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    I know a few will be, as we had something going on nw for a bit and server issues stopped that...

    I will indeed spread it though (: maybe they haven't moved on to a new forum yet

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    There you go posted and tagged on Fb (: hopefully others will join

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    Hopefully everyone fro NW can come here, I remember in the old days a few refused to come to AF/AC, given the current circumstances with NW pretty much dead, I hope these people can be persuaded.

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    Now I just need to make some OP sword techs for Gates.

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    Who goes to new forums among that crowd? They never struck me as the type.

    As for a lot of the questions I saw asked, I don't know if my responses are a little too late or not, but I would say that one village would be the best option. Although it would be nice to feature more, I feel like the starting population would be too small to support having teams in two separate villages. It always bothered me when places didn't have enough people. Most people migrate to where there are others anyway as it was, so you'd have villages with like 15 active people and others with like 3. The imbalance just made anything dealing with extravillage interactions annoying.

    As for the path/talent system, I really like it. I'm thinking of going Misc., but I can't deny the fun of being a loser or just being the generic prodigy everyone who isn't going after a kg is likely going with.
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    Alright I'm completely free tonight, so full throttle and we can launch this, at least for bios and stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaA View Post
    but you still wont die from it, all you need is a good medic to piece you back together again if your body does indeed break down
    No, you will still technically die, the body will literally burn away from the heat, you need god naruto powers to stop the deteriorating.
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    Soft launch tonight so you can start building your bios and talking about your squads. No point in keeping this thread open, all discussion will be moved to the chat thread and master threads (for serious stuff).

    So yeah, you can slowly start working on your bios.

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