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    The uncanny combination of Cain,Taeya, Odin, and Liliana seemed to be adequate enough to best a couple of giant frogs. Even after the party split into pairs this gives the arch wizard a feeling of relief as he might of found a party he can travel with. The second toad would be defeated with a combination and crippling lightning and skilled sword strikes. Upon finishing the enormous amphibian Taeya calls for Cain as she darts towards Odin and Lilianna who were successful with their frog. Once grouped up the got their bearings as a realization of the quest sweeps them as the goal for the question is eight more of these giant frogs. Thinking to himself Caius comes to the realization that the longer this goes on the more he isn't going to be able to maintain this facade of being Cain the youthful wizard. He shrugs off the thought as he wanted to continue to study his party mates a little while longer.

    Without a moments hesitation Cain, Taeya, Odin, and Lilianna continued what seemed to be a grueling quest as the number of slain frogs increased from two to eight. This time around something was different as the frogs weren't advancing towards the party. They weren't even in visual range as incoherent screams can he heard. Upon hearing this Taeya as she had most of this mission darted towards the sound of the screaming girl without a pause in her step. This worried Cain as he's been noticing the female crusader physically straining herself during the mission the most. With a sigh Cain darts right behind her to provide back up for his party leader while saying with a surprised tone in between breaths. Still sounding more mature than before.

    Who knew giant frogs were carnivorous

    Despite how unnecessary it may have been it was quite the news to Cain as he came into this mission thinking that he at least wouldn't have to worry about getting eaten by a frog. Under his jovial exterior Cain is feeling the toil of this mission as he has been holding the full extent of his magical lexicon due to this disguise. His voice was the first thing to go as he has hoped no one has picked it up as Cain is not up for an exposition at the moment. As the priority for him now is save that damsel from being a tasty froggy snack.

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    Lili had dropped onto the ground panting hard, once her and Odin had dispatched their frog Taeya and Cain had returned and they set out to slay more frogs. They had slowly climbed up with their kill count moving from only 2 frogs to 8. By the time they achieved this though Lili had started to feel the effects the fighting was causing in her muscles. She had always thought working in her forge had been hard but hours of hammering steel didn't seem nearly as tiring as this now did. She didn't get long to rest though before she heard a piercing scream break the silence. She say Taeya and Cain dart off and she did her best to climb to her feet quickly. He hand went to the sword on her hip as she trudged after them her muscles crying out in pain, once she managed to catch up with Cain she stopped and panted lightly.
    "I had always heard the stories...that these frogs liked to prey on mainly female adventurers, but I never really thought them to be true. I always assumed that was just a story meant to scare most of us....guess I was wrong too cain."

    She had to stop talking and catch her breathe before she drew her sword and moved to stand alongside Taeya

    "We're here to help too Taeya...just tell me where you need me and I'll do what I can"

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    Shaking his head from the fall to clear his vision, Odin was suddenly dragged to his feet before being pushed away from a giant frog foot. It seemed he'd been helped by Lili, who put a few more cuts on the frog before suggesting a course of action. Nodding in agreement to the plan Odin circled around the frog till he was at it's back. Realising that he didn't actually have his sword it seemed he had no choice but to get it back. While the frog was distracted by Lili, Odin ran at the it and jumped at its back before climbing till he reached the head where he managed to pull the sword out of the frog eye. Stabbing the frog in the head Odin used his weight to pull the sword down, thus making one big cut down the back of the frog and giving a safe landing to the new adventurer.

    It seemed Taeya and Cain finished off their new frog just as quickly and regrouped with Lili and Odin. The four worked together to take out six more frogs giving them the total of eight out of ten giant frog slain. By this point Odin's lack of stamina was really showing through as he was almost to the point of struggling to stand. However while the rest of the group seemed tired that mattered little when the call of a maiden was heard which set Taeya rushing off in its direction, with Cain and Lili following close behind and Odin bringing up the rear. Hearing Cain's and Lili's comments about the frog's choice of prey, Odin was too tired to make any kind of coherent sentence and instead just mumbled something even he didn't understand, though while he muttered something, he was also trying to make a mental note of getting potions or something to help with his low stamina in the future.

