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    Stirring Things Up!

    Hello everyone!

    It's been a long time since I've made a post or done anything to the site. I've actually contemplated closing the site down a few times over the recent past. I got pretty busy with work and a whole bunch of other things. I've been spending a lot of time actually playing a game that I've become pretty addicted to but not in a bad way . It's a very good game and I know that a few people here also play. Its Final Fantasy 14 Online. Recently, I finished setting up my room so that I can stream through Twitch and I'm almost done setting up my page. Just have to work on bots. If you are interested in watching, let me know and I'll post a link below.

    Other than that, I have some plans and ideas for the site to stir things up a bit. After tonight's maintenance, there will be a couple changes with forum sections from where they are located currently. The Bleach and Naruto Anime/Manga sections will be made into sub-sections since they have become quite slow in activity (Not like the whole site hasn't). They will still be easy to spot as you scroll down the forum home page. I plan on picking the articles from the front side of the forums but add a few different things.

    There are still things I'm considering but I really need to have a good plan and idea of how to execute such things in a way that will be beneficial for the site. I'm happy to see that there are still some lingerers around and I appreciate you all being here. The site will be 5 years old in August and I'm so excited for that! For the time being, I'm going to try my best to work on what I have planned.

    Please look forward to it!


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    Stirring things up is going to be our new motto this summer.

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    5 years already? it hasn't felt nearly that long
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    Before I forget it, RIP Zena. You were a good man and a better friend.

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    yea it has been slow lately, even among the usual ppl. guess the younger ones in the group are in college/uni now so they don't have as much time as they did before.

    possibly some advertisement on the animerush could bring some ppl in.

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    Don't close the site I live in the drama section and so do few others !
    We just got some old members back on the drama section

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    You can't make Hava homeless, where is she supposed to go? D:
    It would be nice if we had a way to bring in new drama people. It's just been us few without anyone new coming in for years.
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    Gotta advertise if you want new people.
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    Cause boobs.
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    He'd be castrated of course.
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    yea, dunno why its so quiet now
    i wasnt active for a few months because i didnt have time to watch much, and came back to find nobody here =(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darc-star View Post
    yea, dunno why its so quiet now
    i wasnt active for a few months because i didnt have time to watch much, and came back to find nobody here =(
    Its the nature of forums these days, theyre slowly dying. People just have a lot of other stuff to occupy their time

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