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    Ep. 28

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    Spoiler: And

    Thank Gwad that Chief Bang is okay... Couldn't believe that the old man planted the knife...

    Favorite remark "Pretend You're Surprised!"

    It really looks like Prosecutor Jang did frame Bong Hee's father for the murder of Ji Wook's family... so we end the episodes with
    Hyun Soo coming out of his coma and Ji Wook finding out who Bong Hee's father was....

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    Usually if a drama does not catch me in the first 10 minutes, I drop it. That happened twice with this drama.
    But so many people here and there talking about it made me try again and finish at least the first episode.
    I did , and now I am in too.
    At episode 6 now.
    I did not see the leading actress as a comedy-actress, but she is here.
    I like the mildly black humor, while it gives time to show daily small things happening, that add to the story.

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    Ep 19 & 20
    I feel so sorry for Chan Ho.... Hopefully he's just been tied up somewhere, not being killed.
    Another chilling suspicion just arrive... The person in Ji Wook's nightmare was Bong Hee's father?!!?!!

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    Ep. 30-32



    Oh no! They break up.

    This kiss in hospital was sweet and sad
    Now Ji Wook knows that she still loves him
    but they have to do something about theirs painful childhood.

    Last scene in ep. 32 gave me a little heart attack.
    He appeared like a ghost or zombie.

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    Ep 21 & 22
    One lesson to learn: never using your phone while crossing the road. Unfortunately the man with foreseeability couldn't predict his own accident
    I sincerely hope that no one in the law firm will be killed.

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    Ep 23 & 24
    The thing I was scared the most was just happened. This is crazy! A dangerous killer like Hyung Soo can wander freely around and knife down whoever he doesn't like. What the! If he's your number one suspect ( considering the police don't believe you) then why don't you pay for a team of private detective to follow him and catch him red handed when he's just about to commit a crime? Poor Mr. Bang
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    Ep 25 & 26
    A warrant to search with a team of three. None of them seem to capable of holding the suspect. So they just got him slipped through their fingers and ran away. Luckily for them that he got hit by a car and went down. I don't think that will be the end of Hyun Soo yet as the drama still have 14 episodes to go!!!!

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    The main- and subplots are nicely complex and related to each other. I would not say that is the reason I like this drama.
    The main attraction is in the quality-acting of the cast.
    Not only the leads, but also the "side-characters".

    It reminds of "The Laurel Tailors" in the beginning of this year.
    All of them are able to express emotions in a natural , not-overdone way.

    I tried to watch some trailers from Western hit-dramas, and remembered why I changed to Korean drama years ago.
    That completely overdone style of acting, voice-overs , special effects and music.
    Just don't need all of that.

    ( I know there is plenty of good stuff going around in Western filmculture too, but you have to make choices )

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