    Even though he was last to arrive, Odin was the first to move as he rushed in to attack the giant frog that seemed to be enjoying the woman caught in its mouth. Jumping towards the frog's mouth Odin stabbed his sword into the frog before trying to reach into the mouth and grab the woman to pull her out. Odin thought he felt a leg but he couldn't really tell and began to pull, however he wasn't making much effect on his own due to his weakened state.
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    Taeya was quickly joined by the rest of her group. She was both happy, and a little annoyed. She hoped they would have stayed behind. This wasn't part of their quest, and they were plenty tired. She wanted to give them a chance to rest, but it wasn't in the cards. When Odin charged forth, Taeya immediately knew what the frog's course of action would be, and acted to counter that. She knew it would move in for an attack whilst Odin was tugging on something. She took a deep breath, and activated another skill.


    She was only managing so far thanks to her skills generally taking from both her Mana and Stamina. Effectively giving her more reserves. The frog was now facing Taeya. It's attention on her for more than one reason. There was her skill, but more than that, to it, she was another tasty female for it to consume. She faced the frog, but not before giving some orders out to her group. Well, it was more like suggestions. She didn't like blatantly giving out orders.

    Cain! Save your strength for now. Don't want to risk hurting the girl this thing has trapped. Odin, Lili... This thing is going to take longer than the others. Since we need to be careful on how we damage it. One of you assist me, and the other please watch our flank.

    While she was giving out orders, her guard dropped. She was attacked by the massive frog and sustained a heavy blow to her stomach. The impact alone caused her to cough up a little blood, but she merely gritted her teeth, and continued her attack. However, now that she had suffered enough damage, she planned to reveal another of her skills. It costed a bit more than her other ones, so this was to be the last skill she could use for this frog, if she wanted to have anything left for their final mark.

    Blessed Blade!

    The shine on Durandal intensified a bit, and it gained a noticeable outline of sorts. She then unleashed a series of slashes all over the frog. Making sure to avoid the mouth region, where she knew the girl was. Finally, at the end of her combo, the frog let out a cry of pain. It would be now that the girl could escape its slimy clutches. If she managed to remain conscious during all of this that is.
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    The party gets to the frog in question to see that the female who scream now has only her leg sticking out the frogs mouth. Surprising enough Odin leaps onto the amphibians mouth stabbing it with his sword. This causes it to open its mouth enough for Odin to attempt to pull the female out of the frogs mouth. Without a sliver of hesitation Taeya rushes in and lets out with thunderous shout "Stigma" which lets out a magical seal underneath her feet. Upon activation of the said spell the giant frog hops towards her angered by Odin, but willing to take it out on her. She requests Cain to hold fire as he may damage the female and Odin which was possibly turn with there current knowledge of who he is. She gave the order to watch the parties flank which Cain took heed to as another frog would be pretty annoying at this moment.

    As her guard was let down she was hit with a forceful lash with the frogs tongue as it slip out of its mouth as it held the girl with its lips. Upon getting hit it can be seen that she sustained a hefty amount of damage from the giant frog, but maintaining her grit she unleashes a combination of slashes from her glowing sword towards the body of the frog cutting it up from many angles. The screech of pain done by the frog had its mouth wide open this is when Cain decided to strike with point of his left hand in a gun like form towards the pained giant frog Cain lets out with a stern tone as he sounded completely different than he previously did.

    Mystic Bolt

    Unlike when Cain previously used this technique the magic seal was bigger and so was the mystical shot of mana. It zipped towards the stomach of the giant frog at a great speed. As it made contact with the area of the frog that was cut up and bleeding from Taeya's attack it would generate enough force to force to lean forward with its mouth still open causing it to throw up the damsel in distress while having a current of lightning based mana course through the wounds causing it extreme difficulty to move. As the female adventure drops onto the ground covered in slime Caius says with a stern tone.

