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    Quote Originally Posted by Sea View Post
    If there is a KG Path, you could probably split the path into 2 variations.

    Dojutsu and Non-elemental KGs gets their stuff + the standard 1 nature type.
    Elemental KGs gets 2 types.

    So it's like

    Other People
    Level 1: 1st nature unlocked
    Level 20: 2nd nature unlocked
    Level 30: 3rd nature unlocked

    People with Elemental KG
    Level 1: 1st and 2nd nature unlocked
    Level 30: 3rd nature unlocked

    That way people can use their KGs with their respective affinities at the start, while not terribly getting too far ahead of people with 1 nature type. A genin doesn't really get to use everything in their arsenal in one fight anyway.
    Speaking as someone who is/was going with an elemental KG, I am completely fine with waiting. However, this would also be acceptable.

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    technically if you get that Element KG it does sorta put you at 3 elements compared to everyone else 1

    Also what about the elements we have seen be used that are not KG bound like Sound for example ?

    would it require a KG to produce that ? Sound also isnt technically listed as an Affinity but we have seen it be used , should it be counted as a pure Wind KG kinda like an advanced wind+wind combination like in this fan made elements list ?
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    I think Sound Techs are special kind of abilities like Gates, CS etc.

    I don;t know anything about fan-made releases. Disliked it.

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    I think Elemental KG's should be locked at the start until one has the required natures.

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    Looking back I haven't rp'd in naruto or in general for the longest. D:

    I may be super rusty... *motivation slowly deteriorating*
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    I just wana gogogo!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainbow Dash View Post
    How to beat Garra, A guide to fighting the slippery man.

    Step 1. Find Garra.
    Step 2. Strip down into nothing but a speedo.
    Step 3. Oil yourself up.
    Step 4. Wrestle with him.
    Step 5. Prove that your slippery oily body is superior to his.
    step 6. Go out drinking afterwards.

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