him directly, and was instead looking at the ground in front of her out of embarrassment.
    She could hear emotive voices coming from the party members, and then the female who had taken on the frog almost single-handedly walked over to Tomo. Before Tomo could even start an apology, she had been given some kind of fruity potion which, while not actually removing the slime covering her body, somehow made it feel less... icky. Again, she opened her mouth to speak, only to have a cough sneak up on her.
    The timing couldn’t have been any worse, as the man next to her asked for her name.

    To- Tomo- ei. Ahem. Tomoei Katsutaka. Sorry that you had to save me. Is everyone OK?

    After a bad start, she managed to clear her throat properly and answer. Now that the effect of the slime had been lessened she finally noticed that the party seemed to have taken a fair amount of damage, presumably while saving her. Not only was her first mission a trauma inducing failure, but she had also managed to pull a whole part of skilled adventurers into it and get them injured too.
    She abruptly remembered the potion, and turned to the female who had given it to her.

    Oh! You gave me a potion too! How much is it? I’ll pay you back somehow, of course.

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    After Taeya had given her reply to Lili, she seemed remorseful. She did not intend for her to have this kind of response, and wanted to ease her sense of guilt. She thought a bit about what she could say, and finally landed on something.

    Please don't think too much of it. I'd rather have an overly concerned ally, than an... underly concerned ally? I thought I had something there, but it seems I was mistaken. Anyways, don't worry. I appreciate the thought. I just wanted you to know while reckless, I am not an avid thrill seeker or anything.

    With that, it seemed like the potion she had given the slime covered girl was taking effect. She regained enough strength to answer Odin's inquiry as to her name. She said her name was Tomoei Katsutaka. It was an interesting sounding name. Along with her name, she apologized for the trouble everyone went through in regards to saving her. Moments later, she turns to face Taeya, and inquires about the price of the potion that was used on her. Taeya took this chance to address all of Tomo's concerns.

    Trouble? Saving someone is never trouble. No need to apologize. We're all fine, see?

    With that, she gives a hefty pat to the back of Caius' shoulder. With more force than was appropriate given their condition. She expected Caius to pick up on what she wanted to do, which was why she chose him to receive her demon pat.

    Oh, and regarding that potion. I made it myself, so it didn't cost me anything. Don't worry about paying me back. It was a great way to put my Alchemy skills to use.

    With everyone recuperated from the battles with the giant frogs, Taeya decided it was time to head out. But before that, having noticed the girl was alone, and that she was an archer, she decided to see if she wanted to join her group. She didn't want to make the girl feel obligated to join, she she had to be careful about how she worded her invitation.

    Hey, Tomoei, I noticed you were alone versus that frog. Were you abandoned by your group, or did you venture on this quest by yourself? Either way, we have a free slot if you wish to join us. I want to make something clear though. You are in no way obligated to join because we saved you. I mean, this was our first quest and we're all battered and exhausted. I understand if you don't want to group with us. Anyways, our first quest was a success! Let's return to Axel and report it!

    Taeya proceeded to walk at a leisurely pace towards Axel. Despite being eager about turning her first quest in, she was in no condition for a speedy trip back. She took it easy and as she walked, she found herself appreciating the sights in a new light. As if she realized what seeing this view meant. She was indeed a true adventurer now. She had real combat experience under her belt, and allies to fight along side her. She felt it was the beginning of something epic. And as her mind was filled with such thoughts, she would arrive at Axel quickly, despite going at the leisurely pace she was.

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    At the invitation to join their party, Tomo hesitated.
    She had hoped to become a hero by herself. She thought she'd done enough training, and had enough confidence in her skills that she was so sure she could do it if she tried.
    She hadn't even had the chance to test her skills properly yet either, having failed before releasing a single arrow; maybe she could actually do it after all.
    But then she remembered her father's advice: "Things will go wrong no matter how hard you try, and how prepared you are.". It was something she had always hated hearing, as it had always felt patronising. She had seen it as his way of saying that it's OK to fail, but after today she felt she could finally understand the truth behind it. And if things go wrong, she realised that she could be in serious danger by herself, and she never wanted that to happen again.
    These people had saved her, and apparently wanted nothing in return.
    Tomo took a quick look around the group. They had a wizard capable of creating explosions, a woman able to make potions and charge towards strong enemies by herself, another unknown female, and lastly, a man who had dragged her out of the moth of a frog, and to safety.
    She made up her mind, and somehow managed to catch up to the retreating leader.

    I- I'll join.

    She said, following her new leader back to the city.

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    It seemed like the party leader and the blacksmith were fine with the inclusion of Caius to the party. After Caius' reintroduction to the party Liliana made her opinion about Taeya's battle tactics known and none of them good. She wasn't a fan of the rushing recklessly aspect of the party leader. Her words were similar to those of a mother angrily worried talking to her child about their actions. Though firm Liliana's words got through to Taeya as the party leader explains to Liliana that even though her movements were brash there were calculated in her favor. Following this development after making their way over to Odin the party questions the formerly slimy damsel over her name. After a throat clearing cough she identifies herself as Tomoei Katsutaka. She then humbly apologized about being a liability for the party on their mission, which was brushed over as she was given a potion from Taeya to heal the her damages.

    To most of the party would have felt a light hearted feeling from Taeya, but Caius as he felt a bit to firm of a pat from Taeya on is shoulder. Though he wasn't showing it Caius was a bit strained from the bout as there were a lot of movement done by him. So as the pat connected the arch wizard stumbled a bit due to her sheer strength. The "screen" pauses as Caius stumbles with the word pause on it in a pixel like font. Following the pause Caius then thought with a comical strained smile "Guess she's still a bit angry". He picks himself up, dusts himself off then fixes his glasses before saying with strained grin.

    That was refreshing

    Following this Taeya invites Tomoei into the party making it a set party of 5 members now walking towards Axel with many more quest for them to come.

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