    Odin get her out of there I think the other frog heard the shriek.

    Still maintaining a sense of the party's flank Caius heard a familiar loud thumping as that was the thumping of a moving giant frog which would spell trouble for the party since the first frog was severely hurt but not dispatched. It would be an extremely annoying circumstance if they had to deal with another frog before moving the slimy damsel to safety. With an exhale Caius gets out a pair of glasses and puts them on before looking back to the party leader saying with a confident smirk on his now bearded face.

    Relax for a bit this frog is all mine.

    Determined to protect his party Caius was through with his disguise as his hair was longer and his clothing looked more regal in decoration. He waited for the frog as he knelt down to one knee waiting for it to get closer. The he says with a calm tone to Lilianna.

    Blacksmith girl I need you to make sure the party is safe and behind me.

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    Tomo was in big trouble. As she felt herself surrounded by an all encompassing slimy warmth, she replayed every regretful thing leading up to this moment. Why hadn’t she been stronger? Why hadn’t she asked someone for help? But most of all, she was disappointed at her lack of focus when it had most mattered.

    So this is how it ends... I bet Father had no trouble fighting frogs, but at least it’s quiet here.

    If she hadn’t been about to die, she might have laughed at how mundane her final thought was.

    Suddenly she felt something pulling her leg, and wondered if another frog was fighting to pull her out.

    Serves this frog right.

    She thought bitterly, before realising that the thing on her leg felt more like a hand than a tongue. With renewed hope, she tried flailing around, hoping to release herself. It was no good though, she was weak from fear, and lack of oxygen, having been swallowed head first.

    Just as she felt herself give up, she found herself being expelled from the frog and landing on the floor. She expected to land with a hard thud, but instead heard a distinct splat as she slid forwards in a pile of slimy frog vomit.
    She wanted to stand up, to run away, to cry, and to get rid of all the goo covering her body, however, her body wasn’t responding. All she could do was gasp for air, while shaking from the shock.

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    Odin held onto the maiden's leg as tight as he could, so that he wouldn't lose grip due to the slime. Thankfully with a spell from Cain and Odin's efforts combined the girl was freed from her slimey and eventually deadly prison. Due to the frog's movements Odin fell off the frog and landed next to the girl, luckily for him this time his sword was still in his hand. The girl lay on the ground gasping for air while shaking when Cain's orders to Odin finally kicked in and Odin quickly got to his feet and pulled the girl up while taking her off to the side of the battle. Sitting her against a tree Odin ran back to help his comrades. Maybe it was due to some slime in his eyes, but Odin could swear the wizard looked different than before but that was hardly something to worry about, for the moment at least.
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    Lili was shocked at how rapidly events had played out, one minute taeya was talking then she was hit by the frog. But even after that she stood and resumed her attack along with Odin and can. Within seconds the trapped girl had been freed from the frogs slimy mouth. Lili couldn't help but cringe as she saw the girl fall and land on the ground making a grotesque splat sound. Though Lili's attention was drawn from this when she heard Cain refer to her as "blacksmith girl" she spun around to see an entirely different person before her and while she was confused the sound of another approaching frog and the stern sound of Cains order didn't give her time to dwell or be angry over him not using her name. She nodded in agreement and sheathed her weapon as she helped Taeya away from the slain frog and a good distance behind cain, once Taeya was away she set out to helping Odin with the girl they had saved, she couldn't help but cringe once more at the sight and smell from the slime. She could see that Odin and her were safe and away just as Cain had asked. Spinning around to grab Odin by his collar as he darted past her she shouted up to Cain

    "CAIN!!!! everyone is where you asked...what are you about to do..???!!!?!?!]

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    After her attack, Taeya was gathering her remaining strength when she saw a transformation occur on Cain. He was suddenly much older looking, and appeared to carry a sort of experienced air about him. He was clearly not new at this adventuring thing. Taeya wondered why he would deceive everyone, but concerns such as those would have to wait until they finished this quest. While she was recuperating, she was assisted by Lili. She looked at herself with disgust. She was wondering how she let herself end up in such a state, when something the old Wizard who was called Cain spoke about how the remaining frog was all his. Taeya reached her breaking point and spoke up.

