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    It would be nice if we could just kidnap...I mean redirect the young otaku set and get them to see how fun talking/ complaining about anime/manga/drama really is.

    Let us all become spambots and form a pyramid scheme!

    Or we could all become Nazis, apparently that's trending now.

    I blame Reddit and Disqus for the fall in traffic, let's hope they get smitten by Kinja.

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    is there some way to connect the forum directly with an anime episode? like how Disqus has those comments underneath videos.

    ppl do want to talk about the episode, but everyone is getting too lazy to go out of their way to a comments/forum section unless its right in front of them.

    some places also do a thread for each episode, and I think that kinda helps to still go and comment, and not be afraid of spoilers, since if your an episode or 2 behind and its an anime with story, you would be stupid to go to that thread until you catch up.

    unfortunately there's no easy quick solution to this. either have to adapt or discard.

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