    All yours? True. You seem to be more experienced then you initially let us believe. However, when I became a Crusader, no before that. When I started training with Durandal, I made a vow. I vowed that if I still had breath in my body, I would lead the charge in any battle. So, while you may have experience on your side... I damn sure won't be breaking that vow. You're free to attack it Cain, or whatever your name is, but you're not allowed to keep me from honoring that vow I made to myself!

    With that, Taeya felt a surge of energy. While it was likely fumes, it was enough for her. She charged towards the 10th and final frog on their agenda and opened up with what would be her final skill for the quest.

    Divine Resolve!

    A rush of power flowed into Taeya. For the next minute or so, she would be blessed with added damage to her attacks and lowered damage received. A fitting skill to follow her recent display of emotion. She engages the frog in battle, and is lost in the fight. She forgets to look back and coordinate with her teammates, instead, she only things of slaying the beast in front of her. Believing that to be the best course of action. The frog lands some blows, but with her Divine Resolve, she barely feels a thing. She repeatedly swings at the frog, aiming to chip away at the flesh that surrounds its vital spots. Eventually her attacks make their mark, and the frog seems to be nearing its end. Taeya's energy reserves, if you could call them reserves at all, were tapped out. She was moving on will alone, but it didn't slow her movements. She was crazy stubborn and her party would now be realizing exactly how stubborn she was. They could decide for themselves whether or not her stubbornness was a blessing or a curse.

    How's that? Whatever the situation, my resolve will see me through to the end! I will never stop fighting part way through!

    Taeya said with the exhaustion she was feeling more than evident in her words.

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    A strange turn of events has developed as the wizard known as Cain seemed to be taller and sounded way more mature than before. This would be his true appearance the one of Arch Wizard Caius Grusbalesta, but it wasn't the time for introductions as the last frog hopped towards the party as Caius stood in between the party and froggygeddon he requests the party leader take a break as he will take out the frog. The request as it seems to have triggered the Crusader named Taeya as she stood up and showed the valor known by only her class after a declaration of never breaking her vow as a crusader. What came next surprised the arch wizard as she darted towards the frog with intent to batter it. This causes Caius to stand up and chuckle as he understood what he felt the moment he saw this crusader at the guild hall. After a brief thought Caius digs in his pouch.

    He pulls out from his pouch a green gemstone(Blasting Waves) after clenching it in his right hand he throws it towards the frogs open mouth as it aimed to lash it's tongue towards Taeya as she was slashing away at the frogs body in a frenzy. Once the the gem stone got got close enough to the frogs mouth Caius with a hold out of his right says with a calm tone.

    Barrier Seal

    After those words a shielding aura of mana erupts around Taeya as she was slashing at the frog who know is expanding to explosion due to the gem stone that got thrown into it's mouth by Caius causing it to explode and release a ton of slice around Taeya's area. After the explosion Caius begins to walk towards the now unshielded Taeya as the shield put up enough defense to protect her against the magical explosion(megumin voice). Once reaching an arms length of Taeya Caius extends his hand out and says with a light smile on his face.

    Allow me to introduce myself I am Caius Grusbalesta the zappiest arch wizard in Axel.

    Hopefully his name alone would spur an idea of who he was as he is a famed hero in Axel possibly the only wizard that took the calling of a hero. His reintroduction was reminiscent of their encounter at the guild hall as his disguise had a similar slogan. If she took the hand shake she would break a pink gemstone in his hand(Heat Ray) that releases a warming light around her partially healing her damages. Following this he says maintaining the same light smile to his party leader.

    My apologies for being so secretive about my identity until now I had to deal with a lot of people more focused on showing me off than the quest itself ... You are the only crusader in a long time I have seen upheld their oath.

    His eyes were sincere as Caius wanted to make sure that he put everything out in the open. After the handshake the arch wizard asks in an inquisitive tone.

    Are you feeling better?

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